Incredible Bulk Strain Information

It’s already a clue from the name itself about what it is and what it isn’t. Incredible Bulk Strain, as one might have guessed, comes in large buds. It also threatens to destroy all the world’s problems. It comes with a delicious scent and taste at the same time. From its effects to its physical attributes, everything in this hybrid is unbelievable. The Incredible bulk seed is the outcome of the crossing of 3 strains Super Skunk, Green Spirit, and Big Bud. The idea behind all this is not just the creation of a hybrid with wonderful Indica effects. The breeder, Dr. Kippling, also would want one who could create insane yields and gigantic buds. In this article, we will know exactly what strain is incredible bulk and everything about Incredible bulk strain info.

What strain is Incredible bulk?

Incredible Bulk seed is a strain of both big-time genetics and hefty flowers. This Indica-dominant strain hybrid is a three-way cross between Green Spirit, the infamous Big Bud, and Super Skunk. Like the Big Bud, the Incredible bulk strain produces very heavy yields of extraordinarily large flowers.  Developed by Dr. Krippling, this cannabis strain produces undeniably sedative effects as well as an exceedingly pungent scent. Its THC level was measured by about 12-24 %. 

Medical Benefits

One of its reasons why people use cannabis is to help them loosen up. The Incredible Bulk strain has proven to be unbelievable in the way that it could annihilate and kill stress. It’s this very characteristic that helps make it famous both with medical and recreational marijuana users. The strong Indica effects that it provides also come with sedative-like features. Like, it’s useful for the management of muscle spasms and also for relieving pain. One thing most people also experience is the somnolence context as the effects start to die down. For this purpose, it could also help greatly to those that have trouble sleeping. Upon getting up, most people will feel very hungry, too. So, make sure to have food in the vicinity. 

Adverse Reaction

The Incredible Bulk strain is very powerful. Like, it’s not smart to test limitations. Some cannabis strains are mild and gentle, but if one was to misuse specific marijuana, this wasn’t one of them. Though other people are expected to encounter a few slight irritations through their use, too many reasons cause these symptoms to deteriorate. The most prevalent adverse reaction would have been the dryness of the eyes and mouth. This is common for the use of any kind of cannabis. 

Growing Info

Since most people know, the concept of creating a new cannabis hybrid is to take on the best attributes of the parent strains. At the very same time, it’s also necessary to introduce new features or to below barometric. Within this context, the Incredible Bulk strain is a better version of the Big Bud. One point about parent cannabis strain is that there’s no assurance of its buds and the size. Then again, it can’t produce whatever it can to. It is also one of the rare cannabis strains that are immune to mildew, molds, and pests. A beast that’s exactly what this cannabis strain is. But it is soft with newbies, too. In other sayings, this could endure errors well, and it will still grow well. It grows well outdoors as well as indoors. The tip of growing inside the house is to top it up soon to make it brief. Tender to it so it achieves two feet in 7-8 weeks, so cannabis growers can start the flowering stage. When growing Incredible bulk marijuana strain indoors, Maintain optimum lighting and provide carbon dioxide to increase its development.

Aroma and Taste

Despite its massive size, the Incredible Bulk strain doesn’t release a very pungent aroma. But, it has a refreshing aroma of pine and lavender with a tiny skunky glimpse. We have created the incredible effects that the strain produces, and it does so with its delicious taste as well. A mixture of herbal and pina tea, followed by a spicy and sweet taste, complements a mild skunky aftertaste. 

Similar Strains

Cherry Diesel Statistics Review
Genetics80% Indica x 20% Sativa
ParentsSuper Skunk x Big Bud x Green Spirit
THC20% to 24%
FlavorsSweet, Spicy
EffectsEuphoria, Hungry, Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy
May RelieveChronic Pain, Asthma, Insomnia, Migraines, Loss of Appetite, Muscle Spasms, Stress, PTSD
Growth LevelModerate

Final Thoughts

Enjoy this extraordinary bud as a way to experience luxurious stress relief. Be cautious if you are playing outdoors or even in public, though, as Incredible Bulk seed’s pungency could also easily attract unnecessary attention. 

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