Lemonhead Strain Information

Lemonhead strain by Royal Choice Farms is a shimmering Kush cut with shiny, fascinating terpenes. Sweet on the palate and nose, this cannabis strain gives users a clean, fragrant taste of lemon combined with lung-expanding eucalyptus/mint. As with so many OG cannabis strains, euphoria comes out on top, raises the mood of the user, and causes both laughter and smiles. The effects stay peppy as they move into the body, leaving a fuzzy and warm feeling without being excessively stimulating. In this article, we will identify if Lemonhead strain Indica or Sativa and feature Lemonhead OG strain review.

What is a Lemonhead Strain?

The lemon head strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was grown first in the US and is a patented strain of Arizona-based Royal Choice Farms. The Lemonhead OG strain nugs look much like the name of the candy. Expect to pick up tiny, rounded buds with shades from lime to olive green. Light, fuzzy pistils continue to give a little intensity to their looks and add a little orange undertone to their main color palate. The trichomes on its buds are small but countless, and they sometimes have an amber shade under the correct light. The scent generated if the nugs are decomposed includes sweet citrus fragrances, thanks to the wood, and some sharp pine. The taste you’re going to savor if you burn these buds would be that of lemon pine blended with a little tangy and sweet citrus.

Medical Benefits

The Lemonhead strain is going to give you a nice high. Smokers would also experience a burst of feelings of total relaxation, pleasure, and perhaps more sociable than usual. This is a great strain for recreational users who want to smoke in a public setting, and it is a great social lubricant for people who are generally anxious and shy in huge groups. Lemonhead strain seeds are very useful for helping with a variety of medical conditions and ailments. Medical cannabis users value their large health benefits. Overall, Lemonhead weed is known to provide much-needed relief to patients who have various mental health issues, like chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. This cannabis strain could also help stimulate appetite and cause nausea, and also, this is helpful for people who have lost their appetite due to illness or even therapy. If chosen to take at a higher dose, its stress relief properties help people who may have restless sleep and insomnia to get a full night’s sleep.

Adverse Reaction

The side effects of this cannabis strain include dry mouth and eyes, and you must keep a lot of water as you start smoking. People are more prone to paranoia must take a restriction dose as this lemon head could also make them more panic-prone. Some people seem to find that the cannabis strain could also give them dizziness and headaches; the thing is to remain hydrated-the water is your friend.

Growing Info

The Lemonhead strain is reported to be easy to grow outdoors or indoors and generates moderate yields of trichome-encrusted colas inside an 8-9 weeks flowering cycle. This cannabis strain does not occur to be easily accessible and might even be canceled.

Aroma and Taste

As each sticky tiny nug is broken, fresh scents of sweet woodiness d earthy lemon are set to release, which then become mildly tangy when the nugs are burned. The flavor is very sweet and tangy with lemon pine flavors that linger on your tongue long after you complete toking. Just as soon as you encounter your first smooth exhalation, you would be struck by the effects of Lemonhead.

Similar Strains

Lemonhead Strain Statistics Review
Genetics70% Indica x 30% Sativa
THC22% to 23%
FlavorsCitrus, Tangy, Pine, Lemon
EffectsEuphoria, Creative, Happy, Focus, Uplifting, Relaxing
May RelieveCramps, Chronic Pain, Depression, Stress, Loss of Appetite

Final Thoughts

The lemon head strain was already known to give those who need focus and creativity to get their jobs done. Although this bud works tough to achieve you feel euphoric and uplifted, it also resolves any physical aches you may experience, which would be great for all those who suffer from stress, nausea, and chronic pain. Lemonhead OG strain is a big strain on a daytime smoke during your day off, or before you hang out with your friends and you’re going to just have to talk your head off.

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