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3 Kings Strain Information

The 3 Kings strain also known as “HolyTrinity” of the marijuana world. 3 Kings OG strain is the outcome of crossbreeding OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Headband. One hit and it will give you an uplifting high. 3 Kings strain seeds are perfectly used during daytime pain relief. Give yourself some enjoyment and bring this 3 Kings weed strain to your collection! This article will give you more 3 kings strain info.

What is the 3 Kings Cannabis Strain?

What strain is 3 kings strain? This cannabis strain has a special percentage of Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Headband. Headband cannabis strain is a cross between OG and Sour Diesel which makes this specific percentage so interesting, and making these two kings of the cannabis world the most remarkable contributors to three kings strain genetics. When you take and crossbreed these largest strains of cannabis in the world, you expect to be of mediocre quality, a crossbreed that exists only to pay tribute to the majesty of its parent strains.

3 Kings OG being a hybrid cannabis strain causes effects that are entirely considered to belong to either Indicas or Sativas. By obtaining both kinds of effects, 3 Kings weed was able to be slightly agglomerated of various cannabis experiences. You would feel entirely relaxed, and also extremely happy with a smile that would surely show on your face. Although, this ecstatic relaxation would shift by the strong urge to do something physical. It’s a strange division to encounter both extreme relaxation and a drive to finish personal projects. The energy of 3 Kings marijuana is driven and focused, almost forcing you to get up and do something outside. As the THC level of this cannabis strain is not huge like many other cannabis strains, you could point this driven energy towards relaxing projects, calmness, or do something that you’d feel relaxed. 

The most important quality of the 3 Kings kush high is the feeling of complete euphoria that would fill you every second. No matter what you do and where you are in any circumstance if it is between driven energy or relaxation, you would feel happy, euphoric, and content no matter what happens. These effects are expected once you crossbreed OG Kush and Sour Diesel, as those cannabis strains’ great effects are well-loved by the world.

3 Kings Strain Statistics Review

3 Kings Strain Information

Medical Benefits

3 kings strain is a Sativa-dominant, so happiness-inducing hybrid cannabis strain, users would be expecting it to be helpful once you’re experiencing depression or stress. Users would be definitely right; just like its parent strains OG Kush and Sour Diesel are outstanding cannabis strains to treat mental illnesses or problems that arise because of too much stress. Most people use 3 Kings OG strain to treat general pain and depression, also it can help to manage nausea as a result of motion sickness or vertigo. 3 Kings weed strain is perfect to use daily because it could help you deal with symptoms that cause traveling. It is because the Three Kings strain is not overwhelming in its strength, making it easy to consume while flying without being noticed. Some people use it also to help reduce car sickness or just entirely deal with a sick stomach. And of course, with every helpful medical cannabis strain and its benefits, there are going to be negative side effects that are somewhat inevitable, and 3 Kings OG is no exception. 

Possible Side Effects

So far the most usually reported side effects of 3 Kings weed is an increase of anxiety and paranoia. These two are likely because of its low CBD content, even though the major incidences of these two symptoms are going to be connected to overusing of 3 Kings marijuana. The feeling of anxiety and paranoia are intensely mental and could leave some users experiencing the feeling of being watched and just entirely feeling more anxious over a long time. Although, it’s important to remember that these symptoms usually only happen if you have either taken way too much 3 Kings Kush, or if you’re already suffering from anxiety and paranoia to start with. Even though there are some other strains of cannabis that are great in helping treat people who are suffering from anxiety and paranoia, 3 Kings strain is unluckily one of those cannabis strains that could make it worse for those who are already suffering from it. In addition, you could expect the common dry eyes and dry mouth that every cannabis strain has this effect, also the occasional feeling of dizziness.  

Growing Info

Just like its aroma, effects, and the flavor seems to be a blend of its parent’s qualities, so it is the way in which the 3 Kings strain seeds grow. Because both OG Kush and Sour Diesel are likely adaptable cannabis strains, you could truly grow 3 Kings weed strains anywhere, either outdoors or indoors. If it doesn’t need specific and strict temperature requirements or does it especially mund important humidity. Three Kings strain is definitely a perfect cannabis strain for beginners to grow because it has all the pes proof, helpful qualities of its parents all muddled into one plant. Aside from ensuring it’s fed with a high nitrogen compound, the only really important thing you need to know about growing your own 3 Kings OG is that the buds could tend to grow very heavy, so it is a perfect idea that you tie your new growths to a mesh of some kind, so is making sure that they don’t damage themselves or fall over. In addition, as with almost all cannabis strains, you must practice proper topping, which would be a method of pruning by which you chop off the very top of the plant’s growth to create healthy lateral growth. And besides, a more lateral increase requires more and better bud quality. Once you’ve harvested your 3 Kings weed, it’s imperative that you get it dried as rapidly as possible, as the sensitive, bright greenish light of the 3 Kings marijuana could even fade if it’s left out of the plant and not dried for far too long. Once you’ve got all your 3 Kings kush harvested and dried, what another kind of cannabinoid content could even you expect?


What does 3 Kings strain taste like? Once you’ve taken your first ever hit of 3 Kings strain, you’ll notice a deeply oddly and smooth sweet taste that’s going to wash your tongue. There will also be obvious flavors of pine that are punctuated with a tangy diesel taste. Your first hit would leave you thinking it’s actually the same as the effect and aroma; it’s just a blend of its two most famous parents, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Although, once you begin to smoke a little bit more, you would notice a special quality that either of those two revered strains has. It’s going to start to taste much more hash-like than either one of its parents. This taste pattern is similar but completely separate in its parents, making the taste of Three Kings strain a special experience of its own.

Final Thoughts

3 Kings OG is a cannabis strain that acts as a tribute to the two biggest hits in the world of cannabis, the Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Its third gene ancestor, Headband, itself is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel, making the resulting crossbreed of 3 Kings weed either a child and a cousin of the two seed strains. 3 Kings marijuana’s parentage is immediately obvious, both in its aroma and flavor and in its efficacy, making 3 Kings Kush a cannabis strain that is necessarily a beautiful mixture of both of their parents. Although many hybrid strains obtain special traits that separate them from their parents and pursue to be a distinctive strain on their own, 3 Kings strain is nothing but a mixture of its parents. Although you must always try new things and try new ones.

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