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Lava Cake Strain Information

Lava Cake Strains is among the most flavorful cannabis strains with cake genetics. All cake cannabis strains are outstanding because they have the most delicious taste. Lava Cake strains are a more refined “cakey” flavor and aroma and even more earning it a coveted spot on one of the sweetest cannabis strains. Many users of this strain have reported experiencing a thoughtful reflection and a high state of consciousness after taking Lava Cake strain seeds. Regardless of the increase in the mindful activities, their bodies would sometimes experience a couch-locked feeling as the sedation is gradually soothing in your body. Even though it occasionally occurs to actually fall asleep while taking Lava Cake marijuana strain. Some users reported experiencing a complete calm in both mind and body. In this article, we will have a Lava Cake strain review and know more about this infamous delicious Lava Cake cannabis strains.

Lava Cake Strain Statistics

Strain GeneticsThin Mint Cookies x Grape Pie
Strain DominantIndica-dominant
THC Content15-18%
CBD Content1%
Flowering Time9 weeks Indoors / Early October if grown Outdoors
Yeild10-16 ounces Indoors / 14-18 ounce Outdoors
Taste / FlavorPine, Minty, Nutty, Chocolate
EffectsCreative, Mental Stamina, Relaxed, Chill
May RelieveStress, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Aches

What is Lava Cake Strain?

This Lava Cake Weed strains known as Lava Cake 11, is one of the extremely rare Indica-dominant strains made by crossing the two delicious strains Thin Mint Cookies and Grape Pie strains. Lava Cake seed is filled with a chocolaty and sweet taste with a little bit of minty fruity exhale in every toke. This cannabis strain is perfect for helping unwind to end your day. Lava Cake strain THC level is normally moderately high around 15-18%. Lava cake weed strains are a delicious choice for therapeutic purposes it is because of its well-balanced traits. Its THC level is mixed with the relaxing effects that help alleviate stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. The uplifting and creative head high mixed with the muscle-relaxing body buzz to help alleviate stress, worries, and pain in specific. 

Growing Information on Lava Cake Strain

This plant is bushier and can thrive in lots of light because of its Indica genetics that leads to it. Usually, marijuana plants are reported to reach 5 to 7 feet high, and it is also based on the light exposure. Lava Cake seeds can respond well to LST or low-stress training. To start with, Lava Cake marijuana strains are bushy plants, so it is easy to use their natural characteristics to get a better harvest. Alternatives like trellising or Screen of green growing could help expand the bud site for optimal light exposure, it can help increase harvest to the potential maximum the plant can offer. Another option to improve your harvest on Lava Cake weeds is by lollipopping it. This is by trimming excess leaves towards the lower part of the branches, it can help the flow of air to keep in regular level around the plants. This can prevent diseases and pests from building their home in the plants. Lollipopping your plant can keep diseases and pests from ruining your buds. 

Growing Indoors

Lava Cake strain grow time usually takes 9 weeks to reach the harvest period when you are growing indoors. Look for high yields upon harvesting, around 10-16 ounces for every square meter.

Growing Outdoors

Lava Cake weed strains growers who are near the Northern hemisphere must expect to be ready to harvest in early October. This strain can survive in an environment that stays warmer through the end of their life cycle. Anticipate for 14 to 18 ounces for every plant at the time of harvesting

Medical Benefits of Lava Cake Strain

Lava Cake weed strain is intended to help users who are suffering from depression and anxiety. Because of its uplifting effect on the mind, it can help take away negative emotions and can leave you in a good mood for a while. Give the Lava Cake strain THC level, it is also ideal for alleviating or fighting pain in chronic nature. People who used this strain as medication have experienced backaches and migraines. This cannabis strain also works great when induced in munchies because this can help individuals who suffer from a low appetite. Users of this strain reported less nausea and an increased desire for food after using this strain. Individuals who undergo chemotherapy usually struggle with a low appetite which is a side effect of the treatment, but some studies show that marijuana with a high THC level can help improve the appetite of such patients and can also reduce vomiting and nausea. The euphoria that produces by this cannabis strain is effective in alleviating anxiety, and the same effects can also help ease OCD and PTSD. This cannabis strain can cause a body-high that can alleviate chronic fatigue that might have built up in the muscles throughout the years. Inflammation in the muscles is likely to be happy after using this strain, and it will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. 

Lava Cake Strain’s Effect, Taste, and Aroma

It’s quite easy to tell if the Lava Cake weed strains begin to kick in because of the high starts as a buzz of energy that rapidly slips to the rest of the body. The effects are mixed with mental stamina and euphoria that are involved in a creative, chill type of introspection as the body buzz comes in. This strain is a great choice for long chill evenings because it never leads to sleepiness. Lava Cake strains help its users to totally relax both physical and mental as the body-high builds. It fades away pain and aches, muscles loosen, and tensions ease. The body-buzz if this strain will not keep you couch-lock, but it will not force you to either move. But, the user will stay chill and awake all night long, perfect for unwinding after a long tiring day at work. The taste of this strain will prove its name. The chocolate and nutty flavor are rich and almost fruity. The mint will come out when you exhale, keeping the experience fresh and light. While the aroma of this strain will make your mouth water. Just like a delicious trail mix, it is a lightly fruity scent with a few nuts and pine. The pine aroma turns into a fresh minty note that reminds you of the Thin Mint GSC heritage. 

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Final Thoughts

Lava Cake strain is the offspring of Thin Mint Cookies and Grape Pie, therefore, this strain must not be missed. The outcome is an Indica-dominant strain with 30% Sativa and 70% Indica genetics. Its Indica effect could be felt through this cannabis strain as it is the reason for feeling deep relaxation. It has also high THC potency with around 15-18%. This cannabis strain is available in any trusted seed banks online like Crop King Seeds.

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