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Flowering Time 101: Blue Dream Strain

If you want to take advantage of the rising popularity of marijuana in North America, you might want to growing Blue Dream strain. This strain is regarded as one of the best strains in the last century not only in the West Coast of the United States but also worldwide. As such, it is a household name in the cannabis industry. But before you can even grow this strain, you have to learn more about the Blue Dream flowering time.

What is Flowering Time?

Flowering time is also called the flowering period or stage of a cannabis plant. This is the period in a marijuana plants’ life you should be most excited about because this is when they are just about ready to be harvested.

Also, if you are using regular seeds instead of feminized ones, this is when you will be able to tell apart female plants from the male plants because only the female ones develop buds. So, except in cases where you are using special products to tell the sex of the plant, you will be able to determine which ones are the bud-producing females just by looking at the flowers because the males do not have those.

For regular cannabis plants to enter the flowering time, they must meet the required photoperiod during their vegetative state. That means that they should be able to get a certain amount of light and dark hours first before they could actually flower. For most cannabis strains, light hours of 12 hours or less might be the effective number for them to flower. Also, other factors such as nutrients, climate and soil conditions, and also lighting can affect when the plants will enter the flowering period.

Indica strains, because they are shorter and are quicker to grow, have shorter flowering times compared to the bigger sativa plants that stay in the flowering stage longer. Meanwhile, autoflowering plants do not need to rely on the photoperiod any more for them to move from the vegetative state to the flowering stage. However, their flowering time is longer compared to regular cannabis strains because their vegetative state does not last for a long time.

Cannabis plants undergo four stages during their flowering time. When it starts to flower, that is called the pre-flowering stage. After that, the early flowering stage follows and will last for at least a week and at most three weeks. At this stage, female flowers will start to appear from the cannabis plant. This happens when the plant gets at most 12 hours of light a day.

The third stage is when the flowers begin to develop more hairs and they become dense. This is also when they begin to develop resin glands. After that, the final stage is when the flowers reach their peak and mature. This is when they will produce more THC. This stage of cannabis plants’ life will last from eight to 14. The buds also begin to degenerate at this final stage of the flowering time for Blue dream.

What is Blue Dream Strain?

Blue Dream is a world-famous cannabis strain that is most popular in the West Coast. It composed of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. In that sense, it has a good balance of sativa and indica genetics and is a good hybrid strain. And though Blue Dream is mostly sativa, there are even phenotypes that are closer to being indicas than they are sativas. This strain came about when Blueberry and Haze were crossed.

  • Aroma and flavor

One of the great characteristics of Blue Dream is its aroma and flavor profile. When you break the buds apart or light a blunt up, you will immediately get treated to a fruity experience that is reminiscent of fresh berries. On top of that, there are floral and earthy notes hiding beneath that berry-like aroma. It simply is delightful to the nose and will always be a wonderful experience as far as the aroma is concerned.

Nevertheless, Blue Dream’s aroma can be quite pungent if you are not prepared for the scent that hits you. But once that strong pungent scent subsides, you will enjoy the aroma and will be treated to an experience that goes well with its delightful effects.

The taste carries the same profile. It has the similar berry-like characteristics but also has hints of citrus and earthiness hiding underneath. Blue Dream tastes just as great as it smells and will make you feel like a kid picking berries during the summer.

  • Effects

In terms of effects, Blue Dream is a potent strain that has THC levels of at least 17% and as high as 25% (though there are tests that suggest it can go north of 25%). In that sense, it is a strong strain that should not be used by beginners no matter how great its aroma and flavor profile is.

Blue Dream is quite versatile because it is a hybrid with sativa and indica levels that are almost balanced. This is the exact reason why it is always a top-shelf strain and is one of the more popular names in the world of cannabis today.

At the onset, Blue Dream will hit you with a high that immediately goes to your head to provide you with a heady buzz that uplifts your mood and bring you to a state of euphoria. Needless to say, at this point, you will feel happy and jolly as your mood will be at an all-time high.

After that, you will begin to feel yourself becoming more creative. Thoughts and ideas will start to flow into your mind to provide you with more mental clarity and productivity. You might even feel a bit more mentally energized at this stage of the high. That is why Blue Dream is often used by a lot of consumers as a substitute for their coffee early in the morning or in the middle of the day.

Those same effects are also the reasons why Blue Dream is not a good strain to use late in the afternoon or during nighttime. It might give you a sense of mental clarity and a bit of a physically relaxing type of high but you will most likely have a lot of energy to the point that you won’t be able to sleep. This makes it a good smoke for improving your productivity and for social gatherings with like-minded friends.

  • Medical Uses

Blue Dream actually has a lot of therapeutic and medical benefits when used for self-medication or by seriously ill patients alike. First of all, because of its great invigorating and energizing properties, it can be used for those who are often feeling the effects of fatigue. So, if ever you often find yourself exhausted even after resting for long periods of time, you might want to use Blue Dream to help provide the energy you need to get through the day.

Also, if you happen to feel down and depressed, Blue Dream is great for uplifting your mood and for putting you into a euphoric state. As such, it can be good against depression and state. And finally, Blue Dream’s hybrid properties make it a good strain to use for fighting off chronic pain as well as headaches.

Blue Dream’s Flowering Time

Blue Dream strain flower time is one of those strains that will develop different phenotypes depending on the growing conditions it was under. Nevertheless, similar conditions apply when you want to grow quality Blue Dream strains. That means that you have to feed Blue Dream the proper nutrients so that it will have a good and productive Blue dream flowering time.

If you want to maximize Blue Dream’s THC production during its flowering time, you have to give it a lot of fresh water as well as a good amount of magnesium and nitrogen so that the buds will turn out to be healthy. Because Blue Dream is one of the heaviest drinkers out there, make sure to give it water regularly to make sure it is as healthy as possible. Healthy buds will most likely turn out to have high THC levels. You might also expect them to have a productive yield that way.

Blue Dream strain flowering time is relatively slow because of its sativa properties. However, you can expect it to have a large yield that can reach anywhere north of 500 grams especially when you grow these plants outdoors. Indoor growing will not yield to a yield that is as heavy as that but you can still say that it is quite generous.

During the flowering time for Blue Dream, be extra careful with growing Blue Dream because of how susceptible it is to pests and mildew. Check on the crops regularly to make sure that they remain pest and mold-free. The moment you see any unhealthy plants that were victims of pests and diseases, make sure you take them out right away so that your other plants won’t fall to a similar fate. And if you do so, they will grow up to become fine flowers in about eight to nine weeks.

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  1. It’s a wonderful strain. It is susceptible to pests and mildew. You absolutely need to make sure air circulation is regular. Also, you might use some other type of pest control, particularly to keep aphids and spider mites away. I was moving mine from inside to outside and then vice versa. I had a relatively small infestation of mites. I watch closely so I was able to deal with them quickly. I will not put them outside again; too much risk. It’s a beautiful plant to watch grow. At first I saw a good number of indica leaves. Now there are very few of those. Mostly sativa now. All the best!

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