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How To Be Qualified as a Medical Marijuana Patient in Vermont

For you to be legally protected by the medical marijuana Vermont law, as of the “Act Relating to Marijuana Use by Person with Severe Illness,” qualified medical marijuana Vermont patient should or must register to the state patient registry and have a valid state-issued ID card by submitting a medical cannabis card application to the Vermont Medical Marijuana Program. In this article, we would feature the guides on how to be qualified as a medical marijuana patient and how to get medical marijuana in Vermont. Below would help you get safe and secure access to responsibly grow medical marijuana in Vermont. The State of Vermont has developed some of the very specific directions on who could use medical marijuana Vermont and what you need to do to be qualified. 

How To Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Vermont

how to get medical marijuana in vermont

Consult Your Health Care Professional

Ask your health care professional or doctor to check if medical cannabis may be great for you. You need to be a developed patient for at least 3 months, get written consent, be a local resident of Vermont, and be diagnosed with a qualified medical condition. These conditions include glaucoma, cancer, HIV/AID, multiple sclerosis, a terminal condition, or a condition or disease or its medication that generates one or more of the following symptoms: wasting or cachexia syndrome, severe nausea, chronic pain, or seizures. 

Register With The State Of Vermont

You would need to finish or complete an application to be a qualified registered patient with the Vermont medical marijuana registry. It only takes around 30 days to process an application, and you would have to pay for a about $50 application fee. When approved, your registration is good for 1 year. 

Select Us As Your Dispensary

You should choose 1 designated from the Dispensary Selection For, Under Vermont law. Currently, they have 3 locations to pick from: Champlain Valley Dispensary-South Burlington, Champlain Valley Dispensary-Burlington, and Southern Vermont. 

Make an Appointment

Once you are approved, you would need to set up an appointment to get VT medical marijuana. Crop-in aren’t available. 

How to Get a Vermont Medical Marijuana Card?

A medical marijuana Vermont card is an ID card issued by the Vermont Department of Public Health, to approved and qualified patients, Vermont medical marijuana dispensaries agents, and personal caregivers. Vermont medical marijuana cards prove that the patient has received a written certification from a doctor, indicating that he or she might benefit from the medical use of marijuana, as of the qualified medical conditions stated by the State program. 

For the purpose of the Department of Public Health and law enforcement, the medical marijuana Vermont card serves to identify those patients who are exempted from Vermont civil and criminal penalties from conduct pursuant to the medical consumption of marijuana. 

Benefits of a Vermont Marijuana Card

The medical marijuana Vermont card authorizes you for the medical use of marijuana in the Green Mountain State. Vermont cannabis law allows patients to use cannabis as medicine for effective relief from HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, nausea, seizures, wasting syndrome, and severe pain. 

You might also register to get a VT medical marijuana card so you could act as a caregiver for a registered cannabis patient. At, they connect patients to qualified doctors who would certify you for cannabis use. They also lead you by the entire registration process so you could enjoy the following advantages: 

  • Access to a Licensed Dispensary

The Department of Public Safety in Vermont has legalized Vermont medical marijuana dispensaries to dispense and supply cannabis and related supplies to the registered patients. The state law enables registered patients to possess marijuana from a particular dispensary. Obtaining cannabis from Vermont medical marijuana dispensaries enables you to have access to the most efficient cannabis strain of medicine in various forms such as tinctures, oils, vaporizable, and edible products. 

  • Permission to Store Adequate Cannabis Supply

Your medical marijuana Vermont cart allows you to have adequate medicine to efficiently treat your condition. Currently, you are authorized to store 2 ounces of cannabis if you are a registered patient. A caregiver might, however, have this amount to every one of the patients they are taking care of. 

  • Freedom to Grow Cannabis

Because Vermont only offers licenses for 4 dispensaries at the moment, you might not have a dispensary near to your location. If that is the case, the VT medical marijuana ID card allows you and your caregiver to grow marijuana plants. You could have a maximum of 2 mature and seven immature plants. A cannabis plant might be grown in a secure indoor area and you should specify the location of the area in your application.

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