how to germinate marijuana seeds

Best Way to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

How to germinate marijuana seeds? Cannabis germination is the procedure of having your marijuana seeds to sprout, you know the sprouting has happened once a little white tendril comes out of the seed. This white tendril that appears from your marijuana seed throughout the germination process is your plant’s first root, called “taproot.” And all other roots produced by your marijuana plant in its lifetime would sprout from the first root. 

Taproot might a few small early tendrils of the first root would get longer, pushing the seeds up, and after the shell of the seeds break in the edge of your growing medium, the first leaves would appear into the marijuana seeds. 

The seed leaves were already made as part of the plant embryo in the seed itself, so the marijuana seedlings do not have to grow them. Actually, the appearance of the first leaves is what breaks it apart from the shell after it is cracked open by the first root. And the next set of leaves after the seed leaf are your plant’s “true” leaves and would have snagged edges. They are the first leaves that your marijuana seedling plant has grown on its own, unlike the seed leaf that has already formed in the seeds. 

In this article, we would discuss how to germinate marijuana seeds, how long to germinate marijuana seeds, how to germinate marijuana seeds in a paper towel, germinating cannabis seeds in water, and how to germinate cannabis seeds fast. We will join you in your seed germinating journey!

What would you like to know about germination?

Marijuana seeds need the following to get the best germination outcome:

  • Moisture – keep everything moist but not soaking (don’t leave seeds soaking in the water for too long, you could so hard seeds for around 24-32 hours).
  • Peace – the seeds need to be left alone while you are waiting for the first root to appear.
  • Warmth – keep everything warm but not too hot to obtain the best germination outcome. Think of it as springtime. Seeds could actually germinate marijuana seeds in cooler temperatures, but germination takes longer once it is cool. 
  • Gentle – treat your seeds gently once you have to move them, and be careful when you are checking your seeds. If possible, avoid touching the taproot; the white root is quite fragile and easy to snap off. 
  • Plant Root Down – point the taproot downwards inside the growing medium to avoid the seedling from having reoriented itself. 
  • Plant Knuckle Deep – once germinating your seeds, they do not have to be put too far beneath the growing medium, about a half-inch to an inch (1.3cm – 25cm) down from the edge of the medium is enough. 

Once germinating your marijuana seeds, think of it as a springtime condition. In the wild, your marijuana seeds will germinate in the spring so they will be ready to take full advantage of long summer days. 

It Starts with the Seed

Marijuana begins as a seed, just like all plants. The thing that looks like a pebble is literally the whole plant stored with a few days’ supplies of food to help itself. This food is transformed into sugars that the marijuana plant utilizes to crack through its shell and develop its roots, throughout the germination. The young seedling would base its environment to give the nutrients it will require to survive.

The germination brings the seeds out of its sleep and triggers the growing procedure. Once the seed receives adequate moisture, it would then start its germination. At that time, it would grow in size and crack open its shell. A root would emerge and germ opening for, which would help the plant get the nutrients from the earth. Gravity and nature make sure that the stem would grow upward and the roots would go downwards, making a young seedling that could thrive off light and earth. 

Many people want to know how to determine healthy seeds since all cannabis grows from a marijuana seed. In fact, it’s hard to determine if a plant would be healthy varying on its seed alone. However, there are some signs to tell if a seed is healthy. In general, a white, very dark, or pale-green cannabis might have trouble germinating. But it doesn’t always reflect the result of the plant and is always worth trying. If you’re not able to use all of your marijuana seeds, store them in a cool, dry, and dark plant up until you could. A refrigerator is perfect!

Planning for Germination

Seeds are developed to germinate, but they’re much more likely to do if given the perfect environment. There are many methods in germinating, but they would all need : 

  • They need moisture to help the seed expand so it can break through its seed shell
  • Minimum intervention so that the dangerous structures would not be accidentally broken
  • Temperatures like springtime (it is between 20°to 22° Celsius or 68° to 72° Fahrenheit)

Always remember these 3 important things, your germination journey would be more likely to be a success!

