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Differences Between Marijuana Seeds Feminized vs. Regular

If you are starting to grow cannabis either for recreational or medicinal use, you would be searching for top quality marijuana seeds to grow. Usually, you have a choice between a regular or photoperiod seed or a feminized cannabis seed. Marijuana SeedsUSA recommends using feminized cannabis seeds if you are a novice grower. Feminized seeds will reduce the cost, time, and stress of growing regular seeds. There are a lot of advantages of growing feminized seeds and this article will help you find out the differences between feminized and regular seeds. This can help you can make a smart buying choice. This article would feature feminized vs regular seeds or feminized vs non-feminized seeds.

What are regular cannabis seeds?

In Feminized vs regular. Regular cannabis seeds are seeds that are from photoperiod plants. These are seeds that have both the female and male chromosomes so these seeds can either be male or female. Regular cannabis seeds will grow photoperiod plants which will flower depending on the amount of light that the plant receives. When the female plant receives less and less light and the cold climate is nearing, the plant starts to flower and prepares to be pollinated by a male plant. This is the usual life cycle of a cannabis plant. Breeders and growers, on the other hand, will prevent pollination by separating a male and female plant. Females then will grow dense and large buds instead of seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds are very basic, traditional seeds. You won’t know if you are getting a male or a female plant just by looking at the seeds. What growers do is they grow more seeds in case they have more male plants than females. The seeds sprout and grow into young plants and somewhere before flowering, pre-flowers appear.

Females grow fine, white, wispy flowers along the junctions between the stems and the branches of the plant. Meanwhile, male plants grow sacs or ball-like structures along with the same areas of the plants. When these sacs open, pollen will be released in the air and these will land on the female structures to pollinate them. The female flowers will then grow seeds in a few days’ time.

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that do not have any male hormones, therefore, these will grow into female plants. Feminized seeds are also grown like regular seeds. These will also flower according to the amount of light it receives. This kind of seed will flower and be ready for harvest time depending on the strain you are growing. Therefore it pays a lot to get to know the type of marijuana strain you want to grow beforehand.

Characteristics of marijuana seeds feminized vs regular

To get to know marijuana feminized vs regular seeds better, here are the most common characteristics of cannabis seeds that you can use to compare the two.

Appearance of seeds

Possibly the first things that you usually notice when buying seeds are the color, shape, and size of the seeds. You may also notice unique marks and details on the coat of the seeds which usually are very distinct especially on mature seeds.

When it comes to the marijuana feminized vs regular general appearance of seeds, there is hardly any difference between feminized and regular seeds. Both seeds should have that dark-colored skin that may either be black, dark brown, or brown, which means that the seeds are viable or will germinate.

Seeds should also have that typical shiny coat which also indicates that the seed is viable and will sprout given enough time. Another sign that a cannabis seed is viable is its shape. Viable cannabis seeds should not be too small or too large; these should have that cute little taper and should also be firm to touch. If you can touch the seeds before you buy them, hold these in between your thumb and index finger and try to press on it. Seeds that are viable will remain intact even if you press hard.

Viability of seeds

Again, there is no way to tell if feminized vs regular seeds are viable just by looking at the seeds. The only way to find out is to conduct a simple physical assessment of your seeds and aside from the mentioned tips above, you may also conduct the float test.
Both feminized and regular seeds should pass the float test to make sure that these are viable. The float test is a simple test that tells you if the seed has viable insides or not. Simply place your seeds in a glass filled with water. Seeds that float are seeds that do not contain viable insides and are therefore light. You must discard these seeds because these won’t grow no matter how long you try to germinate these. Seeds that sink are seeds that have viable insides and therefore are heavy. Remove these seeds from the glass and germinate these. It won’t take long for these seeds to sprout.

The age of the seeds affects its viability; the older your seeds are, the more likely that it won’t germinate. Usually, seeds that are carefully kept will last for at least a decade but this does not mean that it will germinate quickly by the time you decide to grow your seeds. Therefore, to make sure that your feminized or regular seeds germinate, it’s best to use fresh or newly harvested seeds.
You can never really tell if your seeds are viable or feminized unless you grow them. There is still a chance that seeds that look frail and discolored will germinate and sprout but still, these will grow weak and sickly plants that will never flower.

Gender of seeds

Possibly the most obvious difference between feminized vs non feminized seeds is the seeds’ gender. Cannabis seeds may either be male or female and these are regular cannabis seeds. With regular seeds, you won’t know what you are growing until your plants reach their flowering stage. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are all female seeds. There is zero chance of growing males and therefore you can rest assured that you are cultivating female plants.

Ease of grow

When it comes to ease of growing feminized vs regular, many breeders and growers agree that it’s best to use feminized seeds compared to regular seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds will reduce the need to grow more seeds just to compensate for possible make plants. You will only grow the number of plants that you need.

You will be able to save money when you grow feminized seeds. Because you won’t have to waste resources, lighting, nutrients, and time on male plants, you will definitely save money from growing feminized cannabis. You will be able to save time and effort too. Instead of tending to plants that will become male plants, you will be able to use your time and effort in caring for plants that will provide you with good yields.

There is nothing to replace the satisfaction and the confidence that you are providing the best environment for your plants. You are not wasting anything on plants that will only grow as males. You can grow cannabis without any worries and stress until your plant’s flower and then till harvest time.

Vegetative and flowering stages

There is still no difference between feminized vs regular seeds when the plants reach their vegetative and flowering stages. Both seeds will grow and flower according to their genetic makeup. If you are growing a strain that will flower fast and will have high yields, then these qualities are present in its feminized and regular versions.

Some important things about growing feminized and regular cannabis seeds

Caring for feminized and regular seeds are quite the same. Therefore general growing tips and techniques apply for both cannabis seed types.

• When germinating seeds do not dip the seeds for more than 24 hours in water. This will only “drown” your seeds and will drastically affect its viability. If you must use the glass of water technique, dip your seeds for only 24 hours. For a more efficient way to germinate your seeds, use the damp paper towel technique.
• If you are interested in buying feminized seeds, you must only purchase from reputable seed banks. There are a lot of seedbanks online. Read reviews, check for the company’s delivery and payment options and its products. Good seedbanks are honest, reputable and have many years of experience in providing good seeds.
• Why buy seeds when you can grow your own? Growing your own seeds will help ease the cost of buying and delivery of seeds. You will also have more than enough seeds to grow for years to come if you grow your own cannabis plants to make seeds.
• Understand the type of strain you are trying to grow. Yes, it pays to use feminized seeds but still, it is very important to learn more about the strain you are growing. Different strains have different growing needs, flowering stages, and plant sizes which are just some of the things that you must understand your plants.

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