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Cereal Milk Strain Information

Cereal Milk strains a rare, new, and well-balanced cannabis hybrid with tasteful buds and has a great effect. It is the offspring of the highly potent Y-life and Snowman X. There are many types of research concerning its medical benefits but the users reported are more than satisfactory, since it has not been on the marijuana market in a long time. Actually, this new cannabis strain is likely to have more medical advantages than most of the other hybrids, probably because of the Cereal Milk strain genetics lineage and its high potency. In this article, we will have a Cereal Milk strain review and we will learn more about this new strain. 

What is the Cereal Milk strain?

What is Cereal Milk strain? Cereal Milk marijuana strain is rare, new, and a well-balanced strain with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica the outcome of the high potent Y-Life and Snowman X strains. If you’re one of those who are searching for a long-lasting high with a super strong flavor that is perfect for your lazy days. Well, you’ve found one with the Cereal Milk strain seeds! This cannabis strain is a total package with a sweet, sugary, and creamy taste with a few berries and fruits, almost the aroma of a bowl of actual cereal milk, but with a little bit of herbal touch to it. You will feel an influx of sociability and creative energy, boosting your mental focus and clarity as your mind reaches new highs. Given the Cereal Milk strain THC level that reaches up to 18-23%, sometimes, these cannabis strains are chosen to treat those who are suffering from medical conditions like nausea, appetite loss, chronic stress, chronic pain, and depression. This bud has dark orange hairs, tapered fat heart-shape olive green nugs with little minty undertones, and covered with icy white crystal trichomes. 

Growing Information of Cereal Milk Strain

Getting your hands in these cannabis seeds can be tricky as it is currently in limited production. It has not made its way out in the marijuana industry yet since this cannabis strain was introduced in the summer of 2019. Cannabis growers are waiting and ready for the opportunity to see what a growing Cereal Milk would look like. No one really knows what to expect from growing these seeds, but we anticipated that it would follow the steps of Cherry Pie and Cookie antecedent. In general, the heritage of this strain is predicted that it would be an average size plant with a decent yield. 

Growing Indoors

Not so many cannabis growers have grown Cereal Milk cannabis strains as this is a newly introduced strain. But, the strain was created to produce Cereal Milk weed strains flowers for around 8-10 weeks. When cultivated indoors, its parents are known to handle both hydro and soil well, so Cereal Milk strain seeds must too. And it is anticipated to produce yields from 12 to 14 ounces for every square meter. 

Growing Outdoors

Cereal Milk seeds are just fine when grown outdoors, but keep an eye on the weather and climate and try if it looks like it would be warm in September. And you can harvest in mid-October and if the yield follows its antecedent, expect around 12 ounces for every plant when grown outdoors. 

Medical Benefits of Cereal Milk Strain

Cereal Milk seeds were probably produced for recreational desert weed, based on its effects and flavor. But, also its wide range of effects can be beneficial for medical conditions. It can take away worries, deep sadness, and could make you feel happy, and feeling calm in mind. Cereal Milk weed strain is your way if you’re stuck on stressful and tiring emotions. Cereal Milk cannabis strains offer a calming effect, but it would not lock you in the couch like any other calming cannabis strains. Rather than, you would have a boost of energy without triggering paranoia or anxiety the way most Sativa strain does. The aroma of this strain can give relaxation to pain and aches while boosting your creativity. Sometimes, some users feel light on their feet when they use the Cereal Milk strain, and it also encourages easier movement, calming the aches of life caused by the inflammations. This cannabis strain is very beneficial for those who want to work on a hobby as it won’t slow them down. Making it beneficial for those who are dealing with nausea, the Cereal Milk strain can also effectively boost appetite. The best part about these cannabis strains is the effect can be felt even in a small amount of it.  

Cereal Milk Strain’s Effect, Taste, and Aroma

Cereal Milk strain is potent and it quickly hits with deep relaxation with a euphoric high. Your concerns and worries will fade away as you are carried away by its graceful buzzy head high. The creative thoughts would start right away and would last until the high faded. Your body would feel lighter after 30 minutes of taking it, while your soul would start to feel more energetic. This what happens as Cereal Milk weed strains alleviate your stress and tension. Casual users could enjoy both creative ability and creative thought as these strains have no couch-lock effect. Cereal milk strains have no problem in social situations as long as you would not mind other people smelling the source of your confidence. While this taste of cannabis strains is as strong as its aroma. You will get that carb-heavy, sweet after taste that you would expect from cereal milk. The fruity notes are a little bit more intense in the flavor, not no less sweetness, and is pleasing on the exhale. And also the aroma of this cannabis is creamy and sweet at first hit, with nutty notes and a little bit of fruitiness. The aroma is strong, almost like perfume. Apart from this, Cereal Milk also smells like fruity pebbles. 

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Final Thoughts

Cereal Milk strain might new in the market, but is a perfect outcome from crossing Snowman and Y-Life. Y-life is also the offspring of Cherry Pie and Cookies which is where the Cereal Milk weed strains gots its delicious taste. If you’re looking for a well-balanced strain, well, this strain is perfect for you, with an average THC level of around 18-23%, making it a potent pot. Expect a powerful taste that more like sweet milk and ice cream, if you try it. This is made to make you step back in a new stash but take slowly when you take this weed as it has a high potent.

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