marijuana leaves curling

Marijuana Leaves Curling

Marijuana plants can’t voice a call for help, but they could send signals to tell you that it’s not alright. If you see marijuana leaves curling or clawing, there is a lot of trouble with the plant. Don’t disregard the entreaties. This article would help you identify the causes of why are my marijuana leaves curling up.

Why are marijuana leaves curling?

The following symptoms when your cannabis leaves curling up or curling down.

Nitrogen Toxicity

Nitrogen poisoning is the outcome of the plant obtaining too much nitrogen. It creates marijuana leaves curling down tips and dark leaves. A cannabis plant with nitrogen toxicity appears to be dark green all around the place.

Wind Burn

It was caused by too much wind. You will notice that the leaves beyond the fan have really no symptoms. For instance, too much wind in your leaves.

Over Watering

Overwatering can literally drown the roots of your plant. Not only will excess water wash most useful microorganisms out of the medium, but the waterlogged substrate could also be colonized by algae and nasty fungi. Violent overwatering inevitably causes the predatory Pythium, best known as root burn. Marijuana plants with puffy, claw-like leaves might try and tell you they’re waterlogged.

Root Problems

Although sometimes caused by overwatering, when the roots are sick, you will see symptoms for quite a while after you begin watering your plants appropriately. Unhealthy roots could also cause all kinds of problems, including marijuana plant leaves curling up and marijuana leaves curling downward.


If the plant stays in the very same container for too long, the roots would then eventually begin to wrap around the edges of the pot. It is known as “rootbound” and tends to cause symptoms similar to other root issues. The rootbound plant was in the same container for too long. Roots tie around the corners and choke the plant.

Heat Stress

Why do cannabis leaves curling up on edges? If cannabis plants have a lot of heat, they could make the leaves droop or curl. Some cannabis strains could even manage a lot of heat, while some appear to droop when they get warm. 

Over Fertilization

Heavy solutions to nutrients would be ill-advised. Excessive dosages of nitrogen-rich vegetative development of the base nutes may trigger cleaves curl up. They’re even going to canoe occasionally. Likewise, overdoing this with potassium and phosphorus during flowering would cause curly marijuana leaves to incinerate the tips. For both cases, chlorosis is a common sign.


Genetics is the source of all sorts of mutations and deformities in the marijuana leaf. Sometimes, some cannabis strains tend to have leaves curl up or other odd features. Most cannabis growers are going to thin out these plants. All the cannabis cultivators could do is write it down as bad luck. Sativa cannabis strains and many autoflowering variants are susceptible to high doses of fertilizers. It is an attribute that might cause problems for novice growers. The remedy is to study your weed. Marijuana leaves curling could be totally avoided if you know how to keep your cannabis plants healthy.

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