Best Seed Banks in USA: Are there Any?

Both recreational and medical marijuana is now legal in many states within the United States. From its aroma and taste to even its appearance, growing your own marijuana is better than buying it from a dealer when you can control every part of it. However, buying the seeds to grow your own is still illegal at the federal level, and the seeds cannot be delivered across state lines, so it is important to find the best seed banks in USA or best seed banks to deal with in USA.

You have come to the perfect place if you are searching for marijuana seed banks in the United States. There are a lot of USA marijuana seeds that would not only offer the seeds to you in a discreet manner but would provide added guarantee and replacements at the moment your seeds get caught or stopped at customs. 

Here’s everything you must know about buying marijuana seeds in the best seed banks USA and the best online weed seed banks in USA. Let’s find out more about them. 

Best Online Seed Banks that Ships to USA (Year 2020 Update)

Crop King Seeds

Having offered high-quality marijuana seeds for almost 15 years, Crop King Seeds is one of the top cannabis seeds banks in North America and best seed banks in the USA. They are located in Vancouver, Canada. 

This best seed banks to deal with in USA is slowly starting to make its mark and building its reputation as the best seed banks to deal with in USA. This seed bank might not provide quite as much seeds as the other seed banks, but it provides its own personally cultivated cannabis strains so you know you’re getting the top best. Crop King Seeds enables you to pick different filters to look for your desired strain that is right for your need. They also provide an online section that sells you all about how to germinate your new cannabis seeds

This cannabis seed bank provides quick shipping times that most orders are delivered and received in just 2 days for local orders and only about 2 weeks for those sent to the United States. All cannabis seeds are packed in real, discreet packaging to keep your privacy. 

Crop King Seeds does not just have an online residence but this breeder also has 100 various stores in Canada in which they sell their seeds. This company doesn’t have a free shipping policy, the cheap shipping alternative is about 10 dollars. However, there are 31 various cannabis strains to choose from, all of these have a good germination rate of 80% or more than that. If your seed does not germinate, the company would resend your new seeds. 

MSNL Seedbank

This company is one of the marijuana seed banks in USA that ships worldwide. This seed bank provides refined cannabis strains that are highly popular in the marijuana industry. MSNL is located in the Netherlands, this seed bank gives some of the best quality cannabis seeds. You could buy regular, feminized, autoflowering seeds from this seed bank through their website online. 

Providing relatively fast delivery, most of their packages take at least 3 weeks to be shipped. MSNL seed bank has won a lot of awards for its germination assurance and cannabis strain genetics, these are some of the high-quality seeds. Actually, the cannabis seeds are only grown by experts and have a standard germination rate of more than 90%. All cannabis seeds go through strict quality-control testing by the company. 

Making sure that you would get your seed no matter what happens, seeds are shipped in stealth. You would also get free seeds for each order, usually around 5. This is a major bonus for commercial cannabis growers. 

Seeds are shipping with stealth, ensuring that you will seed your seed no matter what. You can also get free seeds for every order, usually up to five. For commercial cannabis growers, this is a big bonus.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

LGM is one of the best online weed seed banks in USA.

ILGM is operated by Robert Bergman an experienced and expert grower of marijuana, this company is located in the Netherlands. 

Robert Bergman has been developing and producing different cannabis strains for many years. ILGM was officially founded as a company in 2012 and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. ILGM provides some of the best Amsterdam cannabis. If you are looking for the best online seed banks in USA, this company is good for you. This seed bank provides a variety of cannabis seeds, and would definitely find something you’d love. The breeders offer different beginner and professional ernad value packs if you are not sure what to try. In this way, you could try them out for size to discover what it looks like. 

ILGM accepts numerous payment options, including cash, credit cards, bitcoin, and more. The 

Cannabis seeds deliver free of charge, and all cannabis seeds come with a germination assurance. If your seeds won’t germinate, they’ll send another one for free. All marijuana seeds are packed and shipped discreetly. If you don’t receive the seeds, you would get another package for free. There are more than 100 various cannabis strains available, and the website is worth the visit. This company has hundreds of helpful grow guides and articles, that could be a big help when you are just getting started. 


Seedsman is considered as one of the best seed banks in the USA if you’re looking for a trustworthy seed bank to purchase high-quality strains. This company is located in the United Kingdom. Seedsman has been around since 2003 and provides well-developed products with more than 3000 different kinds of marijuana seeds. When you purchase with Seedsman, you could not only buy their seeds but also those from other growers, this company collects from 65 seedbanks from all around the world. 

