how to grow marijuana in the winter

Can You Grow Outdoor Marijuana in Winter

Marijuana plants are known to be very hardy and can thrive in almost every place imaginable, except in cold regions of the South and North Poles. There were even studies related to growing marijuana in space! But how to grow marijuana outside during winter? Will you get as many yields you get from growing indoors than in outdoors in winter? How to grow marijuana in the winter? explains that wintertime temperatures are not a problem at all for growers located in Europe. Specifically cited were growers in warmer places like Spain who also continuously grow cannabis even during the winter season.

Yes, it is possible in growing pot in winter time but you need to create a good growth plan so your plants won’t have to suffer so much due to lack of sunlight and from the cold, frosty air.

How to grow marijuana in the winter

Whether you choose to grow marijuana outdoors in winter with a batch of clones or begin from scratch with seeds, the genetics determine the crop’s utmost potential, because every marijuana grow is dedicated by the genetics the grower picked to grow.

How to grow marijuana outside during winter? Carefully choose your marijuana strain especially when you plan to grow marijuana outdoors in winter regions. When grown indoors, they must have appeared perfectly dialed in from nutrients to environmental management, could theoretically grow any cannabis strain any time of the year. But that’s in theory only, the reality is it is heavy snowfall and zero temperature that could strike in the death of winter, would distress even and indoor tuned growing.

Marijuana plants are effective in the danger zone if the temperature falls below 15°C. The risk posed by pests increases exponentially and pathogens. The growth would stop and then the leaves would change its color if the cold doesn’t subside.

How to grow marijuana outside during winter? Growing marijuana outdoors winter in the only hardest most immune marijuana strains have potential in thriving in cold winter. And it has a little potential really not worth taking, it sleet or snow is more likely. It is greater to be flexible marijuana farmer than being stubborn without a stash.

In a growing pot in winter, even dedicated marijuana warriors would keep a mother plant or 2 indoors in vegetative growing to join the roughest weather. And the very least coating with a plastics sheeting or housing inside a greenhouse in suggested.

Autoflowering strains are the perfect cannabis strain for the cold weather. Outdoor cultivators require to crop quickly is the conditions are at least perfect and to avoid the worst winter season. Autoflowers could be cropped from seeds to stash in at least 8 weeks from germination.

Ruderalis genetics makes autoflower cannabis strains more tough and fast to flower. Actually, they would normally start the blooming stage in 30 days or less as they’re not photoperiod dependent. This capability eases both out of season cropping and those limited only by a short summer season.

The greatest threat to flowering marijuana in winter is the Molds. With the high RH and low temperature makes a perfect time for fungus to breed. Stick with the fast flowering hybrids and autoflowering cannabis strain, that could be harvested before the rains ruin its buds.

In a growing pot in winter, the pots can be picked up and can easily be moved instead of being stuck in the mud by sowing in the insufficient patch that was sunny for 2 weeks in spring.

Temperature tips in growing Marijuana :

  • 15°C – Danger Zone
  • 17°C – Ideal Night Temperature
  • 23°C – Ideal day Temperature
  • +25°C – Danger Zone

Growing cannabis in extremely cold regions

Spain’s winter time temperatures could be summer weather if you live in the North or South Pole. No doubt that cannabis won’t be able to grow here as well as most plants, trees, and grass. As much as it’s very hard to grow cannabis during regular days, it’s going to be very hard. So instead of growing marijuana outdoors why not concentrate on creating a good indoor growing area for you and your plants.

How to protect your plants from extreme climates

Do you know that there is a particular strain of cannabis that has been discovered in the cold regions of China and Russia? This strain is called Cannabis Ruderalis. These plants are perfect for growing outdoors but only to some extent.

Ruderalis plants are smaller than Indica and Sativa plants and this is actually an adaptive mechanism of the plant to protect itself from the wild. Ruderalis plants have developed smaller and thinner leave. Smaller structures take less time to maintain and therefore the plant won’t have to use up too much energy to grow and support itself. And one thing that you will notice with Ruderalis strains is that these grow very small and most have small yields too. But these characteristics don’t affect growers because they would rather grow more plants. They also employ strategies to improve yields like stress training.

One way to train plants is to prune your plants. You will remove large fan leaves at the bottom so that light can reach the bottom colas. You can use topping and fimming techniques to massively improve your yields. Topping and fimming are cutting the top cola to create more colas to improve yields. This is usually done by expert growers because a slight mistake can stress your plants.

Avoid subjecting your plants to stress. Now that you are growing outdoors, you still need to protect your plants from stress like pests, mold, and mildew. Protect your plant by avoiding touching the plant roots. If you are transplanting from a small growing cup or container to a large pot. If you must touch the roots to loosen the plants from the small pot or growing medium, do this swiftly and efficiently. Use large pots with holes so that excess water and nutrients can freely remove out of the pot and avoid mold and root rot.


Growing pot in winter means doing some extra planning in advance to avoid the death of your cannabis plant. But it does not make it impossible to do. After several seasons of growing marijuana outdoors winter, it must begin to feel like second nature.

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