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How to Buy Weed Seeds Online Without Getting Busted

Once you buy cannabis seeds online, how will you keep on getting busted for ordering seeds for cultivation and usage when it is banned in your country? You have to make sure that your crops are safe and secure all throughout their growing seasons. You should also take good care of the pungent smell that is normally associated with marijuana strains, if you live in apartments or a home with other people around you, you also need to think about your safety and the safety of your friends and family. Give these things some ideas before continuing with the marijuana cultivation. 

How to Order Marijuana Seeds Online Safely

Several seed banks are providing disappointing customer service, scamming clients, very little or no assurance, and selling bad seeds. Therefore, it is very important to do research prior to making an order online. Still, doing research is not enough. That is why we decided to make a list with necessary tips on how to order marijuana seeds online safely and also not getting busted for ordering seeds. 

  • Check the laws in your country
  • Place a small order
  • Divide your order
  • Choose a safe and distinct payment method 
  • Use a different name
  • Use a different email address
  • Have your shipment delivered in a PO box
  • Use a different shipping address
  • Choose for a shipping method without the need for a signature

Check the Laws in your Country

Every country is different. The law is evolving rapidly, and the marijuana industry is shifting. However, marijuana seeds are not, in principle, it is illegal throughout Europe. It is clearly possible to purchase seeds from several countries and deliver them to your location. 

Place a Small Order

If you purchase cannabis at a certain seed bank more frequently then this rule does not apply, but if you’re planning to purchase cannabis seeds for the first time and do you want to do this safely we advise you to start with a small order. With a small order, the possibility of being buster for ordering seeds is low, you’re able to verify the seed bank and the seed quality. 

Divide your Order

When you’re planning to purchase multiple seeds it is recommendable to divide your order. For instance, by placing a small order in different times or by purchasing marijuana seeds from different suppliers. Does a package get lost? Then you wouldn’t instantly lose all your seeds.

Choose a Safe and Distinct Payment Method 

These days, online payments with credit cards have become very safe. Like Marijuana Seeds USA, most seeds give banks the chance to buy seeds with a credit card through an external payment method that offers different benefits. 

First, the seed bank only accepts the payment without accepting your credit card details. Additionally, the payment processor destroys the customer information after the payment. 

For your preference, reputable seed banks make sure not to use any cannabis-related description on your bank statement. Although, you’re still a bit unwilling to use your credit card. Then you could always choose a prepaid credit card or by choosing another different payment method. Here are the payment method you can consider to use:

  • Bitcoins
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer

Use a Different Name

You don’t want your name to be related to cannabis-related products you could choose to order without track and trace and you won’t have to sign for the post once it arrives at your location. In this case, you could choose to use a different name, initials, or just an abbreviation at the postal address. 

Use a Different email address

In changing your name, you could also use a general email address without putting your own name.

Have your shipment delivered in a PO box

There are some seed banks that could deliver marijuana seeds to a PO Box address. 

Use a Different Shipping Address

You could also ask friends or family if the seeds may be sent to their address. 

Choose for a Shipping Method without the Need of a Signature

Registered mail like Track and Trace post normally needs a signature upon receipt. For your own preference, you can buy without track and trace but there is a benefit to be kept in mind. Without Track and Trace, you can not see where your order is going.


If you would want to avoid getting busted for ordering seeds, never tell anybody about your plans. Keep your transaction safe by keeping your mouth shut. You can not afford to tell anyone your secret because there is a massive possibility that people could tell you about it. Bear in mind to keep things in order and keep things in the stealth mode that begins when you buy cannabis seeds online.

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