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Are Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa has the Same Effects?

Medical marijuana could be used to medicate a massive variety of common health problems. In general, medical marijuana results in the user having a feeling of greater mental and physical relaxation, increased appetite, better sleep, and pain reduction. Although, there are two major varieties of medical marijuana plants, and each plant provides a various set of benefits. Knowing and understanding the difference between the Indica vs Sativa effects is essential in discovering the perfect strain for every patient. 

Sativa vs Indica effects – the two main types of marijuana plants are Sativa and Indica. Every strain has its own kind of effects on the mind and body resulting in a large range of medical benefits. Indica strains commonly offer a feeling of deep relaxation. While Sativa strain tends to offer a more soothing feeling. This article would feature Indica vs Sativa effects or Sativa vs Indica high effects. 

Indica and Sativa Medical Efficacy 

The Sativa effects vs Indica effects. The most significant difference between the 2 subspecies of marijuana, although, is there are medicinal effects and how they affect energy levels and productivity. Indica tends to reduce energy and is great for consumption during the night, after spending your day’s activities and work. Potent cannabis Indica strain might give the user a “couch lock,” in which they become more relaxed that they barely care to get up from the sofa.

On the other hand. Sativa is cerebral and uplifting and enhances productivity and creativity. In Sativa vs Indica high effects. Indica strain gives a “body high”, while Sativa strain gives more of a “mind high”. Unfortunately, Sativa strains need a long time to grow and yield medicine, unlike the Indica strain. There’s no concern for patient requirements and the sole focus of the profit, and this is why Indica cannabis strains traditionally dominated those available on the black market. 

The fact that the patients are given no other choice of subspecies or cannabis strain when buying from the black market is the main reason it must be kept away from. Patients must never trust or use marijuana medicine without knowing its exact strain and if it is properly dried, cured, grown, and lab tested for possible contamination and purity. 

Within both Sativa and Indica categories for the reason of creating available the right medicine for a particular patient’s unique mixture of disease, lifestyle, and preference, modern growers of medicinal marijuana purposely grow and breed a massive spectrum of cannabis strains. Sometimes, patients should keep family responsibilities or jobs that need a specific energy level and can’t resist the sedative properties of many Indica. Sometimes, patients should look for the most potent non-opiate. Most patients would choose the end, given the choice of chronic pain or the relaxing effects of a strong Indica of a specific strain known for its medical advantages. 

They grow and make available as many cannabis strains as possible for a selected ailment because cultivators and dispensaries are sensitive to the subject’s effectiveness of specific strains for various patients. The main focus conditions include cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, all types of arthritis, and many other ailments. 

 Effects of Indica vs Sativa. In terms of specific ailments, cannabis Sativa strain tends to be perfect for psychological disorders like PTSD, depression, and anxiety. While Indica is sometimes best for inflammation and pain, and also beneficial for patients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and cancer. A patient should consider medicating both their core disease and also its daily symptoms because there are many illnesses that are accompanied by side effects like insomnia and depression. Eventually, every patient would prefer multiple strains that would likely fall within the categories of Indica and Sativa. 

Indica vs Sativa – when it comes to aroma, Indica cannabis strains tends to release a skunky, earthy, and musty odor. While Sativa strains smell like spicy, fruity, or sweet. Their difference in the aroma is the outcome of terpenes, the molecule with the cannabis plant that are relatives to cannabinoids like CBD and THC. While these substances sometimes provide stunningly pungent aroma, their greatest advantage to patients is literally their medical efficacy. 

Sativa and Indica Details



Cannabis Sativa strain is first discovered in dry, hot with long daylights. These include Central America, Africa, Western portions of Asia, and Southeast Asia. 


 Sativa strains are thin and tall and have finger-like leaves. They take longer to mature than some other types of strains, and they could grow taller than 12 feet. 

Typical CBD to THC ratio

 Sativa strains typically have a higher dosage of THC and lower dosage of CBD. 

Commonly associated effects of use

Sativa strain sometimes generates a “mind-high,” or an anxiety-decreasing, energizing effect. Once you use a Sativa-dominant strain, you might feel creative and productive, not lethargic and relaxed. 

Daytime or nighttime use

You can use Sativa during the daytime, because of its stimulating effect. 

Popular strains

Three famous Sativa strains are Panama Red, Durban Poison, and Acapulco Gold



Cannabis Indica strain is a native to India, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan. These cannabis plants have adapted to the often dry, harsh, and turbulent climates of Hindu Kush mountains 


Cannabis Indica plants are stock and short with chunky and bushy greenery leaves that grow wider and broader. Each plant generates more buds, and they grow faster than Sativa.  

Typical CBD to THC ratio

Cannabis Indica strains often have less THC and higher levels of CBD. 

Commonly associated effects of use

Indica strains are popular for its extremely relaxing effects. It might also reduce pain, nausea, and increase appetite. 

Daytime or nighttime use

Indica strain is perfect to use during nighttime or evening, because of its deeply relaxing effects. 

Popular strains

Three famous Indica strains are Afghan Kush, Hindu Kush, and Granddaddy Purple.

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