I must go without saying that a successful germinating is necessary. The foundation of your plants is the seed, that is why many successful marijuana growers prefer to begin with high-quality seeds. You could also enhance your germination journey (if possible, speed up the procedure) by soaking your seeds to a 1% hydrogen peroxide and a compost tea solution for 12 hours prior to using them. This procedure would kill infectious agents.

3 Simple Ways to Germinate Your Seeds

Here are the 3 of the simplest and easiest way to germinate marijuana seeds : 

Germinate Seeds Directly in Soil

How to germinate pot seeds? The most successful method in germinating marijuana seeds is planting your seeds in the solid that you want to grow. This method is to make sure your young seeds have minimum interventions since the fragile root is protected by the soil. It is also the most common natural way for marijuana plants to grow.

First ensure you use the right type, once using soil. Use a seed starter or a mildly fertilized potting soil. It must have a pH of around 6. This kind of soil would have minerals and spores which would help young plants survive. Don’t add nutrients, potting soil has adequate nutrients for at least the first 2 weeks of the plant’s life. You will risk killing your seedlings because of the nutrient overdose if you add any more nutrients. Put your soil in a small pot.

Push your finger in the soil to make a small hole that’s up to 1.5cm deep, to prepare the solid for your marijuana seeds. You could also use a pencil or pen. Put one seed inside the ready hole and cover it with soil. If you have already germinated, the marijuana seed would have a root and put the root facing downward. After you have covered your seed with loose soil, don’t mess with it. This involves pushing it down further, and this would occur obviously as you moisten it. 

Place the pots under a fluorescent lamp and use a plant sprayer to wet the soil. The temperature isn’t balanced enough for germination, so don’t use a windowsill. The temperature of the solid must be 22° Celsius or 72° Fahrenheit which is quite to achieve with lighting. 

Maintaining checking your solid to ensure it stays moist. In just a week or as early as 4 days you must begin spotting stems from the soil. When your marijuana plants are 2 – 3 inches tall, transfer your marijuana plant inside a big pot with the stems far in the ground. Your marijuana plant now has many roots that would support it for the rest of its entire life. 

Germinate Seeds in Water

Germinating cannabis seeds in the water is one of the best ways to begin your seeds. It might seem like a bad idea, as there’s more light and water than recommended once using this method, but it actually works! It is found to be 90% effective. The trick here is not leaving the marijuana seeds in the water for too long. Typically, 24 – 48 hours is enough for the marijuana seeds to show their taproot, but you could leave them soaking for around 7 days without worrying 

Using water germination is an advantage because it makes sure that there is the perfect amount of moisture to start germinating. If done in just a short period of time, it could help break the seed shell,pre-sprouting the marijuana plant is ideal. Water germination shortens the procedure by making it easier for the marijuana plant unlike pushing through the soil.

In water germination, fill a glass with filtered water and enable it to reach room temp for a few hours. The temp must be 18° C or 65° Farhenheit. Don’t add nutrients, drop 2 – 3 marijuana seeds in the water, and check for changes. Refill the glass with new water every other day while keeping its temperature. 

After 2 – 4 days, the marijuana seeds must begin to split. You could put your seeds in the soil at any point, but when the roots are 3 – 5 mm long, they should be planted. Water germination has also its disadvantages. In some cases you would need to control your seeds, and this is quite risky. Germinating marijuana seeds are fragile, and the roots are specifically fragile. If you harm them in any cases, your marijuana plant may not develop well. Be careful when you are placing your sprouted marijuana seed in the soil, and if possible put the roots facing downwards. 

Germinate with Cotton Pads or Paper Towels

How to germinate marijuana seeds in paper towel? Germinating marijuana seeds using paper towels or cotton pads is another easy way of germinating. This is a typical way of doing it because the paper towel or cotton pads could maintain the seeds protected and moist. While cotton pad or balls or any best for this method, non-porous paper towels would work also. Just ensure they’re simply followed by paper towels, the cloth-like one might cause your roots to grow into the towel. 

