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How to Get Medical Marijuana Seeds for Free

Are you searching for medical marijuana seeds for free? Whether you are looking for free cannabis seeds for pain, stress, or insomnia, you will have better luck when you shop online. Shopping seeds online will give you a wide array of choices. You can select from a wide variety of strains too. And when it comes to free seeds, you will be able to get some using the following techniques.

Why use medical marijuana seeds? reported that New Jersey has just recently endorsed a new bill that will legalize medical marijuana. This is an example of better and brighter days for people who rely on medical cannabis. Medical cannabis should be recommended simply because this is an all-natural way to treat a variety of conditions. Medical cannabis can help with a variety of conditions including pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, stress, glaucoma, seizures, migraines, and so on. With the latest research and studies about medical cannabis, the plant is also considered for its anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects. Truly, if you can get free seeds then you must because there are so many amazing therapeutic uses for medical cannabis.

Where to get free medical seeds?

1. Get free seeds from special free seeds offers from online seedbanks
There are online seedbanks that have special offers for their customers. You can get free medical cannabis seeds when you order a specific amount of seeds. Some seedbanks offer this deal for specific kinds of seeds or strains while some save this offer for special occasions and events. You will mostly find promo ads in this manner “free (number of seed) for every purchase” or “free seed for every purchase of feminized seeds or medical seeds.”

But make sure to check out the details of special free seeds promos before you avail of these deals. Usually, there are rules for these promos. These could be available for a certain date and time, for a specific area or region only and are only for the specific price of products. Rules for promos are very specific so you need to understand these so you can get your free medical marijuana seeds.

2. Get free seeds from special offers from local seedbanks
Aside from getting free cannabis seeds for free from online seed banks, you may also get medical marijuana seeds for free from local seedbanks. If you are blessed with having a local seed bank near you or within your area then you can check these out. Most local seedbanks have deals that are not advertised online. You need to personally check these out from their physical stores. Just some of the most common deals from local stores are free seeds for a specific number or amount of seeds ordered, free seeds for local customers and free seeds during special occasions and events. Most local seedbanks share new seeds to customers too. They may ask you to try it out like a friendly gesture. If this happens, take this as an opportunity to talk to the seed bank operator or owner to get more tips. This is also a great way to find out about a new medical strain and possibly grow a breakthrough!

3. Find free cannabis seeds sites online
There are actually free medical cannabis seeds sites online where you can get free cannabis seeds. Usually available only by the membership, you will be able to get free cannabis seeds and have these delivered to your address after you have signed up.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using this method. Yes, it is a good way to get free medical cannabis seeds and will ease spending too much on seeds. Most of these sites will ask for specific questions like the type of strain you need, any medical condition you have or a specific high or effect you are looking for. Why ask all these questions? These will better find the ideal strain that’s perfect for your needs.

Just a few disadvantages to highlight. First, you don’t know the quality of these seeds. You may end up getting duds or seeds that won’t germinate or sprout. You might also get seeds that are more males than females which will not be good at all. If you are trying your luck in growing medical marijuana strains, you might want to invest in top quality seeds coming from legit seedbanks instead of relying on free cannabis seeds.

Still another disadvantage of getting free cannabis seeds from free sites online: you won’t know if the seed bank site is already scamming you. You must be very careful in giving your personal information online. Usually, if the site requires you to register and ask for a credit card or banking information then you must start to feel wary. The site is supposed to give away free seeds but why ask for these pieces of information from customers? Therefore, you must always stay safe online especially when giving out personal and banking information.

4. Look for free seeds from growers and breeders from online forums

Still another possible way to get free cannabis seeds is to find growers and breeders from online forums. You might find these dealings online and although these are effective ways to get free medical marijuana seeds you might end up getting more than what you ask for.

These growers and breeders may ask for something in return from you so be very careful. One first time medical cannabis grower thought that he was lucky to find a breeder in an online forum who was willing to give away some free cannabis seeds. However, the so-called breeder asked for his address and his email too and the minute the chat ended, the grower was not able to log in and his computer crashed. This can only mean that you cannot trust anyone you just met online. To be safe, never trust anyone who offers you anything for free online especially in chat and forums.

As online forums are dangerous for these kinds of transactions, you may find these helpful if you are looking for some tips, techniques and growth strategies. This is also a good site to find like-minded people who love cannabis as well.

5. Look for discounts on shipping and deliveries online
If you cannot find free medical cannabis from online or local shops, then you can augment the cost of medical cannabis seeds by doing business on sites that have free shipping and deliveries. Usually, there are companies that offer free deliveries locally or from people who are located in a particular region.

Some free shipping services are also available if the customer was able to purchase a specific amount or price of seeds. You can check if this offer is available if this is not specifically stated. Contact customer service if you are still unsure. And of course, always check the rules and regulations of a particular deal or free shipment offer before you take advantage of this. Check if there are expiry dates and special rules on how to get this special free offer.

6. Find free seeds from people who you trust
If you are really desperate to find free medical cannabis seeds then you can ask help from people who you know have received free seeds online or offline. If you have relatives or friends who have had good luck from a particular site or seed bank then you can try yours here too. However, you must be careful when you deal with new seed banks online. You may ask your friend or relative to order seeds for you or to find medical marijuana seeds for free instead.

7. Look for cannabis free seeds samples
To get free free medical cannabis seeds you might consider getting free medical marijuana seeds samples online. Some breeders, especially known breeders, do this online. These free seeds samples can be in any amount. You can find seed packs in varying amount of seeds like 5, 10 or more. If you’re lucky, you may even find seedbanks that offer free seeds of their very popular and delicious strains.

Important precautions when looking for free seeds

Admit it, it’s hard to find free cannabis seeds online or offline. It could take you a lot of time to find good places to find legit and viable seeds. It may even be a hit and miss especially if you are just new to looking for free seeds. Nothing comes for free these days! But if you shop smart you will be able to find the best seeds even if these are for free.

And to completely eliminate the worries of finding free seeds online, you can grow your own seeds instead. You will be able to save a lot of money growing your own seeds instead of scouring for the best seedbanks and free seeds sites.

Growing all kinds of medicinal cannabis seeds will give you more ways to save money. You don’t need to purchase seeds for your future grows. You can save on deliveries and shipment fees too. And along with the stress of waiting for your deliveries to arrive, you might as well grow your own medicinal cannabis seeds at home.

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