Glueball Strain

Glueball Strain Information

Glueball Strain is a product of a couple of well-known strain that has a reputation for bringing up quick yet calm experiences. This cannabis hybrid drives a hard-hitting upshot from its parent strains, escalating to a greater level of potency. Well-known as an Indica-dominant hybrid, composing 60% Indica to 40% Sativa ratio, turning it to be sought-after for its inheritance feature that comprises vigorous tranquilizing effects as it creeps into an exceptional relaxation. To enable a body high to still the mind and serve as a safeguard between a long day and a night of deep-relaxing sleep. In this article, let us help you know more about Glueball Strain and all its nitty-gritty that it has to offer. 

What is Glueball Strain? 

Glueball Strain genetics comes from the legendary hybrid crossing two Indica-leaning strains, Original Glue, and Snowball. This popular strain typically provides potent effects, a very distinct flavor, and pulls you out to crave for more. Favorite by most smokers, who are familiar with the famous stoke of the Original Glue and adds up its citrusy and woody aroma that strengthens more as you toke.

Meanwhile, its THC potency has made each nug enveloped in crystal trichomes and has a very sticky resin. It is proven to be very aromatic and savory, as it tastes like a blend of citrusy-sour and piney-sweet, covers the palate with a strong ting of diesel on the exhale. Others may find this strain very pleasing, like a dream, but some toke of a few puffs and decides not to use it again. Glueball Strain THC level has an average of 22 to 25% and has 1% CBD content making this strain very long-lasting and potently calming cannabis beneficial for recreational or medicinal

Strain GeneticsOriginal Glue x Snowball
Strain Dominant60% Indica / 40% Sativa
THC Content25 to 26%
CBD Content1%
Flowering Time8 to 9 weeks
YieldMedium average for both indoors / outdoors
Taste / FlavorSweet, Citrus, Sour, Pine, Earthy, Woody, Diesel, Pungent
EffectsRelaxing, Body High, Euphoric, Uplifting, Calm, Dry mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy
May RelieveChronic Pain, Fatigue, Migraines, Stress, Depression
Best to GrowIndoor / Outdoor

Glueball Strain Growing Information

Home growers of Glueball Strain seeds most likely have a different story to tell. The availability of seeds and bud clones is rare as only a few breeders may have this on hand. Its original breeders remained unknown, so thriving this will be hard and be an effort for most growers. For novice growers, it is advisable to reach out with a skilled one to aid them properly. This strain may be hard to find but will depend on your location, so if you have the opportunity to have a hand on them, you better stash it up.

When grown successfully, Glueball Strain weed seeds will have dense buds with flat spade-shaped bright green nugs with neon amber undertones, deep orange-colored hairs, and have an overlaying of crisp trichomes drizzling with sugary and sticky resin. Glueball Strain grow time will be approximately around 8 to 9 weeks.

Glueball Strain review primarily shared from experienced growers. They say that there are no specific feeding directions for this strain as long as you shower it with the right nutrients and thrive on a suitable growing medium that best fits your available growing space may it be indoors or out. If you had the chance to cultivate this strain, make sure to remember these tips to have a very sturdy plant.

Growing Information for Indoor 

Growing Glueball Strain marijuana seeds indoors can be possible and be advantageous to most growers as they can manipulate the temperature. Though not evident, you can expect an average medium on its indoor yield.

Growing Information for Outdoor

Outdoor setting can also be possible for Glueball Strain cannabis seeds but ideally in a humid climate. Growers may use any growing techniques that suit them to help them cultivate this strain properly. No recorded data, and yet it can produce an average medium outdoor yield with dense and resinous buds.

Medical Benefits of Glueball Strain

Glueball Strains on the higher edge of its potency range are more likely to have a medicinal solace. This strain can be an antidepressant to aid depression and anxiety as patients will have a clear mind away from negative thoughts. Body pains like migraines and fatigue can be soothed with its analgesic properties leaving the whole body in full relaxation. Moreover, patients who are struggling with insomnia can have the possibility to drag them down into a heady body and slowly make them into a deep sleep and can stay them asleep longer than usual. 

Responsible smoking can avoid some uncomfortable side effects and irritations like dry mouth and dry eyes. During the peak of its high, some users may feel a bit dizzy. Moderation and hydration can help. 

Glueball Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma 

Glueball Strain effects focus on a full-body high that pushes to a restful calmness. A quick and uplifting effect will then take over and slowly lingers throughout the body and mind and modifies free thoughts. The mental disturbance is replaced with steadiness while the body washes away tension. Gradually, its effects may take over the user and push them into sedation. This bedtime strain is a great option to achieve a night of deep sleep or is also best for low-energy workloads. True to its name, like its parents, users may experience an idle state glued on a place. Though the effects can be general, it will still depend on the users’ tolerance and usage. Better keep in mind that reactions to this cannabis can turn out differently. Users may have both positive or negative reactions as well. 

Glueball marijuana strains are both aromatic and flavorful to most users, but some find it very odd. Its bud is full of sweetness with the sourness of a citrusy taste featuring a pine forest-like flavor. Almost similar to its scent but with a pungently diesel-like aroma. Sometimes a burnt smell can be noticeable, but thanks to its citrusy notes and freshness that overpowers its overall character. 

Similar Strains 

Final Thoughts

Glueball weed strains can be a perfect strain when you need something that pushes a body buzz and can be long-lasting. It also brings the best of both worlds regarding its potency. This calming strain can be a perfect option to make you slow down and make you experience a full body and mind relaxation. This weed is best to enjoy if you have extra time, mostly when you end your stressful day or as the evening comes. It is also significant to foresee its main effects on this new strain as not all can accept a pleasing experience while others feel it to be conflicting and uncomfortable. Though not advisable to night outs and extreme activities as it tends to be very subtle and low-key, still users’ tolerance may vary. Both can be potential recreational and medicinal cannabis but under the right moderate usage mainly.

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