can you clone autoflowers

Can you Clone Autoflowers: Is it a Myth or a Reality?

Cloning autoflower is a way to create a duplicate of a marijuana plant that rapidly grows into a flowering plant. This technique allows you to increase the yield of your bud for every cloned plant. 

The cloning technique works for regular seeds, but can you clone autoflowers? Let us know by looking closely into how the cloning process will work, and whether you can apply this to auto fem plants.

Understanding the cloning method 

Cloning marijuana plants requires taking a small portion of a normal marijuana plant. This small chunk is your clone, which you’re going to plant into a-medium. The clone must develop its own root system, which will eventually become a replica of the original plant. 

In order to be successful in the cloning process, you need to have a safe mother plant that is about 2 months into the vegetative phase. A healthy plant would then give you a healthy cannabis clone that is powerful enough to produce its rooting system. But many growers are asking, can you clone autoflowers?

Reason for cloning marijuana plants 

There are many advantages of cloning for any marijuana plant breeder. The most popular of these is the desire to produce one or more plants from a single seed. You don’t have to purchase any more seeds to grow your favorite strain.

Another benefit of clones is how you would make new plants while avoiding the seedling phase. Clone plants are the same age as their mother, which makes it mature as seedlings. Your clone can grow very rapidly because it has been in the mother’s vegetative phase.

The most significant reason for cloning plants is to create a closer-exact copy of healthy marijuana plants. You have little guarantee that seed will grow into a robust plant when it reaches the vegetative phase. As mentioned above, cloned plants would be as healthy as their parents are. Cloning will immediately give you a collection of plants that can grow high-quality buds.

Additionally, some breeders can preserve the genetics of a strain through cloning. Clone and its original mother would create buds that have the same exact flavor, aroma, and impact that you’d love. 

clone autoflower

Cloning autoflowering plants 

The major question here is can you clone autoflowers? The usual belief that it isn’t possible to clone from an autoflowering cannabis plant is not true. You could trim a part of a healthy mature autoflower plant during its vegetative phase and plant it. In cloning autoflowers, the clone will develop its own roots and continue to grow into a plant. Inversely, this would likely result in an underdeveloped clone and a damaged mother plant. This also indicates to auto feminized plants

Auto marijuana plants don’t base on the change of lighting time as photoperiodic or regular plants. It is because of the genetics of the Ruderalis plant. The plant survives in areas of the world where there is lesser sunlight or short days. It is because of genetics, auto plants can flower according to their light cycle. It also enables the plant to complete its growth cycle in just 2 months, which is half the time of the typical growing cycle of most regular plants. 

The use of the cloning process on autoflowering is hard because of the plant’s quick-growing process. Bear in mind that a clone would have the same age as its mother. The cutting would continue the timeline of its mother in entering the flowering stage. This wouldn’t give the clove enough time to thrive and develop into a healthy plant before exiting the vegetative phase. Since the clone might die before reaching the end of the vegetative stage or it would give a depressing yield. In the meantime, the mother plant might not recover to full health to develop a decent bud. 

Increasing the durability of feminized autoflowering clones 

The major issue that some breeders see in producing a healthy autoflower clone from a mother auto plant is time. Picking the clone from the mother at the earliest possible period, the clone would have enough time to spring the bank into a healthy plant as its mother. 

A breeder claimed to resolve the time issue by cutting a clone on the same day or closer to the time when the mother would show its gender. They also took the branches below of the plant, which would be their clone. Stated by the breeder, the goal is to take away a part of the plant that has yet to have the signal of which sex the mother would turn to. This would give you a clone with the correct hormone rate that would make it balance. 

After picking the piece from the mother plant, the breeder reveals the clone under 24 hours of lighting that has a full scale before putting it in a medium. This technique enables them to create a clone that grows near the same size as its mother that gave the exact quality bud. 

The validity of the breeder’s assertion comes under mindful scrutiny among forum members because there are no videos or images being the proof of successful cloning of autoflowers. Some believe the breeder developed a healthy autoflower clone since it was a regular Indica plant and not an autoflowering plant. 

Another report of a healthy autoflower clone says that the cuttings are under severe stress when detaching it from the mother plant. According to a marijuana community member, the 24-hours lighting controls the previous breeder in some ways help revitalize the clone and keep them from flowering. Uncertainly, this claim implies that the member didn’t clone an autoflowering plant.  Autoflowering plants would never flower no to mention the light condition. 

Boosting yields with feminized auto-flowering seeds

Some breeders report of a triumphant creation of a healthy autoflowering clone, others that try to make the exact thing resulting with unsatisfying results. Cloning isn’t worth trying with autoflowering plants if you’re looking to add up the yield of your garden. 

Luckily, you can upgrade your yields by making feminized seeds from autoflowering plants. The regular autoflowering seeds have a 50/50 chance of turning female-male. Many breeders get rid of their male plants because they don’t produce the exact high inducing buds as the females. Developing a handful of autoflower seeds is closely the same as rolling a dice.  You may get fortunate enough that more than half of the turn to male. Feminized seeds eliminate the dice roll by making sure that almost all the seeds would become bud-producing plants. 

To make your own cannabis seeds with a feminized autoflowering property, you would need two female colloidal silver and autoflower plants. Colloidal silver is a solution that contains amazingly small silver particles. You could find this solution via local dispensaries or online retail shops. 

Showering the flowering site of a female plant throughout its flowering time will force it to create a male pollen sac. Remember that you need to keep applying the colloidal silver solution to the plant even just after it produces a sac. You would know that the plant has produced pollen when the sac looks inflated and there are signs of tearing around it. 

In harvesting the sac and use of the pollen to pollinate another female plant. Through time, the plant would produce seeds that have a high rate of turning into females. 


Can you clone autoflowers? Yes, we are able to clone autoflowering-feminized plants, and it is very difficult to make a balanced and healthy one. Creating your own autoflower-feminized seeds is a feasible way to upgrade your yields that create clones. You are able to increase the quality of your yields by cultivating your feminized autoflowering plants outdoors. Mark Spear, CEO and the founder of Burns Town Farm, said “ If you resist growing marijuana outdoors you oppose nature.”. By letting you autoflowering cannabis plants grown outdoors, you enable them to survive in their natural environment.

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