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6 Best High CBD Medical Strains

All over the years, many people are shifting from their powerful drugs to medicinal marijuana, making their situation worse in the end. Additionally, this treatment, while saving them from certain illnesses, might shift to the latter as their killer due to lethal harm they could do to your livers and kidneys. This is where high CBD strains come in.

As the outcome of this action, the world has seen a substantial rise in the number of patients who are legally seeking cannabis as part of the successful medication of their different illnesses and conditions. Above all, the public is starting to discover the best medical varieties of marijuana that could be originally assisted and treated. The question that ponder’s mostly on those that need these medical benefits from Marijuana is what strain has the highest CBD? So, If you want to buy strains high in CBD, read the below article to know more about high CBD medical strains and be educated about it. 

Below are 6 of the Best High CBD strains or Best Medical Marijuana Strains with high CBD contents. 

Why Choose Higher CBD?

Since we all know, Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most necessary terpenes we could ingest from a cannabis plant. CBD strain seeds are believed to show the actions of its user as the chemical interrelate in our bloodline. 

Compared to THC, CBD slows it down its users, giving a sense of sedation and comfort, especially for those who fight medical issues involving reflexive muscle actions and neurological problems. 

CBD is beneficial to those who have epilepsy, fatigue, insomnia, various body pains, and even mental issues and illnesses. 

On high CBD low THC strains, this indicates faster and more efficient therapies, that is why more and more patients stick to cannabis plants obtaining high CBD strain seeds

Things to Consider

With a massive variety of CBD strains, we must consider the following things: 

  • Strain Parents
  • CBD Content
  • Form of Usage
  • Places of Use
  • Flower Cycle
  • Benefits
  • Taste
  • Side Effects

These varieties are necessary for learning the effects of the strains you could choose for consumption. Keep in mind that these low THC high CBD strains seeds

Top 6 High CBD Strains List

1. Harlequin

  • Ranges from 10%-15%
  • Product of Nepal Indica, Colombian Gold, Swiss Sativa, and Thai Sativa 
  • Originated from Nepal’s Mustang State
  • Mixed with edibles and for smoking
  • 49-63 days
  • Earthy, Woody and Flowery
  • Good for Pain Relief, Stress, Depression, Fatigue, and Anxiety
  • Dry Eyes and Mouth, Dizziness, Anxiety, and Headaches

Harlequin is obtained from different terrestrial strains and normally contains relatively low THC contents. Having its CBD-THC ratio, Harlequin is famous to be among the strongest strains all around the world. Harlequin would make you feel happy, enthusiastic, calm, and euphoric and is really one of the best high CBD strains for anxiety that is available today.

2. Remedy

  • Up to 15%
  • A crossbreed of Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic
  • Consumed through smoking
  • 42-48 days
  • Earthy, Woody and Citrus
  • Good for Body Pains, Headaches, Inflammation, Stress and Insomnia
  • Dry Eyes and Mouth, headaches for the newbies, anxiety, and paranoia

One of the most well-known medical strains in the world. It’s CBD volume is famous for soothing your body’s pain in just a few minutes, leaving you relaxed, like a young man enjoying a weekend getaway in European lakes. 

It can not get you high because this strain worlds slowly to treat your illnesses and does not have any psychoactive effects. It also immediately hinders your irregular muscle movements with no tough movements. Fantastically, it would make you fall asleep while the drug “repairs” the whole body for a few hours. 

3. Charlotte’s Web

  • Up to 17%
  • A Crossbreed of an unidentified Marijuana Strain with an Industrial Hemp
  • Colorado, Uruguay, and the USA
  • Consumed through CBD Oil
  • 60-70 Days
  • Earthy, Flowery and Citrus
  • Good for Seizures, Anxiety, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, and Body Pains
  • Dry Eyes and Mouth, episodes of headaches and dizziness for the newbie users and anxiety

The most well-known marijuana line in the world. This cannabis strain has a high CBD content and primarily no traces of THC. Charlotte can not get you high because this cannabis strain worlds slowly to treat your illnesses and does not have any psychoactive effects. 

The name of this cannabis strain comes from a girl who is suffering from Dravet Syndrome, an extreme form of epilepsy. After careful care of her physicians, Charlotte Fiji was successfully diagnosed with this cannabis strain in 2013. 


  • Up to 19%
  • Ruderalis and Cannatonic
  • Arises from Spain
  • Mixed with drinks, capsules and great for smoking
  • 65-72 days
  • Earthy, Pine and Woody
  • Good for Pain Relief, Inflammations, Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia
  • Dry Eyes and Mouth, Headaches, Anxiety, and Paranoia

This CBD high strain was named for its well-balanced ratio of Indica to Sativa (50:50). Electrically, the rotating current and the direct current repel each other and release an equal flow of electrical energy. Famous to provide joy, ACDC would rush electrically and make you feel happy and euphoric. Additionally, patients with alcoholism, and other medicinal issues like extreme pain and seizure, could be diagnosed with this user euphoric, relaxed, happy, and sociable. 

5. Ringo’s Gift

  • Up to 20%
  • Harle-Tsu and ACDC
  • Originated in Barcelona, Spain
  • Mixed with smoke, or drinks or oil extraction
  • 56-70 days
  • Earthy, Citrus, Nutty and Spicy
  • Good for Pain, Inflammations, Depression, Stress, and Fatigue
  • Dry Eyes and Mouth, Headaches and Anxiety

This CBD strain seed was named after Lawerence Ringo the Marijuana Activist and Grower. These CBD seeds are well-known to have stimulating and calming effects due to traces of THC, it can keep you sociable and alert to different individuals.  Unlike every hardcore CBD, Ringo’s would give you comfort while keeping you alert and up all day. 

6. Harle-Tsu

  • Ranges from 20%-24%
  • Product of Sour Tsunami and Harlequin
  • Great for smoking
  • 56-63 days
  • Earthy, Skunky and Woody
  • Good for Inflammation, Insomnia, PMS, PTSD, Migraine, and Depression
  • Dry Eyes and Mouth, Headaches, Dizziness, and Anxiety

Harle-Tsu was the outcome of two diverse Indica cannabis strains, which grow better offspring with excellent CBD content. Rather than providing you a boost, Harle-Tsu provides you an immense sense of calm, mellowness, and relaxation. 

This force refers to individuals that work during day time and feel constant pain in your body. Additionally, Harle-Tsu offers you with a major source of energy and inspiration for working. 

Last Few Tips

Before you buy CBD seeds, always consult your doctor about the cannabis strains that you may use. There are several conditions that should have a small dosage of CBD the patient could not go higher or lower than that. 

There might be allergic reactions from your body if you decide to increase your CBD intake without your doctor’s permission, and you would end up regretting and suffering.

The patient’s future is bright, but that’s only possible if you address your problems with your physicians before making conclusions on your own. If possible, stop self-medication, your physician decides what is good for you.

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