Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review

Amsterdam is the marijuana capital of the world regardless of where you live. There are many cannabis consumers buy marijuana seeds from online cannabis seed banks that run mostly in Amsterdam. We will know more about Amsterdam marijuana seeds review to help you make verify for yourself.

But first, know first the positives and negatives of Amsterdam marijuana seeds:

High-quality products and approachable customer service team.
Each order is secure, even though it takes hold of at customs.
The shipping is free!

Options are not always clear.
Long shipping times reports.
It does not exactly ship all places in the world.

The History and Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review

The Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds was created obviously in Amsterdam in 2002 by a person whose name is Joe Green. He has been growing cannabis for more than twenty years and has a great experience at every point in the industry of cannabis.

At the present time, the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds organization is still located in Amsterdam even though it has quickly become one of the biggest seeds banks online. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds wanted to serve both cannabis hobbyists and growers, which means they have offers for every person.

Quality of Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has great quality and consumers said the seeds produce healthy, abundant, and sturdy plants. It is obvious that they are showing a strong belief in giving products that are high in quality for their consumers. Every strain’s page presents reviews via TrustPilot, so consumers can look for legitimate feedbacks straightaway.

Some of the negative feedbacks of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is all about germination, despite the fact that it can quickly be overdone by the method which the consumers utilized. All in all, many of the consumers said that they are highly contented with their marijuana seeds and purchase experience.

Options of Strain

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has a large variety of cannabis strains to select from. They have an exact 120 strains and their website categorizes these strains so that cannabis growers can quickly see what they wanted.

You can look for strains through a variety of criteria involving the following:

Types of Seed

Types of Strain


Plus, the level of THC, growing difficulty level, flowering time, and plant yield. You can look for a particular thing to find the ideal strain that meets your needs. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds also has a great variation of combination packs that you can select, so that you can get many well-known strains at a discounted cost.

Select from popular strains such as Pineapple Express, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, White Widow, and many more.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ Customer Service

In general, most of the reports in the customer service of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds as having a thoughtful and responsive customer service team. Any complaints or concerns were responded quickly by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and consumers were provided another way to resolve the issue on many forums online.

In addition, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has an assurance to their products so when there is a problem, it is advisable to get in contact with them immediately to permit them to work with you to find the solution.

Customer Feedbacks for Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

The average rating on TrustPilot for Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds review is around 7 out of 10, mainly they have positive reviews from their customers. They are very approachable in addressing concerns, complains, and even praises on several forums online in a friendly and open way.

Some of the seed banks do not participate in online forums which make them bring into disfavor. The Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds really cares about the experience of their customers to a great degree. They work hard also to solve any problems that emerge with no delay.

Methods of Payment and Shipping

The Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds provides its customers with many different methods of payment such as bank transfer, cash, Western Union, Debit or Credit Card (they only accept Mastercard and Visa), and BitCoin.

According to their site, BitCoin is the fastest method that only takes one hour to process once the orders have been placed. Bank transfer takes up less or more than three business days to clear but it still depends on which country the bank transfer came from. Other methods of payment usually taken care of within forty-eight hours.

The best thing about Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is that its shipping fee is FREE to almost all countries in the world. They do not ship their products to countries with super strict custom laws, this is according to their site.

The expected days to arrive at those orders shipped within Europe is within nine to fifteen business days, outside of Europe usually arrive within fifteen to twenty-one business days. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds allot twenty-one business days for every order to deliver until those twenty-one days have arrived they ask for their customers not to contact them about reshipment yet.

If the customers did not get the order within those twenty-one business days, then they will send the order again for free. So, if you have waited for more than the allotted time for your order to be delivered, then better contact them to solve this issue immediately.

The reliability of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is really high. Most of their customers’ reports are being highly contented or satisfied with their shopping experience and products. Those customers who were not satisfied and have given them negative reviews get a response from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds quickly with details on how to find a resolution to their problem.

Mostly, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds will process of replacing the product such as order being hold by customs or orders that did not arrive. In general, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds seems to be one of the many online cannabis seed banks that you can find on the internet that you can rely on.

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