Growing Blue Dream

Blue Dream Strain Growing – 12/12 Light Cycle

The 12-12 light cycle is a faster, economical, and space-saving method. The cannabis plant is exposed to a balanced light and darkness of 12 hours each. When the plant is exposed to 12-12 light hours, it tells the cannabis plant that the season is changing that is why there is a need to proceed to the flowering stage. This is a way of tricking the plant. Growing this strain in a 12-12 light cycle entails the same knowledge as when you are growing other types of strain that have the normal light cycle. Growing blue dream in a 12-12 light cycle is excellent as this strain is very resilient and is more forgiving. See this article below and read about these blue dream growing info and our how to grow blue dream guide before germinating your blue dream seeds!

Pros of Growing In a 12-12 Light Cycle

  • It has a fast flowering cycle within 3-4 weeks.
  • You don’t have to do training and trimming methods because there are fewer leaves to deal with.
  • It can grow in tiny areas that make it easy to handle and maintain.

Cons of Growing In a 12-12 Light Cycle

  • Blue dream strain tends to grow tall but when the 12-12 lighting cycle is used, its growth is not fully maximized.

Why Grow 12-12 Light Cycle

  • Space-saving

When a blue dream strain is grown in a 12-12 light cycle, its branching and canopy would only spread a little. This strain would not grow as tall as you would proceed to the usual light cycle which is the 18-6 light cycle.

  • Resource-efficient

Since this strain that was grown in a 12-12 light cycle tends to grow small, there is a lesser demand for resources such as the lighting, water, nutrients and space resources. It can also be harvested in a short period of time conserving your time and effort.

Blue Dream Growing Tips 

Tip #1 Growing Medium

This is a versatile strain that can grow indoors or outdoors depending on the weather condition. Ideally, growing blue dream outdoors in a Mediterranean climate where it can grow fully. One of the main issues, when growing blue dream indoors, is its height, especially when the 12-12 light cycle is not used. When you use the normal light cycle for blue dream strain, you can no longer use another indoor growing medium such as the closet growing because there is no way for you to control the height but you can still indoors as long as you would ensure that it will grow in an upright position.

Tip #2 Support the Plant branches

When the usual light cycle is used, this strain will grow tall, that is why it is important to have a support system because as it grows, its weight increases as well. Some growers have different techniques in supporting its branches such as the use of a metal stake to create a loop at the end of the branches. Another way is to hook the midway point of the main trunk to keep it in an upright position.

Tip #3 feeding your Strain

This strain needs a lot of nutrients in each life by cycle. Cannabis connoisseur would warn those who want to grow their own Blue Dream strain that this strain has an incredible appetite, as seen on its height. You may need to invest a lot of money to provide sufficient nutrients. It is advisable, to begin with, a high-quality soil to ensure that your plant won’t be running out of nutrients available throughout its lifecycle. The main important nutrients this strain needs to survive are phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, sulfur, and magnesium. It also needs some of the hints of boron, cobalt, silicon copper, iron, manganese, and zinc.

Tip #4 Make sure that the PH is at the right level

Proper watering and giving of proper nutrient techniques is not the only thing that you need but you also need to ensure that the PH of the soil is at the right level so that the water and nutrients can be absorbed properly to be used for its growth. If you fail to check the PH level, your cannabis plant may suffer from nutrient deficiency. The optimum PH level for this plant to thrive in between the range 6.0-7.0. If you will have a hard time managing the soil’s PH level, there are solutions in the market to lower down and increase the PH level.

Tip #5 temperature and Humidity

The temperature and humidity level goes hand in hand in growing any cannabis strain because it determines how well your plant absorbs water and nutrients. The humidity level varies in each growth stage. In the vegetative stage, the plant needs a high level of humidity but as it proceeds in the flowering stage, there should be a decrease in humidity. This strain arrives at a warm temperature but I’m sure that the temperature should be between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tip #6 The Use of Indoor Lighting

When you powder growing indoors your lighting equipment will make or break your growth. Your plant needs at least 18-24 hours of light exposure per day that will eventually turn into 12-12 light hours as it moves towards the flowering stage. Make sure to expose your cannabis plant to 12-12 light hours as it moves towards the flowering stage. Make sure to expose your plant to 12-12 light hours or else it will not start to flower.

The 12-12 light cycle for Blue Dream weed strain is made possible because of its photoperiod properties wherein the flowering stage is induced when the dark cycle is given during the vegetative stage. Blue Dream is indeed a versatile cannabis plant that can be grown in any medium and different light cycles. Whatever light cycle is used, proper knowledge and guidance are necessary so that the cannabis plant will grow healthily.

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