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Myths and Facts of Marijuana Sativa

Marijuana Sativa is among the two main cannabis strains. These Marijuana strains were very well-loved in the marijuana community because of their invigorating and euphoric effects. In a given content, if you’d like to start a happy and energized day, there will always be a perfect Sativa for you. 

As marijuana use has been expanding in the world recently, many consumers have been using Sativa strains and even cultivators and growing their own plants either for recreation or business reasons. It is because Sativa is definitely a blessed experience for some users. 

And, no matter how well-loved Sativa may be, there are always a lot of things people don’t know about them. Here are a few marijuana myths and facts information about Marijuana Sativa. 


Marijuana myths, just like cannabis as a whole, Sativa has popular misconceptions and myths about cannabis in the world. Here are some of the marijuana facts and myths which have been debunked: 

  • There is no more pure Sativas

Because of just how genetic breeding has taken over the world of marijuana in the last three or so decades, some people have also come to believe that pure cannabis Sativa ( 100 percent of the Sativa strain no longer exists. That’s anything but true, though. 

In fact, most wild or terrestrial strains native to countries like Colombia, Mexico, Ethiopia or Thailand are pure Sativa. An example of this is Durban Poison, a native strain to the African city of Durban. Even Haze Mist, that not even a race of land, is perceived 100 percent Sativa. 

  • All Sativas induce anxiety and panic attacks

Another weed myths, there is a belief that Sativas tends to trigger panic attacks and anxiety due to higher THC levels. It’s because a high-THC Sativa has a strong cerebral impact that can cause an anxiety-causing mind race and tug. 

Fortunately, not all Sativas usually cause anxiety and panic attacks. These are those who have a euphoric and calm effect that relaxes the mind and not just usually stimulating it too much. One of the perfect examples of this strain is Jan Herer, it is among the most famous Sativa on the planet. Jack Herer stimulates a high that causes the user to feel euphoric, happy, and energetic instead of being brain-stimulated. It tends to calm the mind in that sense, instead of making it race. 

  • Sativa plants are huge

When you think of a Sativa plant, the very first thought that makes people think are gigantic plants that stretch to even more than 12 feet or so. Though it is a fact that the Sativa plants are usually bigger than Indica, not many of them grow to gigantic proportions. In fact, there are a few Sativas that were not even tall but they’re still normally taller than that of most Indicas.

A perfect example of Sativa which does not eventually grow very tall is Strawberry Cough, a famous strain. This strain grows between 2.5 feet and 7 feet and far from the 12-foot monster which people often associate with Sativas. The same could be said about Lemon Haze, which would be unusually smaller than other Haze strains. 

  • All Sativas induce a psychedelic type of high

Sativa strains are characterized by very high euphoric and cerebral types. Because this type of buzz stimulates mental stimulation to create the mind race with creative and imaginative feelings and psychedelic senses, it usually causes anxiety attacks and paranoia, especially if the user is vulnerable to it. 

In fact, however, there are Sativas that do not usually cause panic attacks. Harlequin is a perfect example of it because of how it’s high CBD levels prevent paranoia from being induced by THC. Other Sativas with low THC or high CBD to THC ratios are also great options for those who are vulnerable to panic attacks. 

  • Sativas don’t have the medicinal potential that Indicas have

Although it is true that Indicas usually have a higher CBD content than Sativas, it is a myth to say that it is not as beneficial when it is used medically. CBD in Indicas help their purpose as pain-relieving strains, but Sativas also have their own medical purposes. 

Sativas are usually used as appetite stimulants which are ideal for treating people with eating disorders as well as cancer patients. And, since some Sativas also have a good amount of CBD, they could be used to treat cases like nausea, depression, and migraine. 


Here are some of the myths and facts about marijuana that you must know about Sativa Marijuana: 

  • Some of the Sativa strains today originated from landraces native to wet and warm areas of the world, such as Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and Africa. That’s because the original strains of Sativas prefer to thrive well in warm temperatures and in countries closer to the equator. 
  • Sativa generally affects the mind and the head more than just the body. They are known for its high heady type that tends to stimulate a euphoric sensation. This euphoric state is responsible for both the stimulated mental creativity and energy that the consumer tends to experience. 
  • Additionally, the heady and cerebral effects produced by Sativa are much more likely to cause adjustments in sensory perception. This tends to lead to changes in the way users see sights, sounds, or even time themselves.
  • Sativa strains are most often used during the day for their invigorating impacts.  
  • Some Sativa strains are great for improving productivity due to their increased mental focus and creative thinking. 
  • In many other cases, there are also some Sativas that could be used in conjunction with physical activities like hiking and exercise. 
  • Although not all Sativa plants are gigantic, they are usually taller than Indicas. Their leaves often tend to be narrower than the larger leaves that Indica plants have. 
  • Sativas generally have higher THC and higher THC-to-CBD ratios compared to Indicas with lower THC and high CBD-to-THC ratios. 
  • When it comes to medical uses, Sativas may help cure health issues such as anorexia, depression, ADHD, fatigue, and migraines. 
  • The most famous Sativa strains in Western countries include Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Lemon Haze, Green Crack, Strawberry Cough, and Maui Wowie

Given these weed myths and facts, it is easy to see that Sativas has its own advantages and uses in the world of cannabis. That’s why a lot of Sativa cannabis strains tend to also be trendy to veteran and casual users alike. In particular, they have their very own followers because they offer effects and benefits which are exclusive to them. But if you have doubts about it, it’s safer for you to tryout Sativa yourself.

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