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First Time Marijuana Grow Guide Using CFL

The Compact Fluorescent Lamp is of one the most common types of lighting. Aside from its support in every home, it is frequently used and preferred by marijuana growers or indoor growers and referred to as CFL marijuana grow lamps. There are several benefits that keep it at the top of the line when it comes to low cost, high availability, and ease of use. CFL lights for growing weed are the most commonly used option for beginners.

When growing weed with CFL, the quality of the bulbs and light amount may make or break the productivity of your marijuana plant. This light bulb would not produce too much heat, which is why you do not need to invest in ventilators if you are on a tight budget, just open the windows and you will not be suffocated by the smell. Below is our CFL cannabis grow guide you can use to ensure you are equipped before purchasing your grow lamps.

Usage of CFL Bulb Lights

If you will grow cannabis with CFL, use at least the 150W type. You can expect to have a yield of around 37.5 grams or 1 oz each plant. If you want to increase your yield then add the watts of CFL bulbs equally. Aside from this formula, the shape and size of the plant would determine how many CFL’s you need.

There are 2 types of CFL grow light setup and they are the 2000K/2700K and 5500K/6500K. The 2000K/2700K has a hot color that provides a yellowish to reddish spectrum that is suitable for the flowering stage and the 2000K/2700K is a cool daytime light that gives a bluish spectrum suitable for the vegetative stage. Also, there is a light range available on the market and has both cold and warm hue ranges.

Growing Marijuana with Compact Fluorescent Lights

The Use of Compact Fluorescent Light During The

You would know that the cannabis plant is now in the vegetative stage because it is already growing stems and leaves. Proper lighting is important at this period because it is a period in which there is a sudden change in development. Make sure that the space between the bulb and the plant is 4 “just not to burn the seeds.

All around that stage, learn how to train your cannabis plants, particularly if there are places where light rays don’t really reach to gain a goal when growing marijuana with CFL lights. The CFL cannabis grow lamp or cool spectrum of the blue light is endorsed to help reach the vegetative stage.

The Use of Compact Fluorescent Light During The Flowering Stage

To proceed to the flowering stage, you need to shift your CFL weed grow hours up to 12 hours during the day and ensure that your marijuana plant is not exposed to light at night. It’s recommended that the red light or the compact fluorescent light warm spectrum ease the flowering phase.

How to Position your Compact Fluorescent Light

  1. When it is impossible for you to find a place where the cannabis plant would acquire maximum access to sunlight, then it is preferable to grow indoors.
  2. A versatile reflector fixture is endorsed where you can position your light bulb so that the light rays could be equally distributed to the body of the plant. As a form of a fixture, it is frequently recommended to enable the cannabis plant to be trained or not to make sure there is enough light transmission.
  3. The amount of compact fluorescent bulbs that would be utilized based on the number of the marijuana plant. The more light bulbs, the greater the chances of higher yield. Light bulb rays would shine straight on the leaves to assure that the growth of the plants is continuous.
  4. It is important that you monitor the time that the lights are turned on and off to make sure continuity so that the growing cycle of your cannabis plants isn’t disrupted. Plants need high-light conditions for at least 18 hours of exposure to light, whereas plants need low-light conditions that need at least 8 hours of light exposure.
  5. Trace your development with the use of CFL marijuana grow bulbs. Test the gap of the light bulb from your plant to stop a cannabis plant that is vulnerable to heat stress.


  • The use of CFL is easy to start and sustain, making it perfect for newbies.
  • The use of CFL is great if you’ve got a small growing area.
  • CFL is self-ballasted and suits most regular light sockets.
  • The use of CFL is environmentally friendly as it produces low light levels that decrease its carbon footprint.


  • The use of CFL isn’t as cost-effective as it could only appeal to 1 to 2 cannabis plants.
  • As your cannabis plant grows, you would need to consistently adjust the CFL marijuana grow lamps every 1 to 2 weeks.
  • This has a shorter life cycle compared to other light bulbs like HIDs and LEDs.

Using CFL Lights to Grow Weed

  • To optimize the utilization of CFL, make sure the right plant practices so that the light rays could be equally distributed.
  • It’s important to change the CFL often as the plant grows so that the light isn’t only focused on one area. Because you are constantly changing your CFL bulbs, ensure you put them up quickly.
  • The space between the CFL and the plant should be held 4 “from the top of the cannabis plants. To check whether it was not too hot to burn the leaves, use a hand test.
  • When there are no more dark portions of the plant, you would know it when the number of CFL marijuana grow lamps is correct. If not possible, low-stress training might be done using a bending method to make sure that light rays reach all parts of the plant.
  • Exposing marijuana to light is by far the most important factor for the growth because CFL does not really produce too much heat, so you could use more light bulbs to match good outcomes.
  • In order to save the cost of lighting equipment efficiently, it is great to paint your growing room in white to make the walls transparent so that the plants could absorb light more easily.
  • You could avoid burnt leaves by putting the cool bulbs closer and the bulbs warmer.

CFL marijuana grow lamps are ideal for those who grow marijuana for personal growth and those who may not want to invest much more in lighting systems. Like the use of other equipment, if you do not know when and how to use it efficiently, though it is the best brand in town, it’s still useless.

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  1. Using 2700k CFL even for vegetation is OK for me – strong plants. They may grow little bit slower then with blueish light though.

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