Donkey Butter Strain

Donkey Butter Strain Information

Donkey Butter Strain is a fresh experience for Indica lovers. Bred from mixing the genetics of Grease Monkey and Triple OG, this hybrid offers a soothing flavor of fresh earth and diesel. Furthermore, this Indica-dominant offer quite a slow hitting high–but do not be tricked by this. When Donkey Butter Strain finally hits you in the head, expect its potency to even knock you down to bed with its deeply blissful and relaxing high.

What is Donkey Butter Strain?

Donkey Butter Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is powerfully sedating with a fresh flavor. Donkey Butter Strain genetics is the birthchild of the cross between Grease Monkey and Triple OG. This cross resulted in this strain’s composition of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, making its effects dominated with sedating properties. Moreover, its potency is strong and may overwhelm some users, since this strain has a high THC content of 19 to 22%. As such, the smoking experience of this strain is powerful enough to put its users to sleep. The smoke is also enhanced by the strain’s distinct aromatic and flavor profile which is a blend of fresh earth and diesel.

In terms of cultivation, Donkey Butter Strain marijuana seeds is an easy pick. This strain is very simple to grow and is ideal for beginner growers who are still learning along the way.

Donkey Butter Strain Profile

Strain GeneticsGrease Monkey and Triple OG
Strain Dominant70% Indica and 30% Sativa
THC Content19-22%
CBD Content1%
Flowering Time10-11 weeks
Yield2-4 ounces per square feet indoors and more outdoors
Taste / FlavorDiesel, Earthy, Woody, Spicy
EffectsEuphoric, Uplifting, Relaxing, Hungry, Couch-lock, Sleepy
May RelieveChronic Stress, Anxiety, Body Pains, Migraines, Headaches, Nausea, Lack of Appetite, and Insomnia
Best to GrowIndoors and Outdoors

Donkey Butter Strain Growing Information

Donkey Butter Strain seeds can be grown easily whether indoors or outdoors. In fact, it can grow in any environment as long as there is access to decent a light source, but it can thrive best in warm or temperate climates. It also has a Sativa-like build as a plant especially with a height that reaches around 90 cm. Donkey Butter Strain’s grow time takes about 10 to 11 weeks which is quite long for an Indica. By then, the plant develops dank olive-green buds with thin amber pistils that are covered in golden trichomes. The pungent scent during its final weeks is a delightful treat as you wait for the coming harvest.

Growing information for Indoor

Indoor growers should keep in mind that Donkey Butter Strain cannabis seeds grow quite tall so the occasional pruning is advised. Also, growers should consider setting up odor-control measures since the pungent aroma of the strain might be too much for them. After a grow time of 10 to 11 weeks, growers can expect a decent harvest of 2 to 4 ounces per square foot.

Growing information for Outdoor

Donkey Butter Strain weed seeds grow best outdoors in warmer or temperate climates.  Due to the direct contact with sunlight as it grows, this plant can grow taller and produce better yields. As long as growers keep on nourishing the plant religiously, this strain may even grow over 90 cm in height.

Medical Benefits of Donkey Butter Strain

Donkey Butter cannabis strain is not just popular for recreational use but also for its medicinal value. This is thanks to Donkey Butter Strain’s THC level of 19 to 22% that boosts the potency of this weed’s Indica effects. This strain is commonly used in treating physical conditions such as chronic pains like arthritis, back pains, and muscle spasms. Also, it is effective against migraines, headaches, and nausea. With its strong sedating effects, this strain will surely send patients with insomnia into a deep comfortable sleep. While those suffering from lack of appetite will find the strain’s munchies effect therapeutic. 

The Sativa side of this hybrid may also induce effects that can alleviate conditions, such as chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. However, this is only effective enough for mild cases.

Still, typical side effects of cannabis smoking such as dry eyes and mouth are expected, but only if users are not hydrated enough. As such, users should keep their hydration in check before, during, and after smoking. Besides, users who have low THC tolerance or those who overconsume might encounter side effects such as slurred speech, dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. Therefore, users of Donkey Butter Strains are advised to be mindful of their dosage intake when smoking.

Donkey Butter Strain Effects, Taste and Aroma

Donkey Butter Strain’s effects are extremely potent and dominated by Indica. When smoked, its effects will come slow and take a few minutes before truly kicking in. Users will first find themselves in a euphoric and upbeat mood with all mental worries removed. At the same time, a tingling buzz will spread around the body, bringing a sense of relaxation with it. All bodily discomforts disappear and muscle tension loosens. 

Users are then left with a strong urge to eat while starting to feel compelled to lie down. And when they do, all physical movements will seem impossible as users are too relaxed that they are now in couch-lock. Thus, keeping a stash of snacks near the users is a perfect idea. Some users even experience feeling slightly aroused during this state. As the high will finally reach its peak and start to subside, a sense of drowsiness will crawl in. Users won’t even remember slipping into a deep sleep until they wake up the next morning.

Donkey Butter weed strain also delivers a notably delicious aroma and flavor that enhances the smoking experience. The pungent aroma is diesel-like and blended with fresh earthy and woody tones. The taste is similar to the scent but with a spicy twist and is also said to be sweeter.

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Final Thoughts

Donkey Butter Strain review is positive on all sides, whether you are a beginner grower or casual user. Veterans will surely have a hassle-free time cultivating and smoking this strain during the evenings, especially for hardcore Indica lovers. Although the growing time is quite a stretch, the refreshing aroma will keep growers in good company. Besides, the recreational medicinal value of Donkey Butter marijuana strains make it worth the wait.

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