Marijuana Seeds Legality

Today, we are talking about marijuana seeds legality and marijuana seeds law, and everything you need to know if you want you but marijuana products in the USA. Marijuana has always been a touchy topic, as you already know. While many people continue to track its use, it seems that more and more countries and states are now allowing it. This is great news for marijuana farmers, and also users, as it enables them to happily achieve their favorite plant with fear of capture by the cops. There are several US states that are free of growing weed. However, if you are a manufacturer, you still need to get associated with the law on marijuana seeds in your area. Even if marijuana cultivation is permitted in your area, there are several limitations that you must be mindful of. So, to mitigate the risk, here are some things that you need to learn and understand about the cannabis seeds legality.

Are cannabis seeds legal?

In 1962, 180 Member States signed a single Convention on Narcotic Substances in the form of global legislation that considers marijuana to be an illegal substance. Not really the seed on its own. Technically accurate, marijuana seed is not really a drug or a weed.  The seed doesn’t contain any drugs, so you apparently can’t get high or stoned. What makes things difficult is that you could always cultivate a marijuana plant from a weed plant. Technically, marijuana seeds are legal throughout all 180 participating countries. Theoretically, it is completely legal to buy marijuana seeds as long as they aren’t germinated as well as the public prosecutor could not prove that you plan to cultivate marijuana. And because of this, many countries do not consider cannabis seeds to be illegal but also not legal. The seed itself would be always permitted, but it is not always the germinating seeds of the seed.

Can I buy cannabis seeds in the United States?

The legality of marijuana seeds in USA. Marijuana seeds seem harmless, but they’re also known as weed-related products. In that context, they would be subject to all popular marijuana seeds law. Whether or not you could buy it varies by state or country wherein you live. For instance, many states permit the buying of seeds and cannabis growing inside their own boundaries. However, if you transport these goods across borders to a state which does not allow them to be used, you may be personally responsible. Just like in medical marijuana. A patient must have a medical cannabis card to buy pot or medicinal cannabis seeds. And if you live in the United States, the customs officer might impound your weed products as soon as it arrives to cross borders with them. So, there seem to be a lot of things to consider before you make this move.

Is marijuana seeds legal in Australia?

It is legal to buy and grow your own weed marijuana seeds in Australia when you have a prescription for medical marijuana. If you don’t have such a prescribed medication and you’re caught with cannabis seeds, the police would probably consider the seeds unlawful and seize them. In short, marijuana seeds are unlawful for non-medicinal cannabis users and it may be difficult to purchase marijuana seeds online as many seed banks, like Nirvana, have stopped transporting to Australia. Particularly because most deliveries have been confiscated. However, Australian clients could still order marijuana seeds in online retailers like CropKingSeeds.

Is it possible to legally buy marijuana seeds online in Canada?

Are you a Canadian citizen and planning to purchase marijuana seeds? Great news!  The national government made it lawful to develop 4 plants in every household. Nevertheless, the cannabis seeds need to be purchased from a legal local source and law regarding home development differ from province to province. For instance, plants in B.C. might not even be publicly accessible, and plants in New Brunswick has to be in closed areas.

Can you legally buy marijuana seeds online in the UK?

If you live in the UK and intend to purchase cannabis seeds, we’ve got some great news! In the UK, it’s 100% legal to purchase and sell marijuana seeds. In addition, there are no limitations in the law about where to buy your cannabis seeds. Therefore, you could purchase your cannabis seeds online in the United Kingdom or by an international supplier. Keep in mind, even so, that the germination of marijuana seed still is illegal in the United Kingdom.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online in New Zealand?

Marijuana seeds are illegal in New Zealand. Therefore it is not possible to purchase marijuana seed in a store. But, though it’s not permitted, there’s a whole number of alternatives like online shopping. For instance, CropKing Seeds and Sunwest.

Cannabis seeds legality in Germany

When you live in Germany and you’re planning to buy marijuana seeds. There’s good news for you! Although Germany has been the only European countries to banned the sale of weed seeds, there is also a free movement of capital within the EU. Therefore, weed seeds are allowed in Germany.

Can cannabis seeds be legally purchased in South Africa?

South Africa has legalized the use of marijuana in a private space, but there are a lot of questions. For instance, whether you would legally buy marijuana seeds. South Africa has a strange policy on weed seeds. The buying and selling of weed seeds are strictly forbidden in South Africa, yet you might have marijuana seeds in your ownership.  Furthermore, many consumers buy their cannabis seeds online.

Is it possible to legally purchase cannabis seeds online in the Netherlands?

Marijuana seeds are legal in the Netherlands and it can be put up for sale. Nevertheless, the law is difficult to ascertain as to the quantity of marijuana seed that you can make a purchase without supporting large-scale breeding. What could be amazing would be that growing over 5 marijuana plants is illegal in the Netherlands which is seen as a criminal offense. Nevertheless, if you develop a total of five marijuana plants, you would be subject to Dutch law.

Are marijuana seeds legal for sale in Spain?

Spain is a centrally controlled country with self-governing countries that could describe their own laws. However, the legislation of the regions on marijuana seeds is just about the same in everything: the purchase and sale of marijuana seeds in Spain are allowed for personal use. Therefore it is not entirely illegal to own and grow a few marijuana seeds in Spain unless it could be demonstrated that you will be intending to trade in marijuana.

The legality of marijuana seed in France and in Italy

In France, marijuana seeds are legal as long as they’re not used for the crop production of marijuana plants, but people in France could not purchase marijuana seeds from head stores. They’ve got to buy cannabis seeds online. While Italians can purchase marijuana seeds both online and in stores, but, as with many other countries, seed germination is an illegal activity.


Marijuana seeds law is an ever-evolving tangle of state and federal legislation that often contradicts one another. Likewise, the marijuana industry is very recent, and still illegal under federal rules. For these reasons, it’s important to seek guidance from a well-informed marijuana lawyer so that your project begins on the right path and avoids legal issues.

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