how to buy marijuana in colorado

How to Buy Marijuana in Colorado

The legalization of marijuana in various states in the U.S. can be considered a major issue. Marijuana supporters demand to make cannabis legal so that they can enjoy the benefits that it can give for their condition. We are all aware that marijuana has been known as a form of treatment in the early days. But because of the improper use of marijuana, the government had to criminalize the possession, use, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis.

If you are thinking of How to Buy Marijuana in Colorado, a state located in the Western part of the U.S., then you are fortunate because Colorado marijuana is already considered legal. You don’t have to buy from the black market and have the greater possibility to be imprisoned and pay a fine. Patients who can present a marijuana card can purchase marijuana from medical dispensaries. However, there are important reminders that you have to take into consideration when buying weeds in Colorado.

Are You Qualified to Buy Marijuana and How Much Can You Get

It doesn’t mean that everyone can get marijuana in Colorado. So, how old do you have to be to buy marijuana in colorado? The answer is –  You have to be 21 years old and above for you to buy marijuana and you should present a picture ID. Residents of Colorado can buy an ounce of marijuana one at a time while out-of-state residents can only get limited supply about a quarter of the said amount. You also have to pay it in cash because credit cards are not accepted.

Buying Marijuana in Colorado and Where to Consume

If I were to buy weed in Colorado, then where should I go? There are actually 517 medical marijuana stores in Colorado. However, there are only 136 shops that can sell marijuana for recreation. You are not allowed to smoke weeds in public places, federal lands, hotels, condos, or motels.

People cannot bring marijuana at the airport or onto a plane. You should know how to limit the amount of marijuana that you will use and as much as possible depart without possessing marijuana. You can keep the experience that you have had of smoking weeds in Colorado but don’t bring it at home.

Now, how to purchase edibles from Colorado? Parents should be aware that retail dispensaries distribute edible marijuana like cookies and truffles. They should know how they can get it away from their children. If you failed to prevent your child from consuming marijuana even if it is out of your intention then you can be arrested by the authorities. You will also feel saddened to know that your kid was brought to the hospital because of marijuana.

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