Is It Reasonable to Legalize the Use of Marijuana in the USA

In the early days, almost all people are aware of the negative effects of using marijuana. This is the reason why people are not allowed to use, cultivate, and sell marijuana and anyone who breaks the law will definitely face charges. But that was the case before. These days, there are already places that have decided to legalize the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Not everyone is favorable with this decision because there are still people who are not convinced that marijuana should be accepted in the society. So if ever that you can hardly decide whether to support the legalization of marijuana or not, here are just a few of the reasons why marijuana should be legal.

Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

  • Despite the laws in prohibiting the use and growing of marijuana, there are still lots of people who continue their practice of using and growing marijuana. The prohibition isn’t really successful and the elimination of marijuana in the US and other places is just a fantasy.

  • If there would be a regulated legal market for selling marijuana then teenagers will no longer be exposed of selling it to one another just to make easy money.

  • Legalizing marijuana can reduce transactions between the US with international criminal gangs. Instead of allowing underground economy earn, it is better to divert the funds for economic development.

  • Marijuana’s legalization will make it easier to accept hemp as a valuable agricultural crop in the US. This will also lead to the development of hemp as a new bio-fuel that can help in reducing carbon emissions.

  • Marijuana isn’t really a dangerous drug and can be considered safer than alcohol. It is a scientific fact that using marijuana will not be poisonous to the body. People will not get overdose with marijuana and it’s not addictive as alcohol and tobacco.

  • Marijuana can be expensive for justice system because the government will have to use money in enforcing the law about the possession of marijuana. They will need more space for the jails and will also make use of the time of acquiring help from police, attorneys, judges, and anyone who will get involved in the case.

  • Marijuana can be used as a form of medication as well as a recreational drug.

  • Marijuana users will never give up the fight of legalizing marijuana no matter how long will it take for them to succeed.

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