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How to Make Cannabis Tea?

Besides the regular benefits of cannabis, drinking cannabis tea can enhance certain aspects while continuing to focus on overall health. Learning how to make cannabis tea is easy and does not require any specialized tools.

The Basics

The preparation process for making a strong and efficient cannabis tea may vary from person to person. Because losing alkaloid content could negatively impact the effectiveness of cannabis tea, slightly different steeping methods are used. When using cannabis powder, the time needed to steep is much shorter. While dry leaves may need thirty to forty minutes, cannabis powder needs only ten to fifteen minutes.

Using cannabis leaves does not need any special equipment except a strainer or tea ball. Both instruments can be purchased relatively easily from either a grocery store or online. Although many will debate the differences between cannabis leaf and cannabis powder tea, many others say that leaves can absorb primary alkaloids much more efficiently than powder.

Cannabis powder comes from dried cannabis leaves that have been processed and then ground into a fine powder. When cannabis is crushed, the powder can then easily be used for tea. One advantage of using powder is the ease in which grams are measured. Depending on the desired strength of tea, measurements may vary.

Traditional vs. Modern Cannabis Tea

A traditional way to make cannabis tea involves cannabis leaves and boiling water. By placing the proper dosage of leaves at the bottom of a pot, you can then boil water for approximately 30 minutes so that the leaves are strained. The residual water is used for tea.

Cannabis powder is also available for tea. Although many prefer to use traditional cannabis leaves, some find that cannabis powder is easier to use. When cannabis powder and water are mixed, bring the pot to a boil. After waiting ten to fifteen minutes, the mixture should be strained so that all remaining water can be used for tea.

Regardless of which method is used, a darker tea indicates an intense flavor. For those who are trying cannabis tea for the first time, a lighter tea may be preferable.


We have answered the question, “where to get marijuana seeds?” Cannabis tea offers a variety of benefits for the body and mind. For over four decades, this tropical plant has provided relief for a range of conditions. Whether it’s used a stimulant substitute for coffee or a mood enhancement for depression, cannabis tea has proven to work throughout history.

If you are suffering from any of the ailments where to get marijuana seeds has been said to ease, and have struggled to find an effective remedy, cannabis tea could be a solution. How to make cannabis tea is as easy as it is useful.

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