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Cloning White Widow Autoflower Guide

Nowadays, because of how marijuana has become very popular, we now need to be able to quickly produce cannabis buds. This is especially true in many places where there is a shortage of weed. As such, you need to be able to produce the popular types of buds faster. That is why you might want to learn on growing White Widow Clones Autoflower.

While there is an advantage to knowing how to grow popular autoflowering plants, the truth is that seeds can still take time to grow. That is true even if you are using autoflowering variants, which grow quicker than most types of strains. As such, the one thing you might want to consider is to clone these seeds.

But first, why do White Widow clones?

White Widow Autoflowering

White Widow strain is a popular type of cannabis strain. It was derived from the White Widow seeds, which is one of the all-time greats in the world of marijuana. White Widow clones has been long for a very long time and is known that stoners love because of the potent euphoric and invigorating type of buzz that it stimulates. As such, users of White Widow often feel energized, creative, and talkative.

By combining White Widow seeds with a strain with cannabis Ruderalis genetics, White Widow Autoflowering was born and has the autoflowering capabilities that cannabis Ruderalis is known for. That means that it will flower automatically without relying on the photoperiod. Aside from that, it also flowers quicker than most other strains and will be ready for harvesting quicker than the original White Widow.

Because of its cannabis Ruderalis genetics, White Widow does not have the highest THC levels. Compared to the ordinary White Widow, which has THC levels north of 22%, the White Widow Autoflowering only has THC concentrations of about 12%. However, it still has most of the regular White Widow’s best attributes. It is both Indica and Sativa but is more of a Sativa because of how it is a great strain to use for stimulating those creative juices.

But the great thing about it is that it does not have the heavy type of high you get from the original White Widow. White Widow Autoflowering is a more mellow type of strain that just gives you the right amount of high to provoke your head to perform better while also calming and relaxing the rest of your senses to provide a feeling that just hits the spot well. In a sense, you will be left productive enough without that strong kind of high you get from the original White Widow.

In terms of taste, the White Widow strain is just as tasty as the original variant. Some would say it is a tasty kind of experience as your taste buds will be filled with a kind of sweetness that goes well with the bitterness you get from this strain. It is an experience that is similar to what you get from chocolate but it does not have the same kind of flavor. Also, you get an earthy kind of aroma and flavor from this bud.

White Widow Autoflowering, because of its Ruderalis genetics, is a strain that performs well both indoors and outdoors. However, it performs a lot better when exposed to a lot of sunlight. But, because it is an autoflowering strain, it can be exposed to as much sunlight as possible as it does not need a certain amount of light and dark hours to flower. In other words, it will flower regardless of the light and dark hours it gets. That means that you can expose it under the sun as much as possible for it to maximize the size of its buds. Also, make sure that you grow them in a dry climate.

When grown indoors, White Widow Autoflower can produce yields of at least 60 grams per plant. However, its outdoor yields can be as heavy as 160 grams per plant. Also, indoor plants can grow to heights of 80 centimeters while outdoor plants can grow up to 110 cm. Though they are a bit taller than normal autoflowering strains, they are still shorter than the usual White Widow.

What Are Clones?

You can grow marijuana from two sources. The first one is the same as any plant. You can grow cannabis plants from the conventional way of germinating or sprouting them from their seeds. That means that you are growing them from scratch and the plants will have their own unique identity and properties. Meanwhile, the second way of growing marijuana plants is by growing them from clones. For instance, growing white widow clones.

But what are Marijuana Clones?

When you hear the term “cloning“, you might think that it involves a futuristic type of technology you see in movies and television shows. However, cloning marijuana plants do not involve any of that sci-fi technology. In fact, it is quite primitive.

Simply put, marijuana clones are simply grown from samples taken from a mature marijuana plant called the “mother plant”. After that, they will grow into another plant with the same genetic attributes as the mother plant. That is why they are called clones.

What are the Advantages of Cloning?

There are many reasons why you should go for clones instead of growing cannabis plants from their seeds. The advantages of doing so are as follows:

  • They retain the same attributes that the mother plant has

If you have a favorite cannabis plant that possesses attributes you really like, then it is a great idea to get clones from it because you are essentially creating copies of that plant. That means that the clones will have the same wonderful attributes the mother plant has.

  • They grow faster

When you grow a cannabis plant through cloning, they will grow much faster than seeds. That is because they no longer have to go through the usual germination process and through the early life of a seedling. You are essentially growing clones about two weeks ahead of schedule. This gives you an advantage in the sense that you will be able to grow cannabis plants faster than those cultivating them straight from seeds.

  • It is generally cheaper

When you grow cannabis plants from seeds, you have to buy the seeds first. What that means is that you will spend money on the seeds. However, growing from clones means that you get to save a lot of money as you no longer have to buy the seeds. You just simply use the mother plant to acquire new marijuana plants through cloning without having to spend a lot of money on seeds.

  • You know what you are getting

The problem with marijuana seeds is that you do not know what you are getting. If you are using regular seeds, there is a chance that they will end up being useless males. And there is also a chance that, even if they end up as females, they do not have the qualities and attributes you want. However, by growing plants from clones, you know what you are getting because you are essentially just creating copies of a certain plant. You know exactly what you are getting.

  • More harvests

Because clones grow quicker and are generally cheaper to grow, you will be able to harvest more of those clones in a single year than you would with seeds. So, if you can regularly harvest four times from your plants grown from seeds, you may be able to harvest five or six times from your clones.

How to Clone White Widow Autoflowering?

  1. Pinpoint a mother White Widow Autoflowering plant you want to clone new plants from and assess whether it is ready for cloning. Watch out for alternating branches as they grow because that is an indication that they are ready to be cloned.
  2. Use a clean and sharp cutting tool such as clippers or a cutter to make sure that the cuttings you will be getting are cleanly trimmed from the mother plant.
  3. You can then take a cutting from the mother plant. The best location to take a cutting from is where new branches grow. Take a cutting with a 45-degree angle. Then place the stem in a glass of water to prevent air bubbles from getting into it. Cut out any big leaves as well so that the cutting won’t have to spend energy on growing those leaves and will focus all its energy into root growth.
  4. Place the White Widow Autoflowering cutting into your preferred medium. Some people prefer using starter cubes while others use soil instead.
  5. Make sure that the medium is moist because clones need a lot of moisture to grow new roots. Try using a humidity dome to keep the moisture inside the medium as much as possible.
  6. Do not stress your White Widow Autoflowering clones out. Autoflowering strains do not perform well under stress. Any kind of stressful situation they get into may hinder their roots from growing. As such, make sure that you keep them away from any stress.

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