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Birthday Cake Strain Information

Birthday Cake strain is a very famous cannabis strain because of its sweet vanilla taste and blends of fruity undertones. This cannabis strain is the offspring of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Birthday Cake strains THC level could reach around 24% that would make its users very high. So if you take the right amount and not overuse it, users reported that you will be able to prevent its side effects like dizziness or anxiousness. This cannabis strain can give a relaxing high for both mind and body that usually lead to a great feeling that might be perfect if you want to hang out with fried and do some social activities. In this article, we have a Birthday Cake Strain review and learn more about this strain.

Birthday Cake Strain Statistics

Strain GeneticsCherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies 
Strain DominantIndica-dominant
THC Content24%
Yield12-16 ounces Indoors / 16 ounce Outdoors
ClimateWarm or Humid
Taste / FlavorNutty, Sweet, Earthy, Vanilla
EffectsHappy, Uplifted, Relaxed, Euphoric, Hungry
May RelieveArthritis, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Headaches, Stress

What is Birthday Cake Strain?

What is Birthday Cake strain? Birthday Cake strains also know as Birthday Cake Kush is an Indica-dominant strain and the offspring of the famous Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. This bud has delicious vanilla and fruity skunk with a little bit of sweet nuttiness when exhale. Its aroma is a sweet skunky pungency and a little bit mellow that has a little bit of vanilla undertone. Just like a birthday cake, these buds have a super icy appearance with dense and large massive heart-shaped light forest green nugs that has a little bit of orange hair. The effects are just as exciting even though this strain is loved for its taste. With Birthday Cake strain THC level that around 24%, these strains are perfect in alleviating insomnia headaches, migraines, inflammation, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. 

Growing Information of Birthday Cake Strain

Birthday Cake strain seeds have no seeds available for commercial, but instead, growers of this strain might have to take some cutting from a healthy parent plant of this strain and grow them as a clone. As a hybrid cannabis strain, the Birthday Cake marijuana strain can thrive both outdoors and indoors.

Growing Indoors

Birthday Cake strain grow time has no clear info in its average in flowering time. But, some resources would say it’s about 60 days. Birthday Cake weed strains produce around 12-16 ounce every square meter when grown indoors

Growing Outdoors

The same question could be said about the outdoor flowering time of this cannabis plant. However, the average yield is also at a moderate level of more than 16 ounces for every plant.

Medical Benefits of Birthday Cake Strain

Birthday Cake seeds are very beneficial for people who are suffering from medical conditions like anxiety, depression, and stress by making them feel much more motivated. It can also make its user feel more focused on a particular task, and Birthday Cake marijuana strain can make its user levelheaded and lucid. Additionally, this cannabis strain could also offer physical relaxation, helps with insomnia, and offers relief from chronic pain. Birthday Cake cannabis strain could also boost the appetite of its user. 

Birthday Cake Strain’s Effect, Taste, and Aroma

Birthday Cake strain effects is definitely an average potent cannabis strain that has a THC level reaching more than 24%, while some study shows a significantly lower potential THC concentration at around 14%. Actually, it might not be the ideal cannabis strain for newbie users specifically those with lower tolerance to THC. Birthday Cake cannabis strains are an Indica-dominant strain compromising more than 60% to be specific, but this strain is still competent in creating some elegant cerebral effects. There’s a rapid uplift to the user’s mood that could be manifested as a tempting happy feeling with a giggle at the beginning. The user would begin to feel a little bit heavy all throughout the body, a few minutes in the high. This mark is the start of a deep and relaxing feeling that could make the user feel sleepy and lazy. The fascinating part is that while this strain relaxed the body, it also manages to keep the mind wide awake. However, this overflowing relaxing brought by this cannabis strain is competent in sending the user in an undisturbed and deep sleep which leads to the conclusion that this strain is a perfect way to end your stressful day. This cannabis strain is ideal for nighttime use as it relaxed the user in a great way. 

Most of its users report that Birthday Cake strain tastes like the actual cake as it has a nutty, sweet, buttery flavor. It also does have all these flavors. Actually, the sweetness of this cannabis strain changes depending on certain phenotypes. Cake-like flavorings could be prevalent in other variations, but others appear to be just a little tangy and sour with just a little bit of creaminess. However, when the smoke is exhaled, the sweetness of the cannabis strain comes out together with some rich creamy flavors which can be compared to a real cake.

Although the most popular view about the aroma of this cannabis strain would be that it smells like sweet vanilla with earthy and skunky notes, a much more detailed explanation of its aroma includes a few other scents. In other words, if the strain is properly cured after harvesting, it must smell very much like damp earthy with a slight hint of citrus. If grounded, the users will realize some notations of spicy sandalwood which will become a bit harsh on the sinuses if blown. The scent of this cannabis strain isn’t just your classic vanilla cake sweet smell. It smells like a marijuana cake, that is not a bad idea, and although the users still can enjoy a nostalgic vanilla cake aroma without having lost the famous marijuana funkiness.

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Final Thoughts

Birthday Cake marijuana strain is a tolerant and patient cannabis strain, it works great with farmers who may not have the greenest of their thumbs. This easy-going cannabis strain could survive and flourish well even in conditions of climates that may not be ideal, creating fair quality buds in regards to the extra moisture and humidity. And even then, the goal of meeting the best conditions for this cannabis strain could also help bring it to optimum gene structure, allowing the plant to generate more cannabinoids in the procedure. You can get this strain in different seedbanks like Crop King Seeds, SunWest, and MJ Seeds Canada.

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