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Male vs Female Cannabis Plants: Advantages and Disadvantages

The cannabis plant is a bizarre in that there’s both female and male plants together with hermaphrodite plants. The Sativa plant is a deioecious cannabis plant which means every plant would generate either male or female reproductive potentials. Mostly plants are usually monocious in nature that means that they have two kinds of flowers on the similar plant so they could self-pollinate. Marijuana plants with seed buds are entirely considered to be of in menial quality because the seeds make the outcome smoke from the dried plant harsh with unpleasing aftertaste.

Female and male plants are the only left along with the grower wants to produce a new cannabis strain. They also enable pollination to happen to harvest seed for their next crop. Growers liked to weed out hermaphrodite and male plants to avoid pollination. The female cannabis plants that are left on their own be able to grow bigger and their seedless nature enables the outcome marijuana crop to have a higher THC content. In this article we will talk about male vs female cannabis plants and their pros and cons.

Avoiding Male via Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Most growers prefer to buy feminized autoflowering marijuana seeds, because of the fact that seeds you sow would bear females instead of male marijuana plants. Nevertheless. Newbies who loved in growing marijuana that they could separately breed to develop its strength, covering, yield, or resin production, then male plant but have a lot of return to the counter. 

 A problem that a marijuana producer commonly faces is knowing the distinction of male vs female cannabis plants. 

If you’re practicing combined seeds you would purely be equipped to know if your plant is male or female once the “vegetative” phase is done and the “flowering” stage has just started, and this shifts with different strains, but usually, you will notice when your plant is about 6 weeks old. 

How to Tell the Gender of Cannabis

To know the gender of your marijuana plant, here are some signs according to WikiHow. 

More stable, firmer stems with one of two leaves are the characteristics of a male marijuana plant appear to show.  The small knots that grow on the area of the steam, where the extra twigs connect with the principal stem, are the major pointers of a male marijuana plant. Male plants show their genitals 7 to 10 days for indoor growing and 3 weeks for outdoor growing for the female plant. 

Female weed plant see complete shapes of leaves when correlated with the males, on a developed female weed plant. At the part where the twigs connect the main stalk, you will notice little icy fibers known as pistols, growing out of a tiny, and tear-formed embryo inserted in the joint. Normally, there also would be extra limbs and a bundle of leaves developing.

The Difference between Male and Female Cannabis Plants

Advantages of Male Cannabis

If you wouldn’t search within it much further, you may purely notice that the male plants could be of eminent concern to real marijuana lovers and added venerable producers who might crave to offer the source to every own marijuana learner. 

  • Strong Genetic Line

Keeping healthy male marijuana plants could have a marijuana plant growing for years to develop. It could also start selecting for toleration to pathogens, germination period, overall well-being, and more different cannabinoid and terpenoid characterizations. The relevance of the males is necessary to the sustained health and life of a cannabis strain. 

  • Produce Strong Fibers

Fiber from the male cannabis plant is additional resilient and has longer tolerance than the female cannabis plant. Since the fibers from male cannabis plants are slimmer and lighter, they’re exceptionally befitted for high-quality fabric like sheeting and clothes. 

  • Breeding your Strains

For more high-level growers, developing new cannabis strains could entirely increase overwhelming enthusiasm. Visualize producing your own personal shoot which is more adhesive, more palatable, as more standard crops, and provides a more satisfying high.

Marijuana is one of the dioecious species, this means it carries half of the genetics from the father and the additional half from its mother. Male cannabis plants also guide to holding higher cannabinoids than their buds. Yes, males offer their own resin organs and could be applied to generate restricted quantities of hashish when gathered in enormous volumes. 

  • Prevent Pests Off

Some outdoor growers handle male marijuana plants for terpenes that the plants offer that give out as a pest repulsive for other products, and not purely as a means to have their provider of seeds. 

  • Accountable for Having AutoFlowering

Notice that all autoflowering cannabis strains are also feminized. These feminized autoflowering marijuana plants can’t be reproduced, and they would not offer seeds except bred by a male marijuana plant. 

The Disadvantage of Male Cannabis

  • Does not produce flowers and only generate seeds
  • Has a low THC level

Advantages of Female Cannabis

The most captivating part of the plant is the flower or bud, and this is what growers are aiming to create most of the reason. The part where the trichomes are placed on the marijuana plant. Trichomes are the tiny crystal-like fiber that carries the cannabinoids. 

  • Produces fruit

Female cannabis plants carry bulbs, and once these buds are drained and collected, they’re the cannabis. The fruits or flowers are the most sought-after part of the plant. This is where the trichomes are found on the plant. Trichomes are tiny crystal-like fibers that carry the cannabinoids, the component that generates them. 

  • For Medical Uses

Female cannabis is coated in a thick sheet of cannabinoid-rich resin and stuffed with THC that decides its therapeutic dormant.

  • Produce Fine Fibers

The female weed plant generates fiber that is fine, which is extra fitted to generating textiles like portraits and different kinds of coarse textiles. 

Disadvantages of Female

  • Female cannabis has an uncommonly high frequency of narcotic means, indicating it would make you extremely high.
  • Several specialty producers use one specific feminized strain or based their complete produce on substantially similar clones.

This absence of variety begins to reduce resistance and heightened responsiveness to illnesses and bugs.

Knowing what gender of the cannabis allows you to locate whether your cannabis plant is continuing to offer the smokable buds of a female marijuana plant or the pollen sacks or male marijuana for breeding. If you are looking to produce feminized auto-flowering marijuana seeds, having male marijuana in your plant chamber would fertilize your female cannabis plant, that in turn, starts giving seeds. 

If you’re not yearning for breeding, as males bear no flowers and very small THC, you could completely remove your male plant from the plant chamber without threatening females by covering them with a synthetic pouch. Separate your plants with male cannabis sex organs up until development, and awakening to a female cannabis plant when convenient, if you required in manufacturing, and producing seeds. 

This article is about male vs female cannabis plants and the difference between male and female marijuana seeds. Hopefully, you learned more about discovering the gender of your cannabis plants.

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