Ice Cream Cake Strain

Ice Cream Cake Strain Information

Ice cream cake strain is the outcome of crossing Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake it is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that has entirely flushed with its crystal trichomes, its buds show a light green shade with dark purple color all around it. Ice cream cake weed strain keeps a creamy taste character with a little hint of sweet vanilla and a sugary dough. Ice cream cake strain seeds offer a heavy effect, leaving you comfortably relaxed with good nights’ sleep in the future. In this article, we will show you all about ice cream cake strain description, ice cream cake strain genetics, and ice cream cake strain lineage.

What is Ice Cream Cake Strain?

The Ice Cream Cake weed strain is a highly potent hybrid marijuana strain and an Indica-dominant. It contains 25% Sativa and 75% Indica, it has a creamy and sweet state that would remind you of an Ice cream cake. This cannabis strain also won the Highlife Cup in 2008 and 2009. 

Ice Cream Cake Lineage

Ice cream cake marijuana was established by a Dutch cannabis grower named Seed Junky Genetics. It is the outcome from crossbreeding Gelato #33 and Wedding cake hybrid cannabis strain that are famous in the Atlantic. Both its parents are known for obtaining a high THC content, aroma, effects, and flavor.  The Ice cream cake strain THC is quite high because it inherits its parents’ genetics. 

Ice Cream Cake Strain Review Statistics

Ice Cream Cake Strain Information

Ice Cream Cake Strain Type of High and Medical Benefits

If you’re one of the individuals who are searching for a potent cannabis strain to treat your chronic pain, then this cannabis strain is perfect for you. Ice cream cake weed strain can also treat a sleeping disorder, anxiety, insomnia, and those who are suffering from stress and depression. People sometimes take Ice cream cake strain seeds to medicate some medical conditions such as cold and flu, sleeping disorder, anxiety, and stress, it’s either under recommendation or self-treatment. It’s literally a night time toker weed. It would offer you a rush of euphoric energy, just like most of the Indica-dominant cannabis strains. Your body would enter a stage of deep relaxation, as you feel relaxed with happy thoughts. Newbie users must take it in a smaller dose because Ice cream cake strain THC could reach up to 23% that is very high for a newbie. 

Negative Effects

Ice cream cake marijuana strain does not have many unpleasant and negative effects, as it’s one of the hitting cannabis strains, you must take it in a small amount of dose if you’re sensitive to THC. The two usual effects of any cannabis use are dry mouth and dry eyes, so ensure you have eye drops handy and you must drink a lot of water. You could never overdose by using marijuana. And if you begin to panic and worry, remind yourself that it would fade away in just a couple of hours. Just relax and enjoy your joint!

Growing Ice Cream Cake Strain

Ice cream cake strain can thrive both outdoors and indoor growth. For you to be able to have a large yield, you must need some experience. The strain grows best in a warm climate and could grow medium to tall with bushy leaves. It only takes around 8 to 9 weeks for it to flower. 


You need to prepare some soil before planting the seeds if you’re planning to grow them outdoors. Ice cream cake weed strain could be high maintenance and more demanding, unlike other cannabis strains. As the plants grow wide and tall, plant the seeds in a big area, so there’s a lot of room for the plants to grow both horizontally and vertically. But if the temperatures drop during the night, you would need a lamp to keep the warm temp. To avoid mold, mildew, and fungus from growing on the leaves and stalks, you would need to make sure you have proper ventilation and enough airflow to get rid of the extra moisture. 


If you’re planning to grow this cannabis plant indoors, then always remember that you would need a lot of extra room. You would need bigger pots as the roots of these cannabis plants could grow as long as the natural plant itself. Ensure the temperature in the room is warm with a minimum humidity. Better to place the pot close to a window so it could get so much sunlight and fresh air if possible. You could also use a growing lamp to maintain the temperature during the night.

Appearance, Smell, and Taste

This strain is beautiful because it is covered in icy trichomes. The buds are olive green with a purple shade with orangy pistils. This strain is called “Mr. Freeze” because of its shimming icy trichomes. Ice cream cake strain seeds obtain an earthy, citrusy, and sweet floral aroma. Its flavor is just like its scent, but there’s a creamy aftertaste.

Final Thoughts

Ice cream cake weed strain is a beautiful strain with amazing great buds. If you’re looking for an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, this strain is perfect for you. A mixture of Gelato #33 and Wedding, one of the crowds’ favorite strains. It’s a delicious, strong flower that would give you a couch-locking effect. Its buds look beautiful musty, thick green tones with amazing orange hairs with icy trichomes everywhere, and icy, bright, and musty flowers. A perfect choice of strain for an after-work, night or evening sesh.

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