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Getting to Know About Feminized Afghan Seeds

Afghan seeds feminized is a well-known strain all around the world. Afghan is mostly used as a parent strain for many famous cannabis strains in the world now like world-famous Kush and White Widow strains. The feminized Afghan kush seeds would grow out to be very strong and sturdy plants. 

Feminized afghan seeds are known for their pest resistance and strength. Afghan kush feminized seeds have been around for hundreds of years, and it originated from the mountains of Afghanistan. Many Indica cannabis hybrids have some Afghan genetics in them, and this amazing cannabis strain has been a revolution on its own. Afghan feminized cannabis seeds are one of the most 100% pure Indica cannabis strains, and this strain is a top-quality strain. Smoking Afghan seeds feminized would give you a happy body stoned feeling, relaxed, but would ensure you to spend your day with an uplifting euphoric sensation. Afghan seeds feminized is popularly used for medication and treating medical issues such as nausea, stress, and pain relief. 

All About Afghan Feminized Seeds

Feminized Afghan Kush seeds is an autoflowering Indica breed that considers its landrace as the Original plants from the region of Afghanistan, Hindu Kush. Feminized Afghan seeds came from the plant cross with a Ruderalis. Ruderalis has a typical shorter growing period, and it also originally came from Russia. Afghan kush feminized seeds have the ability to develop to flower automatically after a few weeks, instead of relying on shifting of hours or intensity of daylight. 

Effect of Afghan Cannabis

Afghan feminized cannabis seeds are a chunky cannabis strain, with citrusy, earthy-sweet flavors that create a deep body relaxation to the user; this peaceful feel could process to sleepiness, and even slowness, based on how much was absorbed, and the resistance of the user. The unwritten rule: start slow and don’t overdo it. Afghan seeds feminized is known for creating a euphoric and happy sensation, even though its results are mostly a “couch-lock” effect. Feminized Afghan kush seeds are best used during nighttime or evening use, because of its intense calming sensation. 

Medical Benefits of Afghan Seeds Feminized

Medically, Afghan kush feminized seeds have a powerful relaxation effect that has proven by users who are suffering from sleeping disorders. Additionally, Afghan feminized cannabis seeds stimulate appetite that pleases those going through chemotherapy or radiation, or those who are struggling with an eating disorder. Afghan seeds feminized is a great choice for ending a stressful day, as it can take away the anxiety and stress that can keep you from falling asleep. It could also help with the pain that is disrupting your sleep. 

Growing Afghan Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Afghan Kush seeds do have a standard long flowering cycle of 70 – 80 days. Regardless of the time needed for the marijuana seeds to grow into mature, beautiful plants, Feminized Afghan seeds are quite easy to grow both outdoors and indoors, and this makes the cannabis strain worth the wait. This cannabis strain also produced massive storage of Indica-rich resin on the smaller sun leaves and sugar leaves. Afghan Kush feminized seeds are a perfect choice for people who love harvesting hashish in terms of cannabis flowers. 

Afghan Feminized Cannabis Seeds Statistics

Seed Type: Feminized strain

Sativa / Indica: 100% Indica

Climate: Indoor / Outdoor

THC level: 20 – 30%

Yield indoor: Up to 350 grams or 12.3 ounces/ sq meter

Yield outdoor: Up to 525 grams or 18.5 ounces/ sq meter

Height: Average height gain

Grow difficulty: Easy

CBD Range: 0.55 to 0.90%

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