Banana Punch Strain

Banana Punch Strain Information

Banana Punch Strain known as Banana 9, is the outcome of crossbreeding the two well-known cannabis strains, Banana OG and Purple Punch. This Banana punch cannabis strain has an impressive, delicious taste that is perfectly matched for its powerful THC content. It could generate THC levels between 18 – 22% on average, and it is a hybrid that sways into its Indica lineage. Banana punch weed strain is being used as a medication, just like many other Indica cannabis strains. Its relaxing effect could help the user control chronic conditions like mental health issues and pain. In this article, we will know more about Banana Punch like the Banana punch strain THC level, Banana punch strain flowering, and all Banana punch strain info.

What is Banana Punch Strain?

Banana Punch stair is the offspring of Banana OG and Purple Punch. Banana Punch weed strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is flavorful, blending its delicious cinnamon and orange taste above the classic pine taken when smoked. Containing an average THC level of about 18-22% is just perfect for a high that would have your mind explore. Its mind high is Stoney and introverted, then soothes your bones with a calming numbness, this cannabis strain would take away your pain and would help you get the rest you deserved. Banana punch strain seeds are perfect for treating anxiety, depression, stress, lack of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, and pain. 

Banana Punch Strain Review Statistics

Banana Punch Strain Information

Medical Benefits

It is easy to determine the recreational properties of Banana punch strain, but medically? It is far from that. Banana punch cannabis strain is high-powered and is great for treating symptoms that are hard to treat. The entirely relaxed head high is a great choice for reducing anxiety. Fears and worries doesn’t seem like a problem when the Banana Punch weed strain is in the game. The darkness of depression would go away with the calmness it gives. There are also no mental benefits. Health problems like OCD, PTSD, and ADHD are categorized by repetitive and distressing thoughts. These types of ideas are no-hit for Banana Punch weed strain’s relaxation. The chronic stress could vanish just like that because all the issues of our daily life are less important. Many users suggested Banana Punch weed strain for its capability to take away the pains and aches that come from chronic stress. Muscle stress unwinds as the entire body relaxes, and even insomnia perceives some improvement with the Banana Punch Strain. The head and body high lead to the ideal conditions for the user to be calm and get to sleep easily and wake up refreshed. 

Negative Effects

Some users reported cottonmouth and dry eyes, with thick smoke like this strain. This strain is not ideal for newbie smokers. Banana punch strain could come up behind users who get excited and take a little more than their intention. Signs of overconsumption include a mild sense of anxiety and sleepiness.  

THC Content

The Banana punch strain THC level reaches up to 22% and is likely on the powerful side. The parent itself Banana OG the crossbreed between the Banana cannabis strain and the famous OG Kush, reaching its high of boasting 25%. Purple Kush, its other parent, a crossbreed between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, might sound less strong considering its THC level of 20% but with an extra 1% CBD, it really does well as a packed punch hit. 

Appearance & Aroma

Banana Punch Strain doesn’t resemble any fruits in any way, form, or shape, but it does look as tasty as it smells with its amazingly dense coat of icy trichomes. Its dark green shade flowers are covered with purplish colors, but sometimes with a little bit of orange and blue. And for its aroma and taste characteristics, there is a little bit of pine as usual with many cannabis strains, though the cannabis strain does mainly hold the title taste and aroma of sweet bananas. banana punch strain contains a lovely bright tone of freshly cut fruit-flavored candies and pineapple. Such lively and colorful flavor profiles set this cannabis strain far from others. 


Banana punch strain is perfect for indoor cultivation. It gives a big yield, and it is quite easy to grow. It would give the kind of trichome-heavy harvest growers could only dream of, if you just take care of it. This cannabis strain grows amazingly in bright, warm, and dry climates. Keep the humidity below 60%, and your marijuana plant would survive. Assume heights of around 5 feet when you harvest, which is the ideal size for Sea of Green growth. Expanding its Indica-style branches keeps its fast growth period. It also helps show as many bud areas as possible. If you are planning to grow marijuana plants outdoors, expect humidity issues. Some outdoor marijuana plants suffer from mildew or even rot if the conditions get too wet. If you could maintain everything warm and dry, your plant must survive, or else indoor growing would work great. 

Flowering Time


Banana punch strain flowering time, Northern Hemisphere cultivators must expect their harvest to be available by the end of September. It’s perfect for storing in dryer locations that are not usually the best option for marijuana. When grown outside, growers can see 16 or more ounces of bud per plant under proper sun-dried and dry conditions. 


Indoor growing is the best choice for Banana Punch cannabis in many other climates. It is ready to be harvested in 7 or 8 weeks. Expect yields of around 14 ounces / square meter with low humidity and bright light. 

Final Thoughts

The Banana Punch strains high is going to have you far more head over your heels, with a relaxing undertone that’s going to get you forced back and completely at ease. Effects are surely starting to creep in nature, trying to sneak with you before unexpectedly taking hold of you. Your mind would then feel euphoric and concentrated with a sense of happy creative energy as your body calms down in a moment of absolute ease and calm. 

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