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How to Germinate and Grow Caramelicious Feminized Seeds

Caramelicious strain is an Indica-dominant Hybrid marijuana strain that could create dark olive green sprouts covered with a lot of sticky trichomes. This cannabis strain is quite easy to grow. Caramelicious feminized seeds if for medical and recreational purposes. The Hybrid cannabis strain is famous for its one of a kind and caramel flavor, thus its one of a kind name. CannaSOS recommends the use of Caramelicious weed at night. This is considered as a perfect smoke after dinner. This cannabis strain is indeed a happy high and a must-try. This article would feature Caramelicious strain info and more about about.

Why use Caramelicious feminized seeds?

Caramelicious feminized seeds is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a mysterious origin. This cannabis strain has potent THC effects and therefore suggested only for expert consumers. Aside from its very potent effects, Caramelicious seeds is sought for it has thick resin production. You are going to love this cannabis strain, along with its strong vanilla, honey, and caramel flavor. It is also an ideal strain to treat various medical conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress.

What are the effects of Caramelicious strain?

Caramelicious strain tends to come with an 80% Indica and a 20% Sativa content, which is then Indica-dominant. Even though its origin is unidentified, according to its components, you could predict what the impacts of this cannabis would be. This hybrid cannabis strain has a strong relaxing effect. You are going to feel the rush of energy as you begin riding this mind-body. It is going to boost your mood, making you communicative, very giggly and happy. Because of these beneficial effects, Caramelicious strain is perfect to use during social happenings, especially when you need to improve your confidence. It is a perfect cannabis strain to use in the morning, especially when you are feeling sad to begin your day. Because of the uplifting impacts of this strain, you would feel like all your problems and worries were already blown away. After the effects of cannabis strain Caramelicious are being spent, you would feel much more relaxed and somewhat sleepy. And just like most cannabis strains, you will feel the urge to eat everything that your eyes could see. It is a perfect idea to stock up on food before you start to give way to yourself in flavorful Caramelicious. 

Are there medical effects of Caramelicious strain?

Caramelicious marijuana strain has the power of analgesic impacts that could handle the pain, such as headaches, muscle pain, and migraines. You could also use this strain to deal with depression and stress. It also has natural mood-raising characteristics that would naturally get rid of all your problems and worries. This hybrid cannabis strain can also reduce eye pressure, which can be a good strain for people with glaucoma. THC might reduce blood pressure and increase the blood circulation of the eyes. Medical cannabis can stop vision loss to people with glaucoma. It is also a good cannabis strain on people with nausea. This strain is a perfect natural treatment for people who have been undergoing medicinal attention like chemotherapy. 

What are the side effects of using Caramelicious?

Since the Caramelicious seeds has many good features, it also has a variety of side effects. This cannabis strain is known for causing dry mouth and dry eyes. These side effects are due to the result of THC found at moderate to a high level in Caramelicious strain. THC could cause increased blood flow to the smallest part of the body down to the tiniest blood vessels in the eyes and oral mucosa. This cannabis strain can cause headaches and nausea, especially to novice growers. Newbie users also might complain that its effects might have been too overpowering, so you will need to exercise tolerance when using. 

Growing Caramelicious strain

Once you’re starting to think of growing Caramelicious feminized seeds, you also should buy top-quality feminized seeds. You could buy them from local seed banks or from online seed banks. Ordering Caramelicious seeds that are feminized might not have been very easy as people think because of this special strain. Only just a few in the-line and local seed banks have this strain. But since you are still able to buy Caramelicious strain, this would have to begin with the germination of these seeds. There are so many techniques to germinate feminized marijuana seeds, however, the best technique to be used to avoid damage to your seeds as it buds is a damp paper towel technique. 

Germinating this type of strain

  • Most of this seed should be germinated using a damp towel method. Caramelicious strain specimens were put between the damp paper towels that are coated with plates. This dark part is ideal for the germination of seeds. In order to be able to germinate successfully, you should keep the seeds in this environment. Keep the seeds in the same environment for around 3 to 5 days, open the plants just to check the seeds, and add more water to the paper towel. 
  • By the time the feminized seeds start to germinate, you could separate them from the plants and put them in individual development cubes. Put the seeds under extreme light. Only when the plants have fully grown and the stems and roots have become stronger would be able to plant them into a bigger pot container. There are so many types of pots, but select one with a drainage system at the bottom. Cannabis-friendly solids like sandy-clay oil might be used. This type of solid could hold more water and nutrients and at the same time remove excess. With sandy-clay oil, oxygen could pass through the solid to reach the roots. It would make your roots stronger and healthier enough to soak up more water and nutrients. 
  • Caramelicious strains are moderately tall, which will be why they could be grown indoors and outdoors. So if you grow plants outdoors, you can get better yields and thicker buds. You will never have to deal through the use of air circulation and enough lighting for your plant because they would be given by mother nature. 
  • So if you grow indoors, you’re going to have to get a moderately large space. You could also train your Caramelicious plants to grow even more in small growing places. This plant could be cultivated stealthily indoors, even though, because of its size; you need to be wary of its strong caramel-like aroma, that could be seed almost immediately when you are in the vicinity. 
  • You could grow Caramelicious strain indoors or outdoors, but most of those who have grown this successfully agree that it’s great to grow indoors to fully detect the growth of the plants. They are going to be very sticky and dense buds. These beautiful delicious buds make up for the shape and size of the plant. The yield of the Caramelicious plant could be as high as 400 grams/square meter or about 600 grams/ meter for each plant. 
  • Another thing is to use the right fertilizer for Caramelicious Plants. There are many different varieties of fertilizers in each phase of your plant ‘s life. If your feminized seeds are in their vegetative phase, use a higher nitrogen content of fertilizer because it is what your plants need for large and healthier leaves, stems, and roots. As your plants begin to flower, low nitrogen but high potassium and phosphorus fertilizers must be used. These minerals are needed in order to increase the size of the bud. A fertilizer that is great for Caramelicious plants can be found in most garden shops and marijuana stores.
  • If you water your Caramelicious plants, you must water only when the soil is dry or never when it is damp. Water with filtered water and you might just use rainwater or tap water, but ensure your water source is harmless for your plants.
  • When it comes to exercise, you can use a SOG or a sea of green method to improve your yield. You also can top up your plants, firm, trim, or prune your plants to boost your yield. Cutting decreases the large fan leaves to follow the light to penetrate and make the most of all parts of your plants.

The Caramelicious strain has a wonderful flavor, effect, and aroma. It is just an easy plant to grow if you’re new to growing cannabis. So don’t be afraid to check for this strain when you are searching for Caramelicious feminized seeds.

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