Animal Face Strain

Animal Face Strain Information

Animal Face Strain is a rare hybrid that is known for giving an overwhelming head buzz and body-numbing high that lets you move slowly into physical and mental euphoria. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with an 80% Sativa and 20% Indica ratio. Depending on the tolerance of the user, this cannabis weed can be ideal for a chill weekend afternoon or maybe the perfect way to end your day as you raise your feet, making it the best nighttime weed. Its potent high is not to be a joke for new users as it can give a powerful hit that can be a reliable medicinal strain. In this article, we will let you know more about Animal Face Strains and all its nitty-gritty that it has to offer. 

What is Animal Face Strain?

Animal Face Strain genetics comes from crossing two hybrids of Face Off OG and Animal Mints. The strain was introduced by Seed Junky Genetics, who claims that these seeds are one of a kind, but sadly, they do not make them convenient for other breeders. Furthermore, its potency will have consistent effects on users that can be powerful. Animal Face Strain THC level has an average consistency of 18 to 26% and has CBD content that ranges from 0.61 to 1.2%. With that, Animal Face marijuana strain creates a very trustworthy hybrid that can be favorable to smokers who use this recreationally or medically.

Animal Face Strain Profile

Strain GeneticsFace Off OG x Animal Mints
Strain Dominant80% Sativa / 20% Indica
THC Content18 to 26%
CBD Content0.61 to 1.2%
Flowering Time9 to 10 weeks
YieldAverage yields on both indoors / outdoors
Taste / FlavorNutty, Earthy, Pine, Sugary, Sweet, Diesel
EffectsCerebral, Euphoria, Body High, Uplifting, Relaxing, Hungry, Cottonmouth, Dry Eyes, Dizziness
May RelieveChronic Pains, Arthritis, Cramps, Depression, Stress, Appetite Loss, Nausea
Best to GrowIndoor / Outdoor

Animal Face Strain Growing Information

Animal Face Strain seeds will thrive into dense cannabis and grow either indoors or out. It may not show much information in regards to its process of cultivation, but there are still some guides by skilled growers that might help new growers. As cannabis grows, its nugs will become heavy and will provide a surprisingly high production of pure and dense buds. Animal Mints Strain grow time will be approximately around an average of 9-10 weeks, producing a compact medium to tall sized plant. 

Most Animal Face Strain review from skilled cultivators advised that it needs a sufficient supply of water and fertilizers to achieve a hefty cannabis plant. Animal Face weed seeds will then produce beautiful buds that are to be thick deep green nugs with deep orange hairs and a cover of luminescent amber frosty trichomes.

Growing Information for Indoor 

Thriving Animal Face marijuana seeds indoors is more advisable and suited for small space with the basic growing methods and preferably on a soil medium. Not enough data on its yield, but it will give you an average harvest that may overwhelm you.

Growing Information for Outdoor

Animal Face cannabis seeds can be grown in an outdoor setting in a Mediterranean-like climate. Make sure to shower them with sufficient waterings as they could be prone to molds and pests. It either has no adequate numbers on the harvest, but it will give you an average yield as well. 

Medical Benefits of Animal Face Strain 

Animal Face cannabis strain can help patients who are dealing with unwanted stress-related issues such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. It enhances the mood, turning them into a total satisfying contemplation about various life aspects and being more appreciative. Moreover, its analgesic properties will help physical ailments like chronic pains, arthritis, cramps, and alike. Insomniacs will also benefit from this weed as it will shower a deep physical relaxation that slowly runs from the toes up to the head. Patients who have a loss of appetite, which is sometimes associated with nausea due to chemotherapy treatments, will benefit from this as well.

Negative side-effects of Animal Face weed strain are common and can be mild. It will most likely be cottonmouth and dry eyes, even at low hits of this weed. High dosage may give displeasures of dizziness, and paranoia may occur to the extreme of its high. So it is advised to take this in moderation to avoid such inadequate effects. 

Animal Face Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma 

Animal Face Strain effects become addictive after you perceive a mental and physical numbing high. The high begins with a dash of cerebral upshot that overflows the mind with pure euphoria, alleviating any obstructive or shooting thoughts. Afterward, this spins gently to be unfocused and stoned, turning into a state of pure mental relaxation. As your thoughts fade, your body will start to surrender into a tingly reaction that will wash over you from the toe up to the head, soothing you at ease into a pure relaxed state. 

Animal Face marijuana strains tend to have tiny, cured buds with a sweet and minty scent and taste in the same freshness. Inhaling this weed will note hints of pine and nuts. Then upon exhale, expect the same sugary-sweet nutty tang with dollops of mint goodness. Its delicious aroma will have distinct glare hints of pine and diesel. This complex yet absorbing palate will be very evident, making it not to be easily smoked in secret. 

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Final Thoughts 

Animal Face weed strains can drag users to its unique and flavorful tang with its full-body effects that sound like an answered prayer to alleviate various body and mind conditions. Its potency can melt those stresses away and boosts the mood with a spread of tingling sensation that slowly quivers on the body and limbs. With evident Indica properties in its genetics, it will possibly give users an uplifting and euphoric experience. A good bedtime weed will make users settle down in a long-lasting relaxation.

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