Cherry Diesel Strain

Cherry Diesel Strain Information

Cherry Diesel strain has genetics of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, a well-balanced cannabis hybrid strain. The breeders of this strain are still unknown. Cherry diesel strain THC level is moderate that can reach around 15-22% which makes this strain a perfect choice for most users. As its name shows, Cherry Diesel weed does taste like diesel and cherry. Cherry Diesel seeds are perfect during day time recreational and medical use because of the well-balanced high it provides. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this iconic hybrid strain. 

What is Cherry Diesel Strain?

Cherry Diesel weed strain is an iconic cannabis strain that pairs its name taste very well. It has a sweet citric but satisfying sour flavor. It also brings out the best in the cannabis strain and sets off the evenly breaking psychedelic high. This cannabis strain is the offspring of Sativa-dominant Turbo Diesel and Cherry OG. It has the ability to boost your mood, the common trait from its parent strains. This cannabis strain is perfect for daytime use, with its extreme mental stimulation together with a relaxing body buzz. Even though its effects are quite intense, it doesn’t paralyze its users if overused. Aside from recreational use, its beautiful medical benefits are a miracle to patients in need too. 

Cherry Diesel Statistics Review

Medical Benefits

The medical potency of this cannabis strain has a big role in clearing out your negative thoughts. Cherry Diesel strain is perfect for those people who are suffering from PTSD and depression. The mood-enhancing qualities of this cannabis strain could quickly clear out negative and replace it with positivity. This stain could also be used as a stress reliever because it brightens the mood and clears your mind. It also lessens your doubts and worries giving the users a feeling of controlling over the stressors in life. Apart from being a perfect strain for mental issues, it also happens to be an effective pain reliever. Its analgesic qualities give an uplifting psychedelic high the calms muscle spasm and aching joints from head to toe. 

Adverse Reaction

In using Cherry Diesel weed, it’s best to keep water near you for you to drink. The reason is that it could cause dry eyes and a dry throat. For instance, it may also cause mild dizziness and headaches. Some users might feel paranoid or anxious if overused. But, it must also be noted that those who have anxiety are more able even if one were to stay well within the limit. 

Growing Info

Cherry Diesel seeds can thrive both indoors and outdoor growing but indoors is the most preferred option. The approximate time needed for this cannabis plant to flower is between 7 to 9 weeks. Cherry Diesel seeds would give you a standard yield and would require a trimming regularly. In either cold or warm environments, Cherry Diesel weed strain flowers quickly. It generates thick light green buds with a thick cover of sticky resin. Scattered around the fluffy nugs are light up orange pistils.

Aroma and Taste

Cherry Diesel strain has the aroma of a full basket of fresh cherries. But, it has a fine sour undertaste of diesel with a sweet taste that makes it foreign. Notes of pine fill the air once the seed is split. Just like its aroma brings over its flavor. Citric and sweet cherries dominate the taste buds once suck in. earthy notes of diesel and pine combine to leave a long-lasting aftertaste when exhaled.

Similar Strains

Final Thoughts

An energetic and motivating cannabis strain, cherry diesel weed strain gives life to people who are suffering from depression and brings out the social side of the users making it a perfect cannabis strain for those struggling with depression and anxiety. Between the taste and fine comedown, of its parent strain will not be disappointed with this well-balanced strain.

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