How Long Does a Marijuana High Last

How Long Does a Marijuana High Last

If you’re a marijuana rookie, you might find cannabis high a bit overpowering at first. Like every other mind-altering thing, marijuana enjoyment comes with experience. Once you could get into the experience, the only way you have to do is let everything flow. When it comes to smoking marijuana, it does not last too long. On the other side, edibles would give you a more intense and longer high, so it is important to start figuring out how long a marijuana high lasts. In this article, we will provide all the quality information on how long it takes to get high and how to make your high last longer.

How long does a weed high last?

How long does a weed high last? For those who want to use cannabis for the very first time, the high of the weeds might be a little bit intense. Fortunately, if you dabbed, smoked, or vaporized cannabis, the effects won’t last very long. Once you inhale marijuana, you unlock the main psychoactive ingredient of the marijuana plant, tetrahydrocannabinol. It is just a matter of minutes until this THC inundated your brain. It normally takes only about half an hour to entirely feel the effects of the weed on your body and brain. And after that, the high would then slowly begin to wear apart, drawing to a close over the next one to two hours.

As for inhaled marijuana, just like edibles, marijuana high lasts much longer. And also, if you consume cannabis in an infused capsule or food, it could take you anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before it kicks in. And when you begin to feel the effect, it could last up to 4 or even 8 hours, based on the amount you consume.

How long does it take to kick in?

How long does it take to get high?

  • Vaping or smoking – you can start to feel the effects of marijuana within 2-10 minutes. It starts kicking in rapidly, as it reaches your blood system through your lungs within minutes of inhalation.
  • Eating – your digestive system metabolizes the pot once you eat it, which might end up taking a while. Edibles actually kick in within 30-60 minutes and sometimes take as long as two hours.
  • Dabbing – using this technique, a highly concentrated form of cannabis is smoked via a special tube. Dabs have such a higher level of THC than most other forms of marijuana, so high kicks are almost instantaneous.

How long do the effects last?

How long does a marijuana high lasts could be based on the potency and dose. The more you use the high THC level, the long-lasting effects would stay.

  • Vaping or Smoking – it can differ tremendously depending on the potency and the dose. The more you use and the effects the highest point approximately 10 minutes upon intake and usually lasts 1-3 hours, although they could last up to 8 hours.
  • Eating – how long do edibles last? The effects of the edible usual highest point are around 2 hours upon consumption and could last for 24 hours.
  • Dabbing – how long does weed last? Just like smoking, the effect of dabbing normally lasts only 1-3 hours. You can feel the effects for the whole day if you’re using a high THC concentrate. 

Marijuana hits everyone in a different manner, while your high will only last for several hours, you might be able to feel the downfall or after-effects for a few hours or the next day. It is best to get low and slow since you are new to marijuana.

Cannabis Tolerance

You might take some time to figure out what your tolerance level is. Of course, if you’re an experienced smoker, you’re probably much better acquainted with your marijuana tolerance level than anybody else, which likely means that you’re starting to enjoy the effects of the weed in a different manner than what a newbie does. Talking of newbies, if you are new to cannabis, you could presume that your tolerance is very low and your high would also probably last longer.

The Potency of the Weed

We are already able to experience the breeding concept on a wide scale, and you’re probably well aware that not all weeds are similar. There would be more THC in a specific strain, the more powerful it will be. If you want to experience a great high that doesn’t make you feel super stony, it’s better to take one hit at a time and continue a minute or two before you inhale marijuana again.

How long does CBD stay in your system?

How long does CBD stay in your system? CBD will not be in your system for over 7 days from your last use unless you are a regular user of CBD (over 10 mg every day for a few weeks). In this situation, CBD might last for up to 2 more weeks based on how often you use it.

How to stop being high?

  •  Don’t panic – Most of the symptoms of “greening out” (absorbing too much marijuana) would also drain away within minutes to several hours, without any lasting effect beyond some grogginess. Give it a little time, and all these feelings would then soon pass through.
  • Try water and light snacks – Don’t neglect to hydrate yourself! If either you prefer juice or water, ensure you have a pleasant cold drink (preferably uncaffeinated) on hand. It would help you beat dry mouth and allow you to focus on a simple and easy act of drinking and ingesting.
  • Know your limits before consuming – If you can, try preparing for your marijuana session as per your degree of tolerance. 
  • Keep some black pepper handy – Just chew or sniff on some black peppercorns, and it must give almost immediate relief.
  • Keep calm and rest – Find a comfortable place where you could breathe and rest deeply. Remember, the extreme uneasiness that you feel is going to pass.
  • Try going for a walk – If you cannot turn your brain off, a change of pace and have some fresh air to get your blood circulating would help to stimulate you.
  • Take a bath or shower – While it is not always possible if you are out and about or at a friend’s house when you’re at home, try take a nice bath or shower as a really nice way of helping you relax while waiting for the effects of smoking too much marijuana to subside.


If you are new to smoking marijuana, take it slowly, and know your limits so that you don’t have any problems with marijuana use. Additionally, ensure that you’ll have enough time to be sober before wanting to drive or carrying out any risk-related actions.

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