When you shop with Seedsman, you can even purchase medical seeds. These are famous for their capability to medicate problems like inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and many more. Seedsman gives some of the most reasonable prices for seeds but still handles to provide top-quality goods. They are known for their variety, except for seedsman they also sell, clothing, books, storage goods. They give regular discounts and even provide loyalty points to help you save money in your next shopping spree. 

Additionally, the cannabis seeds offer stealthy shipping alternatives that enable you to get assurance delivery no matter where you are located. They also provide a variety of payment methods at checkout such as credit cards, debit cards, and many more. It commonly takes 1 to 3 weeks for the seeds to be delivered. 

True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank offers some of the best USA marijuana seeds customers. This cannabis seed bank is based out of Toronto, Canada, this Canadian cannabis seed company gives amazing options. This cannabis breeder has been shipping and selling worldwide for a very long time and emphasizes the importance of supplying only top-quality products. 

Mostly the order would be received in less than 2 weeks, you can also pay with debit cards, credit cards, bitcoin, or one of the many other options in paying. You could also invest in assurance shipment insurance, that guarantees if your seed doesn’t reach you, the seed bank would send another package. Once you check out ensure you pick the Extra Safe Stealth Shipping. It would hide the cannabis seeds in things like metal tins, wallets, bags, toys, and other items. This company sells a wide range of strings, including autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, and feminized seeds. You will get free seeds and freebies with your product purchased, and the company offers discounts too. 

Additionally, you could earn points on each purchase that could be used towards your next order, they also are one of the best customer loyalty programs. This seed company offers a wide range variety of seed types ranging to 1584 different strains to choose from. 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds started in 2012, owned and operated out of Montreal. This company only obtains the best strains and also provides the best customer service. Not only with the fifty of the world’s finest strains of cannabis seeds, but you would be able to find seeds in all types of categories including autoflowering, regular, and feminized. 

The seed bank is famous for its stealth shipping and fast delivery. You will get tracking with your orders so you would know exactly when it;s arriving. You’ll enjoy the high-quality cannabis strain that is ideal for recreational and medicinal uses. 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS)

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds known as AMS is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and also ship worldwide. This cannabis company is one of the best Amsterdam seed banks and the best seed banks to deal with in USA. If you are looking for a seed bank with a decades-old reputation for offering user-friendly service and amazing products, AMD is the one for you. 

This cannabis seed bank has a lot of excellent feedback from just around every grower in the US, this also founded in 2002. They only carry strains that are hand-picked, would options ever be specialized. They also accept just about any type of payment method. 

This company is one of the top marijuana breeders in the Netherlands that ships cannabis seeds in crush-proof packaging and looks just like standard mail. This website of this company is easy to access and enables you to filter out options like size, growing difficulty, height, yield, THC quantities, flowering time, and many more. The cannabis seeds have reasonable prices and free shipping is often available. 

This seed company has more than 135 different cannabis strains including high-quality options like Bob Marley and Afghan. You get a detailed grow guide once you purchase, and you can also get free seeds if you buy more than ten. The seed company has a rare 21-days guaranteed delivery. 

Grower’s Choice Seeds

Grower’s Choice Seeds is one of the best seed banks to deal with in USA, and located in Barcelona, Spain, and also ships worldwide. This seed company accepts different payment methods including, debit cards, credit cards, money orders, and bitcoin. 

This seed bank has one of the best customer service departments you would find. They also have a dedicated, committed to each and every one of their products actually, if at least 10% of your seeds don’t germinate, the seed company would send you a renewal order. Your orders are in discreet packaging and even orders that aren’t shipped to the USA could be packed with “stealth packaging” if you want to. 

Customers receive their package of weed seeds in just 1 to 3 weeks that is about standard for most cannabis seed suppliers. You get a tracking number once you buy, too, so you know once your seed would arrive. The seed company provides various discounts and promotional codes to help you save money too. 


Growing your own cannabis plants is the best way to produce your own supply as well as to start your gardening journey. Buying seeds online could be stressful and daunting, but there are a lot of best seed banks in USA. Make sure you are buying seeds from reputable and respected seed banks. This would help relieve any grudges and fears you may have and would not only make the buying procedure less stressful, but it would also make it enjoyable.

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