Lucinda Williams Strain Information

Lucinda Williams strain got its name from the American country-rock musician, and it’s the offspring of Indica Sativa-dominant Cinderella 99 and William’s Wonder, even though there are sources that assume to be the result of the combination of The White and Cinderella 99. Amidst the perplexity surrounding its parent strains, one point is accurate in all stories is that it was produced by Denver’s own Kind Meds. Lucinda Williams strain THC level ranges from 24- 29% and taste notes that could make you think of menthol and berries. Lucinda Williams weed strain is the ideal for anyone searching for a quiet time with a blast of energy.

What is Lucinda Williams?

Lucinda Williams marijuana strain is an equally balanced cannabis hybrid strain with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica produced by crossing the classic William’s Wonder and Cindy-99 strain. Named after the adored country singer, Lucinda Williams strain weed puts the perfect balanced high that could make you kick back and enjoy most of your favorite music with family and friends. You will feel a raised sense at the beginning of the high sitting in your brain, offering your spirits an increase and infusing you with mental energy that will turn your wheels. You will feel motivated and focused with a budding sense of creativity and increased sociability, helping you to carry on interactions with others around you with ease.

Medical Benefits

Lucinda Williams’s cannabis strain is a great strain to boost appetite, especially for those who like sweet berry taste. Relaxing but still, subtly stimulating effects make it an uplifting choice for some of those suffering from depression. Its energizing effects could be regarded as having a more “inspiring” sense than a “racy” feeling, making it an excellent Sativa choice for people with much more responsive nervous systems who purposely avoid which “caffeinated” feeling. Lucinda Williams weed strain is an amazing daytime cannabis strain that will not lead to burnout, even at large doses. Headaches and other light pains all throughout the body would be masked, even though we suggest mixing Lucinda with such a heavy Indica, such as Louis XIII or Grape Ape if seeking a more powerful full-body relaxation. Lucinda strain is a fully efficient strain known for its remarkable cerebral, but capable of relieving the user enough to retain allure among more Sativa-sensitive users.


The effects of this wonderful strain are engaging and warm. Sativa superiority offers powerful brains that would keep you gently energized and busy all while winding you up in an aura of serenity and calm. Inspiration and creativity are improved by a beautiful, uplifting, happy high. It’s the ideal strain to support you on a night out. A very social strain, Lucinda Williams marijuana strain is certain that to get you in the mood for a party, comedy show, concert, or any other public outing. The high THC quality has the effect of improving the palette, helping to make it an ideal strain for a fine dining dinner without hindering conversation or provoking sedation. The taste is so powerful that Lucinda Williams strain weed produces many of the best herbs on the Kind Love rack.

Aroma and Taste

Lucinda Williams strain has a sweet but nonetheless sour, spicy lemon taste with a light pine on the exhale. The scent is of spicy earth, fresh and rich, woody citrus, nearly pine-sol like an overtone that persists.

Similar Strains

Lucinda Williams Statistics Review
Genetics50% Indica x 50% Sativa
ParentsCindy-99 x William’s Wonder
THC24% to 29%
FlavorsSweet, Spicy, Lemon, Woody, Sour, Pine
EffectsUplifting, Happy
May RelieveFatigue, Headaches, Nausea, Migraines

Final Thoughts

You will feel motivated and focused with a budding manner of creativity and increased sociability, helping you to hold on interactions with others around you with easiness. These impacts, mixed with an extremely high 24 to 29% average THC level, make Lucinda Williams strain a perfect solution for curing conditions like headaches, migraines, chronic pain,  ADHD or ADD, nausea chronic fatigue, and loss of appetite. Lucinda William’s cannabis strain has a sweet but still spicy lemon, sour, flavor with a light pine on the exhale.

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