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Cannabis Seeds Comparison: Autoflowering vs Feminized

Modern breeding techniques, genetic modification, and other technological advancements have led to the birth of different kinds of cannabis seeds. Gone are the days when you only had the one option of buying and cultivating regular cannabis seeds. Now, advancements in the field of cannabis breeding have made it possible for auto-flowering seeds and feminized seeds to permeate the market.

But because there are already a lot of cannabis seeds, autoflowering vs feminized seeds, it might become difficult for you to know which of the two types you should use. If that is the case, this article serves as a guide for you about feminized seeds vs autoflowering.

What are autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds?


Regular cannabis seeds need certain amounts of light and dark hours for them to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. In a sense, the grower needs to keep track of the number of hours these seeds are exposed to light. But that is not the case for autoflowering seeds. These types of seeds automatically transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering cycle with the passage of time.

Autoflowering strains can trace their roots to Cannabis ruderalis, which is the third type of cannabis plant. Cannabis Ruderalis is native to some parts of Europe and has been known to thrive well in harsh environments where sunlight is hard to come by. Because of that, the plants have developed well enough to be able to go to the flowering stage regardless of the amount of sunlight they have received.

The first autoflowering strain is Lowryder, which was created by The Joint Doctor. Over time, many breeders have come up with their own autoflowering strains by combining the genetics of ruderalis plants with other strains.


• They are small and compact. This means that you can practically grow them secretly and discreetly.
• Their compact sizes mean that they can be grown in indoor environments with limited spaces.
• You can maximize whatever space you have because these types of seeds don’t need a lot of room to flourish.
• In line with their compact size, you can plant more seeds per square feet because of how small autoflowering strains are.
• Autoflowers grow quickly compared to other strains. This means that you will be able to realize more returns to your investments in a single year. Some autoflowering strains only need two months to be ready for harvest and can be harvested for up to six times in a 12-month span.
• These plants are easy to grow and are not as demanding as other strains. That said, you won’t need a lot of time, effort, or money to grow them. They are practical and efficient plants altogether.
• Due to their ruderalis genetics, they can withstand a lot of adverse conditions and are quite resilient.
• They don’t need a lot of sunlight and can thrive well when grown using artificial lighting.


Because of their size, they don’t always yield a generous harvest compared to their more massive regular counterparts. Nevertheless, there are still autoflowering strains that can produce a large yield.
• Autoflowering strains are not as potent as regular Indicas and Sativas due to how Cannabis ruderalis tends to have low THC levels. In a sense, you won’t have the same kind of strong effects that some strains are popular for. However, in rare cases, some autoflowers do tend to reach THC levels of 20%.
• During the flowering stage, autoflowering plants tend to use up more light compared to regular plants. This will lead to a spike in your electricity bill especially if you are using artificial lighting.


Like most organisms, cannabis seeds grow up to be either male or female. Male plants act like males in the sense that they develop pollen sacs that burst open to release pollen that pollinates female plants, which will then produce seeds. That is how cannabis plants normally propagate in the natural world.

However, the problem for growers is that male plants are technically useless if not for their pollen. This is because male cannabis plants do not develop buds, which are harvested for recreational or medicinal purposes. As written by known marijuana personality and writer Nicole Richter, only female plants have buds. That said, if you are growing marijuana for commercial purposes, having males in your garden means that 50% of your plants are useless.

But because of modern technology, breeders are now able to develop feminized seeds. These seeds guarantee that all of your cannabis plants will grow to be females. That means that your garden will become more efficient as none of your plants will turn out to be useless males that don’t have buds.


• They make sure that you will only have female plants in your garden. This eliminates the risky chances of having half of your garden as useless male plants.
• There is less work on your part because you don’t have to check and see whether your plants are male or female. You also don’t have to spend time removing male plants in the process.
• Having no male plants in your operation means that your female plants will produce healthy buds faster. This is because when male plants pollinate the females, the latter plants will tend to use up all of their energy and nutrients to produce seeds rather than buds. But, without males, the females will always focus their energy on bud production.
• When it comes to large-scale production, there will be more uniformity on the part of the quality of your plants.
• You will have a more efficient garden because all of the plants will produce buds.


• If you want to produce seeds, you need to have male plants. That said, having an operation that only has female plants means that you won’t be able to produce seeds.
• Breeders need male plants to produce new strains. This is because, of course, breeding between a male strain and a female of another strain produce seeds that can grow up to become new and novel strains that have exciting and rare effects.
• Buying from dubious sellers can still lead to male plants especially if the feminization process they use is of lower quality. This can mess up your entire garden operation if you are banking on the belief that all of your plants will turn out to be female.

Which one is best for you?

Autoflowering vs Feminized With all of those said anyone can benefit from any kind of seed so long as they are of the highest quality possible and are carefully produced and packaged. However, because most of the operations are for commercial purposes, growers tend to favor feminized seeds because of how they produce buds that can be commercially sold.

Also, autoflowering strains are rarely regular seeds nowadays. Seed banks and stores tend to only sell cannabis seeds feminized autoflowering because breeders don’t want their autoflowering strains cloned. So if you want new autoflowering plants, you have to purchase new seeds again considering that you don’t have any male plants that can help you produce seeds.

In autoflower vs feminized. That said, it still depends on your choice as a grower. If you want an efficient garden that produces only female plants that can be cloned, go for feminized seeds. However, if you don’t mind not being able to clone your plants so long as you get quick-growing seeds that will always flower, then you may want to opt for autoflowering seeds. It still depends on preferences, after all. This article about autoflowering vs feminized seeds will just guide you in choosing what seeds is best for you.

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