Cherry Punch Strain

Cherry Punch Strain Information

Cherry Punch strain is a famous cannabis because of its title as a great hybrid that gives mild to moderate effects that are ideal during daytime use. Their bright green flowers can lift them off fast, giving their many users that obvious pressure behind their eyes that is typically a sign of a strong Sativa buzz. The instant effects are mentally alert and active but could enclose on anxious for some. This sensation opts to smooth in a more focused state that enables normal activities and might even help you speak that to-do list. This famous variant is the offspring of Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch. This Cherry Punch flowers have a berry, musky scent, and a mild but same taste. In this article, we will feature Cherry Punch strain review and Cherry Punch strain info, continue reading to learn more about this strain!

What is Cherry Punch Strain?

Cherry Punch Strain is special cannabis, filled with flavor, this potent hybrid bud will give you a great smoking experience. The Purple Punch and AK-47 are the famous parents of Cherry Punch. Cherry Punch strain effects a mellow undertone of high, and as your body relaxes your mind unwinds with the cool smooth berry flavor of this smoke. Cherry Punch seeds mostly got its flavor from its parent Purple Punch, but the incredible high is from AK-47. The AK-47 cannabis strain is one of the oldest cannabis strains that has lasted through the 60’s all the way to the modern times of marijuana were is today. Some say that the AK-47 cannabis strain brings a legendary high that is bound to natural mood and cannabinoids found in the old lineage cannabis strain. So once you hear Cherry Punch, think of this special AK-47 cannabis strain and amazing Purple Punch cannabis strain filled into a blissful hash known as Cherry Punch. The cherry punch strain THC level can reach up to 24% to 25%.

Cherry Punch Statistics Review

Cherry Punch Strain Information

Benefits of Cherry Punch Strain

Cherry Punch strains seeds are perfect in relieving tension to the entire body. This cannabis is totally a flavorful hybrid strain that is a beneficial to psychological and physiological profiles that are beneficial to daily life. This cannabis strain could also help with mental attention as the cannabis hybrid strains show both the Sativa and Indica characteristics of marijuana. 

Flavor and Aroma

The buds of these strains is super sweet with a hint of cherry and little bit of skunkiness to it too. The scent is quite similar, even though with a strong overtone that strengthens the more that you take. This cannabis strain high would hit you with a hard as soon as you exhale, hitting your mind with a dashing euphoria that would leave you in a heavy cerebral state, blissful and unfocused.

Similar Strains

Final Thoughts

Cherry punch has complicated taste characteristics starting with an earthy, pine-like undertone. There’s a sweet, floral impact that takes a hold quickly, sharpening the user’s concentration and stimulating the mind. It’s also relaxing physically, profile of heavier Indica and the optimistic effects given away and slows down after several times has passed by, with the soothing aspects being more of a Cherry Punch.

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