Duct Tape Strain

Duct Tape Strain Information

Duct Tape Strain is a crowd favorite due to its unique flavor and a powerful high. This evenly balanced hybrid is known for its funky odor and resinous trichomes. It provides users a strong cerebral and physical high that can be both relaxing and energetic. Its landrace is a mixture of an even portion of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa with high THC that can knock you down easily and eventually turn you couch-locking and falls into a deep sleep right after. New hitters might get overwhelmed so make sure to know your tolerance. In this article, we will let you know more about Duct Tape Strains and all its nitty-gritty that it has to offer. 

What is Duct Tape Strain?

Well-known to be an aromatic, perfectly balanced hybrid and that tokers believed to be a real feast for relaxation. Duct Tape Strain genetics comes from crossing Do-Si-Dos and Original Glue also known as Gorilla Glue#4 that is bred by Archive Seed Bank. This nighttime strain quickly expands into a warming buzz, acting upon a couch-locked and completely kicked back.

Moreover, Duct Tape Strain THC level has an average consistency of 23 to 25% and reaches up to 1% of CBD creating it to be a well-balanced and reliable hybrid. This therapeutic cannabis is very tasty, frosty, and powerful and can be both used for recreational or medicinal purposes 

Duct Tape Strain Profile

Strain GeneticsDo-Si-Dos x Original Glue
Strain Dominant50% Sativa / 50% Indica
THC Content23 to 25%
CBD Content1%
Flowering Time10 Weeks
YeildAverage yields on both indoors / outdoors
Taste / FlavorChocolate, Diesel, Nutty, Earthy, Pine, Woody
EffectsRelaxed, Uplifted, Euphoric, Sleepy, Cottonmouth, Dry Eyes, Dizziness
May RelieveChronic Pains, Fatigue, Insomnia, Depression, Stress, Anxiety
Best to GrowIndoor / Outdoor

Duct Tape Strain Growing Information 

 Duct Tape Strain seeds are easy to grow. It doesn’t show much when it comes to allocating data for home cultivation, but there is enough given information to aid newer growers. This cannabis grows to be somewhat tall and is said to thrive well both inside and outdoors. As it grows, its bud will show off thin spade-shaped minty green nugs with translucent amber hairs and a frosty dense cover of chunky white crystal trichomes. Duct Tape Strain grow time will be approximately around a full 10 weeks of maturation before you get a produce, and you’ll get amazed by just how beautiful your yield can be.

Most Duct Tape Strain reviews from skilled growers advised that it needs mandatory supply of water and fertilizers to achieve a strong and sturdy cannabis plant. A moderate dose of nitrogen supplements may also help in the process. But just in case accidents come up, you will notice a burnt-like discoloration of leaves that marks as a sign of excessive nutrients. 

Growing Information for Indoor

Thriving Duct Tape seeds indoors can be possible with the basic techniques on how to typically grow a marijuana seed. No sufficient data on its yield, but it will surely give you an average produce that you will appreciate.

Growing Information for Outdoor

Duct Tape seeds can ideally grow in an outdoor setting, as this cannabis can grow tall like a small tree. It either has no concrete numbers on the harvest, but it will definitely shower you an average yield as well.

Medical Benefits of Duct Tape Strain

Duct Tape Strain works well in alleviating stress-related conditions providing a head buzz that eliminates signs of stress, depression, and PTSD. Many patients use this stain as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory to soothe chronic pains and fatigues that lingers from the toes up to the head-turning then eventually giving them a full-body relaxation. Moreover, Duct Tape cannabis strains can definitely help insomniacs as it will shower you with a long-lasting feeling of full-body relaxation while also making your eyes feel very heavy, reminiscent of a Duct Tape dragging your eyelids down.

Most patients hold onto this medicinal cannabis and consume it in moderation for a fair outcome. Negative side-effects may cause some cottonmouth with dry eyes even at low doses of this strain. High dose intake may give discomforts like dizziness as well as paranoia may be evident to the extreme of its high.

Duct Tape Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Duct Tape Strain effects have been described as an initial cerebral rush followed by a smooth energetic boost. It isn’t a strain to tumble with. First-time users will definitely want to guide them, as its effects may hit hard and immediately, allowing users to feel free all day. Most results come to be a strong cerebral gush to hit first, filling the body with creative euphoria. For some, it may come to be a mild boost in energy as it will depend on the user’s tolerance level but even if that’s the case, it will still make all users feel a relaxation that is beyond measure to compare. Whatever you want to do will still suit perfectly with this strain, from doing daily tasks, to just chilling, or enjoying some snacks, just allow the effects flow smoothly and see where sedation will take you. In the end, falling asleep on the couch might happen.

Duct Tape marijuana strains flavors and aroma are almost the same, this gives a fuel-like, woody-pine, and chocolate notes that might seem a bit weird at first smoke but becomes more enjoyable as you progressively puff. This might not be a discrete strain, as the entire room will fill with her diesel-like earthy aroma and stays for a while.

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Final Thoughts

Duct Tape weed strains have outstanding reviews for its wide-range effects and medicinal reliefs. These strains are very reliable and versatile, making it certainly worth a try. Perfect hit to those who look for high quality cannabis. The high produces full physical and mental effects, making this a perfect strain for anyone seeking relaxation. The feel, smell, look, and structure are all exceptional. It is a great strain for those enduring pain or dealing with sleeplessness. It is vital to keep in mind that not all users have the same reaction to cannabis, so what works for some won’t not guarantee to work for others.

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