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Motorbreath Strain Information

Motorbreath strain got its name from a pungent diesel-like smell that it releases once it is ready to be harvested. You might want to carry this cannabis strain all around with you due to its attention to catching the smell. It has a strong aroma, effects, and taste that have given its title of the 1st place for recreation hybrid cannabis strain in the 2015 THC Championshing together with 2nd place for recreational Indica in the 2016 THC Championship. Its looks helped also sometimes having a different shade of blues and purples laced with it. Many reviewers of this strain shared how they have enjoyed Motorbreath weed strain for its relaxing impacts, giving a feeling of peace from the head down to the spine and toe. Regardless of this strong feeling of relaxing, users like how it usually maintains the clear-headed effect. Motorbreath strain seeds are the outcome from the crossbreeding of SFV OG Kush and ChemD and could hold fluctuating THC content from the mid-teens to mid-20s’. This article would discuss Motorbreath 15 strain info and everything about this strain. 

What is Motorbreath Marijuana Strain?

Motorbreath strain also known as Motorbreath 15 strain is the offspring of SFV OG Kush and ChemD that also has 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetics. Having those genetics, the THC high percentage is not that surprising. It contains a THC level as high as 28% on the particular Motorbreath strain 15. But, most Motorbreath weed strain varieties test between 20% – 24%. Obtaining its Indica heritage, it gives a relaxing but clear-headed experience. Motorbreath marijuana strain is usually used for medication because of its potent effects. But users are still able to think due to its serious THC content the kicks pain with ease. It can give users a relief they need without losing the rest of their night, with just a little hit of this strain. Most people used Motorbreath 15 strain because it can treat pain, insomnia, and anxiety. 

Motorbreath Strain Review Statistics

Motorbreath Strain Information

Medical Benefits

Motorbreath strain effects? Containing this spectacular THC content it could take away pain easily while relaxing, clear-headed high it lets the users still be aware. Individuals suffering from anxiety, specifically, find Motorbreath strain 15 to be a big help to them. With deeply relaxing effects could help even the most active brains relax. Also, those people who are suffering from depression also shared their amazing effects. Your daily worries and emotional worsen becomes less important in the face of this amazing strain. PTSD, OCD, and ADHD are also some of the other reasons why many people used Motorbreath strain, as they are able to involve monotonous, distressing thoughts. Motorbreath marijuana strain also helps give some clarity and distance, so people who are suffering from these issues and illnesses could find some rest or break from their everyday struggles. It is also a big help for people with chronic stress, letting them feel relaxed and unwind. 

Motorbreath strain effects give more than just mental benefits. It also enables to ease even the heavy muscle tension in just a few hits. Even long-term pains and aches from illness or chronic pain take away as the numbing of the body’s high entrust. Motorbreath weed strain could also take away headaches, migraines, and tension, and can stop the pain and offer valuable anti-inflammatory effects. 

Negative effects

The most usual negative effect of Motorbreath strain seeds is having its pungent flavor. Some users encounter dry eyes and cottonmouth after smoking this potent hybrid cannabis strain.

Aroma And Flavor

Motorbreath marijuana strain is not an ideal cannabis strain for newbie users. Famous for a pungent diesel-like scent, this cannabis strain would present itself to a room before you have the chance to. You will experience a light lemon taste with a note of fuel, once you have a hit of this strain. 


Cannabis growers who have had a few successful results during harvest would enjoy growing the Motorbreath strain yield. This cannabis strain can survive both indoors and outdoors and it is a moderately sized plant. The most challenging part is keeping pests from attacking the thick foliage. You can use some simple low-stress training to expand the branches, and you will have a great time harvesting this strain with minimum stress. This cannabis strain loves sunny, likely humid environments. That leads to an amazing outcome when grown outdoors also in thick indoor situations. Lollipopping its branches could help maintain the plants pest-free without stressing the plants too much. The more high-stress activity could lengthen the already long growing time, so it is not entirely used. Maintaining the airflow through the plant is the end piece of the recipe. The indirect airflow maintains the plants healthy, happy, and thriving until it is time to be harvested. It also maintains every single trichome on the flowers in its place for maximum potency. 

Flowering Time


Motorbreath strain stays outdoors of a reasonable size. Plants could even reach five feet, but they’re not much taller. Look for harvesting around mid-October in the Northern Hemisphere. Motorbreath strain yield, Great outdoor harvest yields 14-16 oz. for every plant. Motorbreath is an outstanding strain of relaxation, but it’s not too hard to cultivate.


Indoor cultivation enables growers to pamper their plants and then get the absolute best harvests. Look for plants to achieve 4 to 5 feet. On average, they are ready for harvest in 9 to 10 weeks. In perfect conditions, the harvest is approximately 14 ounces for every square yard for indoor growing.

Final Thoughts

High begins with an elevated relaxation that covers your mind with tingly euphoria and a warm feeling of ease. Next comes the numbing body high, lulling you into a mildly couch-locked and sedative state that would rapidly leave you dozing off and on as the high remains. Thanks to such effects as well as its high 28% average THC content, Motorbreath strain is often preferred to diagnose symptoms such as nausea or loss of appetite, chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. If you perceive yourself as an experienced marijuana user with a love of Indica-dominant cannabis hybrids, Motorbreath is perfect for you. The diesel-like flavor offers a special experience with a highly relaxing atmosphere that will lure you into wonderful tranquility.

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