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Kosher Kush Strains Info and More

This Indica-dominant strain has religious elements that made it more special and meaningful to the other users around the world. The Kosher Kush Strain gained recognition and awards has flown high in the spectrum of the Cannabis Industry for the past few years. What made it more special is the reports coming from different Marijuana groups that this is the very first strain blessed by a Rabbi, a Jewish priest.

A Holy Strain | Kosher Kush Strain

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There are some religious elements that make this Cannabis strain special- the place where it came from, a priest who blessed it and the effects it brings to the users.

The Kosher Kush marijuana strain came from the City of Angels- Los Angeles in California. The city is known as the home of the largest Catholic Population in the United States.

As this originated from L.A., rumors state that it has been blessed by an unnamed Rabbi, a religious teacher from the Jewish religion, possibly living in the United States, by the time it opened to the public for medical and commercial use.

Previously, this is known as Jew Gold. However, a replacement of this name happened due to offensive sound and the first producers renamed it as kosher, a Hebrew word which means clean and worthy for eating by our Jewish brothers.

The Kosher Kush seeds are a crossbreed of a mysterious pair with some genetic structure similar to an OG Kush. The Kosher Kush grows taller than the rest of Indica or hybrid strains with a height that may reach up to 6 feet.

The plant has different shades of green, culminating on its buds covered with crystallized THC coat. There are orange pistils mixed with the buds, indicating a high THC volume that it may have. Though the plant’s height is not similar to the rest of Indica plants, the buds’ size is undeniably Indica’s variants.

The flowering time kosher kush strain ranges from 7 to 9 weeks or 49 to 63 days when planted indoors and may enjoy harvesting in the month of mid-October. Also, this strain enjoys the colder climate and produces better THC concentration than when it is grown in a warmer region.

Kosher’s THC volume ranges from 22% to 29%, considerably high compared to other Indica strains growing in other regions of the world. Laboratory tests show that the THC volume it has may measure higher than this range, giving you a warning on how Kosher can quickly bless you with a night of deep sleep.

This plant is among the Top 5 Odorous Cannabis Strains in the world. The moment you open its container from shipment, your room will suddenly be filled with spicy, herbal and piney scents that you may have never seen before. And when you smoke this weed, its taste is perfectly filled with pungent, earthy tastes with hints of sweetness, citric or piney now and then.

In general, this strain is easy to plant and cultivate, even the new growers can try it without any serious hassles throughout the process, provided that the required elements in indoor growing are meticulously prepared, days before the real planting.

Blessing from Blessed Kosher

This blessed strain, as regarded by the other medical and recreational users, can give effects which are comparable to heavenly gifts. The third holy sign of the Kosher Kush that is highly considered before consumption is the Medical Benefits and effects that this strain may bring. The following medical conditions and illnesses are possibly treated by Kosher Kush:

  • Body Pains
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

For its effects, let us refrain from using the terms knockdown and couch-lock to give way to the sacredness that this strain may have. Rather, let us call these as the spiritual ecstatic gifts. We all know that a high THC volume means faster chances of experiencing the effects, whether good or bad. The Kosher Kush strain can give the following benefits to all its users:

  • Happiness
  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Sleepiness
  • Hunger

As this has been known to defeat Insomnia, the Kosher Kush strain is ideal to use at night. On the other hand, this strain is widely known to give overwhelming side effects which may affect you the day after you smoke this weed:

  • Dry Eyes and Mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia

The users must not underestimate the effects that this strain may bring. Remember, the higher the THC volume, the greater the impact its effects may bring.

The World Rejoices

With the birth of this precious Indica strain, the Cannabis Industry rejoices because of the great benefits that a single plant of it may bring to different people, especially for those patients who suffer from severe pains.

In general, people are more curious about the potential of this strain to bring them to heaven. People should not judge Kosher Kush with the strong effects and flavors that it may bring, rather, the immediate peaceful and soothing reaction that it may give to you.

Consider yourself sitting down on a bench in a lonely Friday night, full of office thoughts and weary on how your work will flow for the next week. Fearful you are, you suddenly looked for a pack of cigarettes to smoke. Luckily, you brought the rolls of Kosher Kush.

From the worries you think earlier, this strain slowly leads you to a brighter space in the park, the angels rushed to you, attended your needs and entertained you with the sounds of their harps.

The relaxation fills the air and from your noisy inner self comes the paradise of silence, calmness, and tranquility- almost the same as how the others depict a part of our much-awaited heaven. The rest became a part of your long dream as you slowly fell in a peaceful sleep with the angels assisting you from your dreadful evening.

This Kush may work stronger with the other users, but in general, this is how the experienced users describe the Kosher’s heavenly effect. You can actually see the trend if you watch some Kosher Kush strain review youtube videos.

True enough, that the Kosher Kush is a holy gift from heaven.

This video will show you a Kosher Kush Strain Review

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