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Legal Marijuana Effects to Your Body Weight: Lose or Gain?

How to buy marijuana seeds legal way? The purchase of marijuana seeds should be as a collector’s item or other causes aside from breeding are regarded as legal. On a strict note, a marijuana seed is not a drug which means it does not contain any narcotic substances so there is no possibility of getting stone from it. The thing that makes it difficult only when buying marijuana seeds is that you cannot grow cannabis plants from it.

Marijuana is a cannabis plant dried and shredded or ground up. All parts of the plant such as the flowers or buds, stem, seeds, and leaves are used. Marijuana use has the possibility to bring both negative and positive effects as with other procedures and medications. The many effects of marijuana last only for a short period of time while other effects last for long and may not be seen straight away.

Maybe you have likely heard that occurring phrase about how stoners have the munchies always. The question, is it really true? There is a possibility. Research indicates that marijuana smokes has an effect on the mechanism that generates hunger in the brain. The brain receptors provoke the release of hormones that make the user feel hungry resulting in him to eat greedily everything he sees.

There are other studies that support that smoking marijuana does not always lead to gaining weight but the opposite of it. As a matter of fact, some users who smoke high off marijuana on a daily basis are less possible to become overweight than those who do not use it. There are many misinterpretations about cannabis, but the truth is weed does not automatically make anyone fatter. Let us find out furtherly how marijuana could affect weight loss and weight gain.

Does marijuana really affect weight loss or weight gain?

The body of a stoner tells a different story despite the oversimplified idea that marijuana users are inactive and repeatedly eating. There are studies that said that using marijuana on a daily basis is connected with a lower body mass index (BMI), levels of insulin have lower fasting, and smaller waist width.

Other growers of marijuana are selling strains that focuses on weight loss. This fact does not mean that people with diabetes or obese should be using marijuana to help aid their health situation, it is possible that those who are diabetic or obese keep themselves from using marijuana because of the study concerning its effects on health.

In all cases, it is still too soon to conclude that marijuana is the reason why users are skinny. Until now, comprehensive sociological studies on marijuana utilize only a specified correlation instead of causation.

It is unfortunate that marijuana is not the answer when it comes to losing weight, at least not yet. Studying the effects of marijuana on weight loss might seem interesting, it is still not suggested for weight loss due to some contradictory appetite suppressing and stimulating effects of the cannabis compounds. There are studies also that show a connection between the development of prediabetes risk and cannabis use, where blood sugar is unusually high and sometimes leads to the development of diabetes.

Does this mean marijuana has no possible weight loss aid? There is much research about the potential effects of marijuana on the body. Many opportunities for researchers to explore the medical applications of marijuana with the laws loosening around it. Nowadays, many researchers and even pharmaceutical firms are further looking over whether cannabinoids can help in weight loss, weight gain, and even treat diabetes.

How complex cannabinoids are?

Marijuana has a lot of cannabinoids but THC and CBD are the two compounds that are responsible for the possible medical advantages that those with prescription need, and the “high” feeling that recreational users enjoyed. An expert stated that the human body does produce endocannabinoids naturally, and these chemical compounds play a compound role in energy metabolism and fat storage. Additionally, CBD and THC utilize their effects by imitating endocannabinoids and filling-in cannabinoid receptors in every part of the body and brain.

What’s more interesting is that CBD and THC compounds make effects that are apparently different from one another. THC can raise the levels of anxiety while CBD can lessen the anxiety. It has been shown also that CBD counteracts the high effects that TCH brings. The effects on both compounds to the appetites vary as well, this means that CBD in animal studies is an appetite suppressant while THC in human studies is an appetite stimulant.

Things to consider to buy marijuana seeds in a legal way.

It is understandable that marijuana still does not have strong evidence of aiding weight loss. How about the marijuana seeds then? Technically, the marijuana seeds do not have any components that get a person high or narcotic compounds that are present in the cannabis plants. Buying marijuana seeds is perfectly legal in some states as long as there is no proven fact that these seeds will be germinated.

These are the things to consider to buy marijuana seeds legal way is knowing if the country or state you live in approved of this kind of market. There are locations that approved of purchasing marijuana seeds online but growing them is illegal. Always remember that there are different laws and rules per country.


Before you light up that pipe, remember that there is no fast way of losing weight or even gaining it. It always requires great dedication, discipline, and time, the same goes when you want to gain weight. One thing is for sure, smoking marijuana for recreational use will not make you gain weight. However, every person is different like all things connected to health.

Many years, people are looking for some magic pill to aid their weight loss or weight gain. Is marijuana the magic pill that will permit anyone who wants to gain or lose weight? We’ll never know, the answer that we are looking for is still in the future.

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