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10 Tips on Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Marijuana is readily accessible to everyone all around online dispensaries. Buying marijuana seeds is quite as easy as buying groceries or used clothes online. While buying marijuana seeds via dispensary websites has many risks. Such as someone might steal your credit card number and other private information. 

You can keep away this risk when it comes to buying marijuana seeds online and keeping the experience a joyful one by having the idea of what to look out for. Here are the 10 tips for buying marijuana online or going through an online dispensary. 

Buy from reputable dispensaries

The most significant tip that any breeder must follow is to search for a reputable and reliable online dispensary that is selling cannabis seeds. Most of these sites have a license to sell in any form of cannabis to Canadian residents. The license makes sure that the strain or seed you purchase from the dispensary is of high-quality. 

Two instant indications that tell you an online dispensary is legitimate is the HTTPS or it’s URL and age confirmation means. The S at the end of HTTPS indicates that a site is safe, showing that the connection to your computer or phone goes with proper encryptions. It makes it very difficult for anyone or hackers to steal your credit card numbers and other private information. 

The age confirmation sometimes pop-ups as soon as you enter a dispensary online that asks for your birthday. Certain websites might also ask for your government ID or any proof that you are qualified to purchase seeds from them. The age confirmation procedure enables a legit and licensed dispensary to keep away from getting into a fight with the authorities by not letting minors purchase any form of marijuana goods from them. Fake dispensaries or sites all that are selling marijuana seldom ask any visitors for their age. 

Avoid cannabis seeds sellers on directory sites

Anyone can purchase and sell anything are flower pots for any scammers to use in attracting potential victims is Directory sites. These sites have no resources of saying if a seller takes away your money or you happen to receive bad seeds. 

On the same matter, search for any sellers online. Scammers would use fake identities that would look real because of random images uploads and timeline posts. When the moment a scammer manages to take away someone’s money, they would delete the profile and delete anything that would track the transaction back to them. 

Use a debit card

The ideal way of reducing the risk of losing your credit card numbers is to use a debit card as your method of paying. When the moment you lose the number of this card, you would only lose the money that is inside the account. The secondary card will protect your savings and keep away from any mislaid payment in your primary credit card. 

Ask for recommendations from fellow breeders

If you are still struggling in searching for a perfect online dispensary for buying marijuana seeds, you could get some suggestions from breeders you might know. They could be friends, relatives, or even work colleagues. 

You could also find most Canadia breeders on online forums or some online groups. They could show you which dispensary websites to visit and purchase from a great range of marijuana seeds trains at the great value prices from Discount Marijuana Seeds you want. These breeders could also tell you which ones are just plain swindles or aren’t likely to sell you high-quality seeds. 

Make your first order small

You may be shocked to learn that some legitimate-looking dispensaries online sell seeds that have less than 50% chance of germinating or for the plants to break out of their shell. Some may even trick you by selling feminized cannabis seeds, but you would actually get regular versions for the strain you want to expand when you purchase them. 

Purchase from dispensaries that offer discreet delivery

Not everyone accepts the usage of cannabis, less the cultivations of cannabis plants in their own homes. Several breeders would like to keep their willingness of producing a wide variety of strains at their home a secret from everyone in their area. This wouldn’t help if your seed packaging has a cannabis leaf logo. 

Always verify that the dispensary website provides discreet shipment of some of your orders. This service guarantees that your seed arrives in a box which does not contain a description of its contents. Not only does this help you from discriminating against your neighbors’ eyes, and you could also discourage any criminals from sneaking into your house and robbing their marijuana buds. 

Pick a dispensary site that offers customer support

Respected dispensaries always want the best for their clients. This involves an assurance that your order goes along smoothly and to have the most of your inquiries will be answered as precisely as possible. Some dispensaries will have a customer support line that can address all your issues and problems on your orders or any inquiries in buying marijuana seeds, just to give you a great buying experience. 

Customer support lines are sometimes a good signal that you’re buying cannabis seeds from a legitimate dispensary. Multiple support channels like live chat, email, and phone are even great signs of a credible and reliable marijuana shop. Validate to test their support line to determine the site’s legitimacy. You can also ask the staff for particular details on the marijuana seeds either they have for inquiry or for sale if issue discreet shipment. 

Buy from your home or use a private connection

As a rule of thumb, don’t buy marijuana seeds online from your mobile phones while connected to a public WiFi. hackers sometimes offer free internet connections in any public place. It enables them to send malevolent software to your device. Once they successfully installed the software, hackers have free reigns over the data that you might have on your device. 

You always can wait until you come home to your place before buying marijuana seeds online. If you really need to buy marijuana seeds through a public WiFi, consider using a virtual private network (VPN). VPB attaches your connection by encrypting all your data that it receives and sends it from your device. This would discourage hackers from attempting to attack your device. 

Know what your goal is

There are 3 major categories of seeds in all dispensaries. Regular plants that produce whether it’s a female or a male plant. Feminized seeds can almost guarantee the growth of a female plant. Autoflowering seeds would then turn into short plants with absurdly short growing periods. 

Knowing what you want from your future marijuana plant can help you find marijuana seeds for sale online. If you’re searching for bud producing plants, you ‘re would want feminized or auto-flowering seeds. But on the other hand, regular seeds give the option of developing hybrids or producing your own marijuana seeds because of male plants. Autoflowering seeds are ideal for beginners due to their rapid flowering period and plant resilience. 

Take advantage of deals

Because you’re buying marijuana seeds online, you’ve got a long list of credible and reliable dispensaries to buy. Look for those who have a promotion or discount with it in mind. An example of this is a free marijuana seed offer when your order makes it to a certain cost. Another may offer rolling paper or even some products from their dispensary. Although some of those might seem like throwaway deals, you will also find some in which you can use. The most widely known of which is free delivery when you purchase a number of seeds. 

Observe that we’re talking about deals from reliable dispensaries. First, search for signs of a lawful site before verifying what they have on the promo deal. 


Using the 10 tips for buying marijuana online would help you secure and protect your money and personal information from any online criminals. Be sure to look for signs of legit websites like URL address or their HTTPS and multiple lines. This also pays to know what your objective is when cultivating marijuana plants to purchase the perfect seeds for your favorite strain.

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