In germinating cannabis seeds using cotton pads, put some of the marijuana seeds between 2 cotton pads and moisten them with a plant sprayer. When you are utilizing a paper towel, put the marijuana seeds in between 2 paper towels and keep the towel-pillow seeds in between 2 plates, beneath the upside-down bowl or in a plastic bag. Maintain the temperature at 22° Celsius, or 72° Fahrenheit, and don’t put the seeds on a windowsill. In around 2 – 5 days, the marijuana seeds would begin to split open, and a small root must show. Put them in the soil once they’re 3 to 5 mm or 0.1 to 0.2 inches long. 

Just like in the water method, germinating cannabis seeds this way has its own risk. If you’re not careful enough, you could damage fragile roots while transplanting them to the soil. You could also tangle the root into the wet paper towel if you’re not careful. Use tweezers or fingers to transfer fragile sprouts, and don’t allow the roots to grow too long prior to moving into the soil.

Other Germination Methods

Soil, water, and paper towels or the cotton pad are the easiest methods in germinating marijuana seeds, but they are not the only methods. You could also use plugs or starter cubes. Simply set the marijuana seed in, add water, then wait for it to germinate. But they are not always successful, but they remove the risk of harming your roots when transplanting a young sprout to its finally growing home. Below are the 2 kinds of starter material that could safely germinate your seeds. 

Germinating Seeds in Rockwool

Advantage of Rockwool

  • Cheap and Easy to Find
  • Inert Medium

Disadvantage of Rockwool

  • Bad for the environment
  • It is not good for your body and health especially your lungs, cover your eyes or mouth and wear gloves when holding Rockwool
  • It has a pH that is too high for marijuana, so it should be thoroughly treated and rinsed
  • Poor germination rates and cloning
  • Difficult for newbie growers

Rockwool gives the perfect environment in germinating marijuana seeds. It’s mineral wool that’s made from volcanic rock and other materials like limestone. Rockwool is a man-made material made by liquefying its ingredients into molten lava which is quickly spun in the threads. These threads are then compressed, cut and cured. 

Rockwool is a perfect growing environment, but it needs to be slightly altered for cannabis plants. First, you would need to add some fertilizer prior to using it to begin seeds. The TDS must be about 600ppm. You will also need to lower the pH since Rockwool has a pH of 7.0, that is too high for germination. Soak Rockwool plugs in the water for at least a day, to lower the pH. Since the water has a pH of 5.5, this would bring down the pH. 

It must also be noted that there are some serious disadvantages in using Rockwool. Because it doesn’t happen naturally, it is not the best for the environment. It is not good for your health; cover your eyes and mouth and wear gloves when holding this stuff. 

Germinating Seeds in Peat Pellets

Pros of Peat Pellets

  • Good Germination Rates for Coco Coir and Soil
  • Good for Cloning 
  • Come in dried pellets, so they could be kept for a long time

Cons of Jiffy Pellets

  • Not suitable for hydroponic setting
  • Should be soaked to expand each pellet before use

Peat pellet is another method to germinate cannabis seeds without harming young roots. Peat pellets are compacted peat that is made of partly decomposed vegetable things and is simply great for young plants. The pellet expands once you add water to it, forming a container of nutrient-thick solid options around germinating marijuana seeds. 

Peat is already advanced for marijuana germination. It has a pH of around 55 and a TDS of 625, do you not have to worry about making any changes. The only preparation needed is soaking the pellets in warm water. When the roots appear, simply move the whole pellet in the solid, coco coir, or rock wool, where it will continue growing. This kind of germination isn’t recommended for hydropic settings. 

Peat pellets have great germination rates, quite easy to use, and are perfect for newbies; they’re also perfect for cloning.

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