Drying Cannabis

Drying Cannabis

Newbie cannabis growers sometimes think that the hard work is over once they germinate and harvest their cannabis plants. Unfortunately, you have to wait to enjoy the result of your hardwood. You have to prune, dry, and cure your cannabis harvest before it’s ready to consume. The pruning and drying cannabis elements of the preparation of marijuana are extremely important. However, not everybody continues with the healing procedure, mainly because it’s not 100% important. It also means you have to wait a little longer to try your crop. However, expert cannabis growers advised going through the full healing process. But it is up to you if you want to cure your crop or not. The question here is, how to dry cannabis, what is the best temperature and humidity for drying cannabis, how long to dry cannabis, and is drying cannabis outdoors advisable? Keep reading if you want to know more about drying cannabis.

A Few Things to Consider When Drying Weed

There are some intimidating methods of drying cannabis flowers, like freeze drying cannabis, drying cannabis in a box, and drying cannabis outdoors. Freeze drying cannabis is by far the easiest way and most effective method. The procedure of drying cannabis starts after you but your marijuana plant. First, you should be patient during the drying procedure because you’ll have to dry it slowly. However, you should make sure that it does not happen too slow, or you’ll encounter mold growth. Using microwaves, ovens, and hot air fans in the bid to make things happen fast are the common mistakes of impatient cannabis growers. 

Dark can also decrease the level of the plant’s chlorophyll. This is one of the good things because most of its outcome is in harsher smoke. First, you have to trim your plants, whatever the method you want to use when drying cannabis buds. It is a tiring part that feels like it is going on forever. However, you need to finish the process to have a most pleasing bud result. You could skip trimming and risk keeping your plant’s leaves. You’re going to regret it once the marijuana burns lungs. And also, your plant’s sugar leaves on the bud have a lower level of THC. so, if you’re not trimming your plants, you’re fooling yourself out of an amazing high.

Drying Marijuana using the Old School Style Method

How to dry cannabis fast? One of the best methods to dry marijuana fast is first to cut it to 12 inches branches from the plant. Second, cut out the unnecessary leaves, and hand the branches to the clothes hangers. There’s no need to spend on expensive tools and equipment as long as you have enough room to hang your plants. Ensuring the storage area at its best temperature and humidity for drying cannabis is the most crucial part of the proper drying of your marijuana. Maintain the drying room at around 60 to 70° F and make sure the humidity stays around 44 to 45% level. It’s better to use a small fan to circulate air, but don’t point it straight to the cannabis. 

If you’re struggling in keeping the right temperature and moisture range at the suggested level, you can buy a humidifier or an air-con. The best way to dry your weed is to hang in upside down. However, you could also put them flat on the ground like in the cardboard if you have a space issue. If you do so, ensure you turn the buds every other hour to prevent wet areas. And also, as you have to monitor your buds regularly, ensure your growing space is accessible. You can buy a specialized cannabis drying rack if you have extra money, it would help dry your cannabis quicker than the coat’s hanger method. As this removes the humidity-laden stem from the buds. Mold is going to be a major problem if you live in an extremely humid area. In this situation, it’s better to invest in a specialized cannabis drying rack. 

Feeling the “Snap” of your Dry Buds

You must have fully dry buds in between 5 and 9 days, based on the condition of the storage area. You can still cure them even if they dry fast, even though that a certain method would take time. When the buds are ready for curing, you could snap off the small buds by putting a little pressure on it. You might feel a little bit of a bendy large stem, it means there’s still moisture inside of it. You can put the branches in bins with the lids left off overnight if you have large crops. Slide your hand to the bottom of the container every day. If there’s still more moisture than it is on the top, turn the branches around. When the bottom feels the same as that of the top, you could put your lids on the bins.

Drying Cannabis in Paper Bags

In drying cannabis in paper bags, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in producing the best-quality product you could grow. All these beautiful scents that you’d like to keep will just fade away once you dry on hanging plants. Drying cannabis in paper bags can mostly keep all the aroma and flavor after 3 weeks of curing. 

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Drying Cannabis in a Cabinet

Cannabis drying cabinets can be done if you have a small harvest, especially when you’re struggling with the drying cannabis space and you want to avoid your neighbors’ prying your things. A wooden cabinet makes an amazing drying space. The flow of the air in the enclosed area can be lessened, and the leaves and buds should be turned regularly to even the moisture level so the molds will be discouraged to attack.

Drying Cannabis in a Box

Drying cannabis in a box can also be done. Just ensure to turn the buds over regularly and don’t let wet areas from below, because wet is equal to molds. And if you dry your cannabis in a box, it would become slightly pressed down on the space touching the box. Drying cannabis in a box is not really recommended by most cannabis growers and enthusiasts. 

Best Temperature and Humidity for Drying Cannabis

Room Temperature – Around 70°F (21°C)

50% Humidity


At the end of the day, you have to dry your cannabis buds if you want to enjoy them afterward. It is easy, though still a long process. All you need is a storage room at the appropriate temperature and humidity and patience. You could already try your weed right after you dry it.

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