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5 Things You Should Consider Before Growing Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis feminized seed is a regular seed that is genetically induced to produce female seeds only. A usual cannabis plant would produce both male and female plant. If most of the chromosome is X, most likely, it will produce all female plant. There are different techniques on growing feminized marijuana seeds through the use of a chemical or through the natural way.

Feminized seeds are created are originally created to cater to small cultivators and personal growers to have a self-sustainable production because of its effectivity and efficiency. Nowadays, growing feminized seeds is used worldwide to produce high quality and a good number of yields. Below are the things to consider in marijuana growing indoor feminized seeds for sale USA.

Things to Consider In Growing Feminized Seeds

Appearance and feel of seeds

A way to ensure in growing feminized seeds are of high-quality is to consider how it looks. In general, a seed that is healthy and genetically superior cannabis seeds will appear to have a darker color with shades of black and gray with tiger stripes on the outer shell. When you exposed the seeds to sunlight, it will have a coating of wax on its shell that indicates its resiliency. If you touch the seeds, it should feel firm and does not easily bend or crack.

The source where you obtain the seeds

There are two ways on how you can acquire feminized seeds, it is through seed banks or cannabis dispensaries or through your own cultivation with the use of some methods in creating feminized seeds. When decided to buy your own feminized seeds, make sure to buy from a reputable company that is known for providing a 100% feminized seeds. However,  if you prefer to make your own feminized seeds, make sure that it is from good genetics.

The kind of strain used makes a huge difference

It is best to choose a strain that best suits your needs. In choosing for a strain to be used for feminization, choose a strain that has good genetics that has good quality based on potency and its characteristics. This is one of the most important factors to consider in creating a feminized seed because it would greatly influence the final product that you will be getting.

Make sure that your growing area is ideal

Depending on the characteristics of your chosen strain, you can either grow indoors or outdoors using different growing methods such as soil and hydroponics. If you prefer to grow in soil, make sure that the soil is already enriched with nutrients to avoid problems in nutrient deficiency in the future. The lighting equipment is also important if you would grow indoors to ensure that the cannabis plant follows the proper lighting cycle for it to grow maturely.

Observe proper timing

In growing feminized marijuana seeds follow the same life cycle of cannabis plants such as the seed stage, vegetative stage, and the flowering stage. Each stage requires different techniques to be used in order for the cannabis plant to grow healthily. Different factors such as the light, water, and humidity level vary in each stage that is why proper knowledge on how to grow feminized seeds is important.

Steps in Producing Feminized Seeds

  1. Choose two healthy female plants. It is important that plant that you have chosen has strong genes to ensure that the quality of the seeds that you are producing.
  2. The other female plant will be treated chemically to create male sex organs and the other female plant will be used for pollination.
  3. Mist or spray the female plant that you wish to turn into a male with the colloidal silver solution at least once a day for 3 to 4 weeks during the flowering stage until you notice that male pods are formed or if you see that pollen sacs have appeared and starting to open.
  4. If the pollen sacs have been fully developed, remove the pollen sacs and place it in an area where it will dry out for a week.  If the pollen sacs are dried, place it in a ziplock and shake it to gather feminized pollen. The pollen that you gathered will be used to pollinate the other female plant.
  5. You may harvest your feminized seeds after 6 weeks or if the calyxes on the part of the pollinate plant are swollen with seeds that are showing.

Advantages of Feminized Seeds

  • Feminized seeds tend to produce a higher content of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBN.
  • Feminized seeds are cost-effective and will not waste your space because it is 100% that the seeds will eventually turn into buds.
  • Feminized seeds produce high-quality plants with resinous buds, heavy trichomes and rich in cannabinoid profile that male seeds won’t produce.

Disadvantages of Feminized Seeds

  • As there are no male seeds, the use of feminized seeds is not applicable if your main goal is to produce cannabis seeds.

Tips in Creating Feminized Seeds

  • To ensure premium genetics, it is best to pick a female-looking plant. Male and female plants look differently so you can easily detect which plant is female or male seeds.
  • It is important to isolate and separate male and female seeds once the sacs are formed to avoid the male pollinating the female seeds.

Methods in Creating Feminized Seeds

Colloidal Silver Method

Colloidal silver is a solution based that inhibits ethylene production that is needed to produce female seeds but to serve its purpose, it forces the plant to produce female that will act as a male so that it can create pollen sacs. This solution inhibits the female hormones to create dominant male hormones.

Rodelization Method

This method is a natural way of growing feminized seeds that do not need the use of any chemicals rather, it would make use of proper timing. In this method, you will e encouraged not to harvest the cannabis plant after it bloomed. In this way, the cannabis plant will stress itself and create ale flowers so that pollination will take place again. If the production of male flowers is successful, you may need to wait a couple of weeks for you to proceed to the harvesting period.

Feminized Seed Strains

  • Royal Gorilla

This is a powerful strain with a THC content that ranges between 25%-30 %. It is not only a suitable strain for recreational purposes but this strain serves as a medicinal remedy very well through its pain management properties. It has a well-balanced characteristic of Sativa and Indica that is favored by connoisseurs because of its sweet lemony taste and aroma.

  • Royal Moby

This strain is suitable for those who prefer big and a hardy type of cannabis strain that is influenced by its Sativa dominant genetics. Its genetics provide a fully psychoactive effect that has mind and body altering state. Aside from its incredibly high, this strain is known to produce high yields of 7 grams when grown outdoors.

  • Power Flower

This Sativa-dominant strain is a recreational strain known for its mellow high experience. This is a very resilient cannabis strain that can thrive in warm climates that can produce yields up to 85 grams per square meter. It has the taste and aroma of fresh pine.

This is a very potent strain with a THC level that ranges between 28-33% that is an Indica dominant strain. A lot of users prefer to use this strain because along with its body high effects it provides the users a sense of well being through its relaxation vibe.

  • Skunk XL

This strain grows massive in height as influenced by its genetics. It’s appearance, taste, and aroma compliments its potency that has a THC content of about 17%. Its characteristic that standout is its resiliency to withstand harsh climates.

How to grow feminized seeds? Resinous buds, rich in the cannabinoid profile and thick trichomes are some of the characteristics of a feminized seed that would contribute to the overall quality of your cannabis plant. Growing feminized seeds make the life of cultivators and breeders easier.

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