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How to Plant Marijuana Seeds After Germination

How to plant marijuana seeds? The post-germination level includes rooting, and therefore it is important to know how and when to plant cannabis seeds in an ideal place to ensure the successful yield. And during the seedling stage, the main goal of the cannabis plant is to develop and grow healthy roots. If your marijuana seedlings are struggling now, there seems to be a greater possibility that they’ll never retrieve entirely. This means that they’ll never be able to achieve their full potential. Your marijuana seedlings may die eventually in the worst case. In this article, we will discuss how to plant marijuana seeds straight after germination or during the seedling stage, how to plant marijuana seeds after germination, and how to plant marijuana seeds in soil. Let’s begin now! 

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Plant Marijuana Seeds 

  • How to plant marijuana seeds in soil? Start preparing a rooting cube or a planting mixture. Ensure you are using a fine soil planting medium or a soil-less mixture that even holds air and water. Don’t ever use the dirt from your yard. Use sterilized soil or root cubes, such as Jiffy, Oasis, or Rockwool. Saturate the soil with fresh water and use the chopstick to drill the planting holes. Never ever use your finger. 
  • Use tweezers to move the sprouted seeds. Beforehand, dip your tweezers in alcohol to make sure they are clean and disinfected before using it. Keep in mind that your marijuana seeds are fragile at this early point, so you’ll need to ensure they are kept clean and pampered and free from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. 
  • Place each of the sprouted cannabis seeds in the predrilled holes. The white tip of the root should point downwards. Plant rapidly so that tender rootlets are not exposed to air and excessive light, causing stunted growth and harm. 
  • Cover the seeds of germinated marijuana with a wet medium (quarter-inch). You also can puncture a rooting cube and overseed of cannabis. Always maintain the rooting cube or seed mixture moist to maintain optimal oxygen and moisture content. Wet stress and developmental delays would be prevented. White tap roots will grow like tiny feeder roots. Afterward, a few of the roots will have their very own particular function. A dark rootlet tip implies that something must be wrong. 
  • Do not even plant cannabis seeds too deeply. Your cannabis seeds have quite enough energy to penetrate a quarter-inch of soil. Even though you add fertilizers, they would not enhance the seed of cannabis that is planted too deeply. 

Post-Germination Marijuana Seeds Requirements

How to plant marijuana seeds after germination? The seedling period is considered to be the most important period of the full life cycle of cannabis. Even if you’re growing from a seed or a clone, your seedlings would like you to be handy. Transplantation is a crucial aspect of seedling treatment. If you ever get it wrong, your crop is going to be wasted. When you get it right the first time, you’re going to grow a great herb. 

  • Your marijuana seedlings need to be treated delicately. If they ever need support, use a toothpick or cocktail stick, along with a soft gardening cord. 
  • If it comes to the timetable of lights, they need 18 hours of light and 6 hours of total darkness. Use an LED, CFL, or MH light. A sunny window ledge can operate a pinch, too. 
  • Keep relative humidity or RH at 70% and 20 to 24 ° C average temperature to make the perfect marijuana seedling vegetation. Regulate your seedlings with a thermohygrometer. You need a spreader and a bottle of water spray. 
  • If the development of your seedling is lumpy or elastic, it indicates that the growing lamp is very far away from the foliage. You could use a white fluorescent CFL ( 250W ) 15 cm above your seedlings without burning the leaves. 

How to Choose a Starter Substrate 

Rockwool blocks and cubes are made specifically for hydroponic marijuana growers. You could still begin your marijuana seedling in a small cube, which will be much easier to transplant afterward. Only cut a cube-sized chunk and add the seedling for the process. You can repeat the procedure without triggering too much pressure on your marijuana plants. Rockwool is not strongly suggested for soil growers if you’re already planning on using smaller blocks. The block maintains too much water compared to larger soil. Green algae growth is becoming an issue. 

The ideal mix for soil or coconut growers is an oxygen-rich material. Just ensure it absorbs well. Peat moss or coconut cubes are cheap, easy, and quick to use. You could still properly monitor the root development as white spaghetti strands poking up from the cube. Hydroponics and natural growers able to work with clones report positive results with cube-sized starter mediums. Also, many coconut and soil growers use tiny plastic pots or cups as starting containers (0.5–5 liters). Gently fertilized soil combined with coconut coir or perlite mixed with 30 % to 50% perlite is the most common mixed media for marijuana seedlings. Ensure that its foundation of the container or cup does have a lot of drainage holes with a pin. 

When Is the Best Time to Transplant Cannabis Seedlings

The perfect time to implant your marijuana seedlings is before they could even grow their latest pot or container. If you’re using cubes, you’ll also see roots poking out, which also tells you it’s time to pot. So if you start with such a small pot or cup, you ‘re concentrating on the above-ground signals. 

It is the perfect time to transplant when true leaves of the marijuana seedlings have already expanded to the circumference of the container cover. Vertical growth is also a clear indicator. Don’t wait too long for your marijuana seedlings to be transplanted, because root bound impacts forever stunted development and takes time to heal. 


How to plant marijuana seeds? Once your marijuana seeds have already germinated, they ‘re prepared to be planted. Keep in mind that even a sprouted cannabis seed with a taproot or a tiny sprouted rootlet is close to a newborn that needs to be cared for and nurtured. You know how and where to plant marijuana seeds from post-germination to vegetative stages. Happy growing up! 

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