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Marijuana strains have developed and evolved in many ways over the years and years of research and breeding. Some strains have been developed intentionally as people search for a combination of certain qualities while some strains have come about through natural causes and by accident in some cases. 

While all these factors may be the reason why there are so many strains in existence, there are certain strains that have stood out in the world of marijuana. Potency, taste, growing ease, and accessibility are some of the factors that have made some strains stand out and be regarded as being better than other strains which are in existence. 

What strain is Bubba Kush? In the case of the Bubba strain, we will look at some of the general facts about the strain’s history, its appearance, and other factors in a bid to shed light regarding why it is popular. 

Facts about The Bubba Strain 

  • Origins

The strain’s origins are unknown but the grower who it is named after states that it came about as a result of the pollination of OG Kush hybrid with an unknown Indica strain. This accidental pollination is said to have occurred in New Orleans and the strain is a popular marijuana option in the area.

The stature and bud structure of the plant suggests that it might have its origins in Afghanistan Indica strains or other Indica strains that come from mountainous areas. The buds produced by the Bubba kush strain are bulky and this is consistent in Indica strains from those sorts of regions. 

  • Appearance 

Bubba strain marijuana plants are considered one of the most visually appealing plants by many marijuana growers. The plant produces thick flowers whose color ranges from a deep black to a light purple. Occasionally, one will get tones of green in some “cuts” of the strain. 

The flowers and buds produced by the plant are thick and bulky. They may grow to the size of a golf ball if the marijuana is tended to correctly. 

The bulky buds are highly resinous and when the buds are cracked open, one could find high resin presence inside the buds. The high resin content on the buds gives them a shimmery look that sometimes distorts the color of the flowers and the buds if one does not look carefully

  • Potency

The Bubba strain delivers a powerful high that has been described by some users as feeling like a heavy tranquilizing effect. The effects of the high that comes through the Bubba strain have also been described as “narcotic” with the Katsu cut of the strain being the least sleep inducing of all cuts of the Bubba weed. The Katsu cut, however, delivers a heavy body high just like all other cuts of the strain. 

With a THC content of between 15 – 22%, Bubba strain is highly potent. This is due to the high amount of resins that can be found on the flowering buds of the plant. Being true to its Indica roots, the strain also delivers on the medicinal properties that are expected on a strain in its family. The Bubba strain can be used as a treatment for anxiety, depression and pain relief. In large doses, it can also be used to treat insomnia as it is capable of inducing sleep.

  • Aroma and Flavor 

The Bubba strain has strong earth tones in its smell and it emits deep aromas that range from coffee to an acrid ammonia smell. These are also consistent in the taste of it with hints of ammonia and other earthy flavors present in the strain. In some types of it, there is a hint of chocolate tones and these give the strain a highly desirable flavor. 

  • Easy To Grow

The ease with which one can grow the Bubba kush strain is one of the most appealing factors about this strain. The Bubba weed can be grown in any environment indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Although extra care is a need for outdoor growing with regards to how the plants are exposed to weather conditions and finding the right season to grow them, the strain can be grown in any of the marijuana growing setups. 

The stocky and bushy nature of it means that it can be grown where there is limited space. It can be grown in grow boxes that use soil and also it flourishes in hydrophilic grow boxes. This again shows just how much Bubba strain plants are able to thrive in a variety of environments making growing this marijuana quite easy. 

Bubba plants are quite resistant to mold, pests and other diseases due to the strain’s genetic composition. These are factors that are particularly worrying for many growers as they could ruin an entire crop easily. Being resistant to these means that the growing process for Bubba strain plants is much easier than it is for other strains as the plants are able to naturally protect themselves from succumbing to mold, pests or diseases. 

The Bottom Line

While the origins of the Bubba weed are largely alone and the details of how it came about are foggy, the strain’s relating to Indica strains from the Afghani region cannot be ignored. The structure of the plant and the buds it produces are consistent with the Indica plants that have originated from such regions. 

The Bubba strain delivers a potent high that is fueled by the fairly high THC content carried in the buds of the plant. The highly resinous buds are responsible for the high THC that is found in the strain. The plants that carry the strain are fairly easy to grow and they can be grown in any environment that is suitable for marijuana growth. They are also resistant to mold which makes them easy to grow and appealing for growers. 

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