How to Find a Reputable Provider of Marijuana in Maryland

Maryland patients need medical cannabis prescriptions, so you should first find the medical professionals that could help them in acquiring the important prescription to go after a state permit. And this would look like an intimidating work, but luckily there are more than 500 nurses, podiatrists, dentists, and doctors for medical marijuana doctors in Maryland and it is over 50 clinics in a large variety of cities all around the state have signed on to legally assess and order patients that need and can benefit from the medicating qualities of Maryland medical cannabis. Before you search for a doctor of medical marijuana in Maryland, it is necessary to perceive if you are qualified. There are 4 easy steps in obtaining a Maryland medical marijuana card, and here is how to get medical marijuana in Maryland and where to buy medical marijuana in Maryland. This article would guide you on your journey to it.


Patients who are aiming to receive a Maryland medical marijuana card and prescription, they must first register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. The individual patient should be registered to the site prior to setting an appointment with any of the listed medical professionals within the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. When the patient is done with registration, an appointment could be set up with the legally licensed clinic and professional that meets their specific needs. 


The MDMCCC has listed the clinics and cities within the state of Maryland that medical professionals that could legally assess patients and choose if a medical cannabis prescription is a better alternative for the needs of the patient. 

With the largest listing of medical cannabis-friendly clinics in Baltimore, with 6 particular clinics, at the moment. Most of the cities within the list obtain only once like a clinic, but every clinic has been strictly regulated and has been approved in every inspection. Every clinic is committed to giving only the best care and experience to patients they could to those that choose to ask for assistance to find Maryland medical cannabis.


The marijuana doctor should assess the patient fully, once the patient has discovered that medical professional and clinic that could help for their needs. For a patient to have a medical cannabis prescription, they need to be qualified for certain criteria. The criteria show that the patient is suffering from chronic pain or debilitating to a condition or disease, either it is physical or mental. Patients who are going into the clinic care or are to receive soothing care are also considered under the assessment. Here is the list of qualifying conditions and diseases: severe nausea, cachexia, glaucoma, anorexia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), wasting syndrome, chronic or severe seizures, intense or recurring muscle spasms, and intense or chronic pain. 


If a medical marijuana doctors in Maryland considers you are qualified to benefit from the consumption of Maryland medical cannabis, they must show you with a piece of written evidence or certification that would next be registered through the Maryland Medical Marijuana Commission Clinics registration system. When this all is done, you would legally be able to buy medical marijuana in Maryland

4 Easy Steps in Obtaining a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card

Step #1: Gather Materials

  • An electronic copy of a valid United States government-issued photo ID and evidence of Maryland address. 
  • An electronic copy of a clear photo (recent)
  • Last 4 figures of the patient’s Social Security Number
  • Take note: In lieu of a current photo, a Hospice patient might give a letter from the attending Hospice Record provider on hospice letterhead, the first step on obtaining medical marijuana doctors in Maryland.

Step #2: Register Online

  • The second step in how to get medical marijuana in Maryland you have to visit the MMCC Registry website and go to the (click) “Create Account” the link under the “Patients”
  • Then complete the “Before you begin” section to check and confirm that you have the needed documents and information ready to be uploaded
  • Completing the online application form by uploading the requisite files

Step #3: Verify Email

  • After completing your online application, you would receive a verification email
  • After that click the link in the verification email to confirm and verify your email address
  • You would get another email after MMCC has checked and reviewed your application, highlighting it was been approved 

Step #4: Final Step (Optional)

  • You could do the following, once approved by the MMCC
  • Select or pick a Caregiver if qualified by logging into the MMCC Patient Registry 
  • Buy a Patient ID card (optional) for $50

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